It all started from Torn

A story about how two girls called Charlie and Jess have been stalking one direction every day ever since they got through the X-factor. They finally had the chance to meet them and it all went on from there and got better and better for the both of them but one of there friends called abbie hates one direction and thinks it all stupid tht they r only famousfor there looks and all tht but charlie and jess drag her to one of there concerts and they have back stage passes and everything and something happens between her and harry :O


1. Love at 1st sight

Charlie and Jess where just casually watching the X-factor as they do every night and they saw this new hot boyband called ONE DIRECTION come on the telly. They both screamed and then sat in silience to listen to them all sing. One direction stopped singing and Charlie and Jess screamed again but this time even louder. As soon as this nights episode of the X-factor had finished the girls called one of there friends to ask for her opinion. They called there friend Abbie and she said she hated them to pieces and if they become famous then its only cause of there fab looks. Charlie and Jess put the phone down on her and started to find out more about them. They found out that the member where Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. Charlie had instantly fell in love with Louis and really wanted to get to know him better.Whilst Jess on the other hand had instatly fell in love with the irish member of the band Niall. They both really wanted to meet them but sadly there mum's wouldn't let them go to any episodes of the X-factor so they both just sat at Charlie's house screaming every time they came on. Both of the girls had fell in love with them apart from Abbie but the girls where not going to give up trying to convince her to like them just a little bit.

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