Like No Other

Im like no other you will ever find. I know what I want and go for it. I dont play games or tease. I wont walk away unless you push me to far.


1. Like No Other

I am a person like no other

I have grace, I have style

Well liked by most

Hated by some


I do what I want

Think what I want

Say what I want

I dont care what you think of me


Dont worry about what you say

Im just me

Let me be

I dont bother no one


So leave me alone

Im your friend if you want me

If you dont it is fine

Your lost


My gain

I will be the best friend

You ever had

Or your worse enemy


I will love you forever

Or hate you if you push to far

I won't walk away

Only you will do that


Im smart, beautiful, and loving

I will  be your lover, wife

Whatever you want

Just dont mess around on me


I will fight for what is mine

Want to love me, show me

Tell me how you feel

Im just me

Like no other you will find


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