Unexpected suprises

Emily and her 3 best friends Emma, Louise and Hayley move to Cambridge. They thought there lives were interesting but things were about to get a lot more interesting.


6. After the knock

(Emily's P.O.V)

(A few minutes earlier) 

"Who would be coming here this late at night?" Louise said almost in a whisper. "I don't know, should we answer it?" i replied quite nervous at this point. "Stop being such a baby" replied Hayley who was in a massive mood (for girly reasons), "Its all right for you your macho women on your period, plus Emily's only little!" Emma said in an almost stage whisper. "Anyway lets go" said Louise in a brave tone. We all crept towards the door as if the ground might swallow us up and Hayley opened it. 

There stood 5 men. "Can I help you?" said Hayley in a harsh tone. I replied to her almost instantly... "Hayley that's no way to talk to people!" I replied to her in a stern tone, although I knew she was trying to show the lads who's boss! "Ummmm yes sorry, our cars broke down and we need a place to crash!" said the guy who had a thick Irish tone I knew I recognized. "Well your not staying here unless you show us who you are!" replied Hayley as moody as ever. "Boys hoods" said a Wolverhamptoners voice.

"OH MY CARROTS" I said just a little to loudly. "Your One Direction" Louise screamed in my ear. "EARDRUM" Me, Emma and Hayley shouted. "Of course you can come in!" said Emma, it was all we had heard of her this entire time. "Let me take your bags?, your going to have to excuse the mess I did tidy up a bit but we just moved in today you see" I said soonly to regret it as there bags weighed a tonne. Thank god for Zayn as he helped me but Louis just jumped on the couch eating the remains of the popcorn- now joined by Niall, Harry, Liam, Emma, Louise and Hayley. "This is going to be one crazy night!" I said to Zayn. "Oh you have seen nothing yet love!" said Zayn who then ran off to the bundle of now 8 animals fighting on my couch for the remote. "OK listen up Chillis on the stove, movies on the wrack, drinks are in the fridge and i am going to make you guys some popcorn, how do you like it?" I said to them all. "SWEET" "SALT" " no sweet" "no salt" argued Louis and Harry. " It's OK we have both" I said instantly creating the peace. "Who's going to help me?" Niall instantly jumped up an ran into the kitchen. "Someone's an eager beaver!" said Hayley in a somewhat uplifted mood now that Harry was interested in her. 

We went into the kitchen and Niall started helping himself to some chilli and got a Lemonade out of the fridge then jumped up on the side. "So Emily right? What you doing in Cambridge?" said Niall with a mouth full of chilli. "Well I am hoping to be a vet when I finish Uni or an actress but I know the actress one will never happen that's why I am going to uni!" "Oh wow this must be crazy for you, suddenly 5 world famous boys come to your doorstep demanding food and water?" "yeah well its not that bad, at least there not ugly!" I replied with a wink. He then looked me into my eyes it was a movie was he going to kiss me ... 'BEEP' the microwave had to beep at that point didn't it. "I'll get the popcorn!" i said "Shall I serve chilli and grab drinks for the boys?" asked Niall "Yeah sure, OK boys sugar for Louis and sofa number 1, salt for Harry and couch number 2, is the movie picked yet?" I said. "Thanks and yeah we are watching love actually <3" replied Harry. "Oh cool does anyone want some of my famous chilli con Carne " I said "BTW it's amazing" said Emma who was cuddled up on my bed with Zayn. "Hey what are you doing on my bed?" "S-O-R-R-Y" replied Emma "Its fine you can stay on their" "I was going to anyway" replied Emma in a cheeky tone. 

In the end we all fell asleep after love actually finished. Hayley and Harry on one couch, me and Niall on the other Louise,Louis,Emma and Zayn spread out on the beds and Liam in between the two of them quite content.    

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