It all started from Torn

A story about how two girls called Charlie and Jess have been stalking one direction every day ever since they got through the X-factor. They finally had the chance to meet them and it all went on from there and got better and better for the both of them but one of there friends called abbie hates one direction and thinks it all stupid tht they r only famousfor there looks and all tht but charlie and jess drag her to one of there concerts and they have back stage passes and everything and something happens between her and harry :O



It's now finally christmas the day Charlie and Jess have been waiting for as there mum's said they might be getting one direction tickets :O. Jess always goes round Charlie's house on christmas day and they open there pressents togeather. They had got loads of one direction stuff from there perants and friends and family. But then finally there mums came down with there last pressent. They was in small white envlopes. The girls thought it could just be money but it could be ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!! They ope up the envlopes and pull out a front row ticket each for a ONE DIRECTION CONCERT and then they see something else in the envlope. It was BACK STAGE PASSES TO THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!! Both of the girls screamed and ran upstairs and rang Abbie. They told Abbie they had got one direction tickets and she said she had one aswell so they was all going togeather. Charlie and Jess were more excited than what Abbie was. Charlie and Jess couldnt wait untill the concert as there mums just told them that they was getting a limo to go in to the concert in london and they will have to stay the night before and a few nights after to do shopping. They was very excited a they couldn't believe they was actually meeting one direction.

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