Imagine! ~Liam Payne~ For those who think you'll never meet him!

You're what 11,12,13,14 and Liam's 19?
Keep believing Directioners, you'll meet him someday!


1. Imagine!

You and Liam had been dating for 3 months but the past few weeks have been really rough. The hate on twitter about you being 6 years younger than him, had doubled the past few days, and you being twice as small as him didn’t really help the situation. Liam just came back from filming the video of little things, and you were kind of pissed off with him. When him and Danielle were dating he would always fight for her when she got hate from so called fans but Liam never did it for you.

You started to question the relationship, thinking that Liam might have loved Danielle more than you. “Babe, I know you’re angry, I can tell, but I honestly don’t have no idea what I did wrong” he said clearly sad, “Liam, why don’t you ever tweet about me? Why don’t you tell fans to stop sending me hate? Yet you did it when you were in a relationship with Danielle”, you yelled clearly pissed.

Liam looked angry at this point, you were kind of worried because Liam is never the one to show his anger, “Are, you crazy?! What am I supposed to say, huh? ‘Stop saying that our relationship is odd and will never work’? He yelled to you. “Yes, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to say” you yelled back. “Well I can’t, and do you know why? It’s because it’s true- you’re 13 and I’m 19, our relationship is odd, you can’t deny It. Do you know the looks I got from my mum, dad, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis when I told them that I was dating a frickin’ 13 year old? He yelled. At this point you were sobbing, because it was all true and for some reason only till now did reality actually hit you.

Liam looked at you with softened eyes, “People may give us dirty looks but at the end of the day I still love you, I’m still with you and never will I break up with you just because someone is looking at me funny, Y/N you’re beautiful to me and always will be, okay I’m sorry for yelling at you.” You looked at him and smiled “it’s okay, I love you too”. He kissed you on the cheek and said “hey instead we’ll do a twit cam and explaining everything, okay?, “Okay” you replied.

You spent the next 2 hours doing a twit cam explaining the whole relationship. You gained many followers and received a lot of apologies. (on twitter).


Hope you like it! Check out my other stories if you want + don't forgot to comment what you thought of it! ~Jodie'xo

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