Unexpected suprises

Emily and her 3 best friends Emma, Louise and Hayley move to Cambridge. They thought there lives were interesting but things were about to get a lot more interesting.


2. Bright Lights

(Niall's P.O.V)

"10 minutes till landing, please fasten your seat belts and prepare for touchdown"!

I couldn't believe it I was going to be in Las Vegas in 10 minutes. It was the place I had wanted to go all of my life and I was so glad we would be staying in the Luxor an Egyptian themed hotel. 

As soon as we stepped of the plane we were hit by a warm gust of wind and the flash of photographers cameras. As soon as we got through the sliding doors of the airport I received a phone call from my mum ( who was in Ireland) "Hello mum, how are you?" I asked politely. "Good thank you, so I heard you were going to Las Vegas tonight, who are you going with?" she replied. "Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor, Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie, Liam and his girlfriend Danielle and Harry and me!" I said. "Oh wow have fun I love you and be safe, I have got to go your brother needs me!" "OK talk to you later, love you bye!" and that was when the phone line went dead.

We then went to our limousine, which then took us to our hotel where we were greeted by loads of fans. We only had the night in Las Vegas and then we were going on a road trip around England, so we made the ost of it. Harry got smashed and had to be carried home, Louis and Eleanor went home early and the rest of us just went home with Harry and Liam. 

The next thing I remember, we were on our way to the airport again. 




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