It all started from Torn

A story about how two girls called Charlie and Jess have been stalking one direction every day ever since they got through the X-factor. They finally had the chance to meet them and it all went on from there and got better and better for the both of them but one of there friends called abbie hates one direction and thinks it all stupid tht they r only famousfor there looks and all tht but charlie and jess drag her to one of there concerts and they have back stage passes and everything and something happens between her and harry :O


2. The X-Factor final

It was the X-factor final and as usual Charlie and Jess where sitting watching the X-factor at charlie's house. They both screamed when one driection came on but was completely silient for there last preformance on the X-factor. Both of them started crying when they found out that one direction was 3rd but then Simon came up and said "this isnt the end for these boys" and both of them screamed like hell. Charlie and Jess both got Twitter so they could try and get a follow from them and could stalk them 24/7. Sadly none of them got a follow off of any member of One direction and that made them really upset. They kept trying and trying and trying to get a follow off of one direction but it just wouldn't happen. They stayed up all day and all night if one of them was doing a twit cam as they new they was not ever gunna miss one.

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