Unexpected suprises

Emily and her 3 best friends Emma, Louise and Hayley move to Cambridge. They thought there lives were interesting but things were about to get a lot more interesting.


3. Interior Design Time!

(Emily's P.O.V) 

We got to the house in about two hours and started cracking on! We firstly blew up our mattresses in the living room as there was going to be wet paint in our rooms and we would be to tired to put them up later. We then started to put the things we didn't need badly in the cellar (It was quite and old house we were living in). "You go and start painting your room Hayley, Louise you start on the en-suites and Emma you start painting the kitchen, meanwhile i will tackle the hallway and the stairs". I said to the girls. We had it all planned out since the summer. The hallway was magnolia with pictures in white frames going up the stairs, in the window there was going to be a single candle with fairy lights around the edge and a cream blind. The downstairs loo was going to be light blue and the kitchen was red,white and a dark blue them. My bedroom was going to be a black and hot pink theme, Emma's room was pink, Hayley's room was midnight blue and Louise's room was Pink and purple. The main bathroom was a beach theme and the en-suites were a glamour theme. Then finally the front room was a natural theme. 

It was 6:00 pm before we got much done so we decided to stop for the day and carry on tomorrow. I went into the kitchen (which was nearly finished) and made my famous Chilli Con Carne with rice. We ate our dinner in front of the TV and then we watched Legally Blonde whilst eating popcorn. After the movie had finished we washed up the dirty dishes (as the dishwasher had not been installed) and decided to go to bed. 

When there was a knock on the door!!!


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