Summer Love

Lily is looking for a fresh start in her life after the messy, thrilling teenage years, she doesnt regret them, but she craves a fresh start. As she turns 20 she moves into her new house in Notting Hill, unfortunately it's only a matter of days before she is reminded of her teenage years. He wasn't famous then, he was just her summer love, but now she will always be reminded of harry, harry styles.


8. White Eskimo

-DISCLAIMER- Firstly, thankyou for reading<3, however i am getting the basis of the chapters done at the moment, so if you felt it lacked detail thats why, i still try to make it an enjoyable read at the moment but once i finish it i promise to go back and edit it all properly so it runs smoothly etc, also i am taking a lot of time over my chapters at the moment, because i've planned a really good twist in the story, so please keep with it! Love you all:) xxx

Harry's POV

"ARE YOU READY YETTTT!?" i shouted up the stairs to Lily

"I'm Coming, I'm Coming!" I heard her shout back. However i knew this meant she'd atleast be another 5 minutes! I walked up and down nervously, Lily had never seen me perform with my band, White Eskimo before and i questioned whether she would like it or not. I hope so. I ran through the words of 'Summer of 69' In my head. We perform at every local event we can and i'd never forgotten the words but with Lily watching i was extra nervous.

I heard some footsteps upstairs walk accross the landing

"I'm ready." Lily smiled at me walking dowstairs

"You look gorgeous" I replied, She looked amazing in a pretty black, laced dress. The silver, locket necklace i had bought for her birthday hang against her chest, and her hair, curled loosely covered her shoulders.

"Why Thankyou, you don't look to bad yourself" She replied grinning.

I took her hand and lead her out the door.

"Be back later mum!" I shouted as i closed the door.

We walked the short distance over to Holmes Chapel's local hall and the boys had already set up the drum kit and guitar, they were beginning to put out chairs for the audience. There was only a few people that usually came, people froms school, locals and some of my family often came.

"Hi boys!" I said as i lead Lily into the hall

"Hi Harry!" They both replied "Oh, and you must be... Lily?" They questioned

"Yes, lovely to meet you both!" Lily replied politely. I loved being able to introduce her to my friends, she was so polite and looked absolutely gorgeous tonight.

"Yeah, this is my girlfriend, Lily" I smiled at her

"Haha, we've heard lots about you Lily!" The boys said as Lily looked at me concerned

"Nothing bad, i promise" I whispered and winked back at Lily

Lily hit me lightly and laughed, "I'm just gunna use the bathroom Harry, I'll leave you to your great friends you have here" She winked and walked off into the bathroom.

"Anyway Haz, we've set up the equipment, and as you can see, some of the chairs, you took your time getting over here!?"

"That was Lily's fault! She wanted a lie in and then took ages getting ready!" I responded

"Corr, Girls!" Will said

"Yeah you've got your work cut out there!" Nick chimed in

"Shut up! I Love Lily!" I shouted back at them

"OOooh!" Haydon winked

I walked over to the chairs and helped them set up, they just didn't understand.


Lily's POV

I couldn't get to the bathroom quick enough, i'd felt so ill all morning, i told Harry i was just slow at getting ready but secretly i wanted to curl up into a ball and sleep. I didn't want to tell him though, he had probably been waiting to show off his music for ages and i felt so bad.

I gagged and threw up over the sink.

"Brilliant. Just brilliant" I said aloud

I tried to rinse out the sink and i splashed my face with water to cool down. I had to pull myself together, for Harry. I couldn't work out why i was ill either, i'd been getting headaches a lot recently, so it was probably just that. Besides tomorrow i could tell Harry i was ill and see the doctor, i just had to stay okay for this afternoon. I chewed on a mint and sprayed myself with 'Marc Jacobs Daisy' perfume. I walked out the bathroom and back over to Harry. I was still very shy around the other boys, i didn't know them and for all i knew they probably hated me for making Harry spend his practise nights with me. It wasn't really my fault though, Harry found it boring and I was obviously a better option than them. They just didn't realise it yet.

"Are you okay babe, you look a bit pale?" Harry asked me

"Urm, yeah, yeah i'm fine" I replied quietly

"Are you sure? we can go if you want"

"No you can't!" Will shouted over "This is the first perfomance we have done in ages with you Harry!"

"I'm fine, honest, we can stay" I said staring at Will.

I sat on a chair whilst the boys set up playing on Harry's phone. They had a quick rehearsal and then a few people began turning up, Harry and the boys greeted them, quite happy that a few people had bothered to come and watch. I looked around from my seat after a while and to my suprise around 30 people had turned up to watch the boys, maybe they weren't that bad at all! 

"We'd just like to thank you all for coming, we've spent a lot of time rehearsing so we hope this can be another good performance for you all" I heard harry say into the microphone, I looked up and he was staring right at me, i smiled although i was trying to hide how ill i felt.

~~Those were the best days of my life

Oh yeah back in the summer of '69~~

I applauded Harry as he sang so lovely, i heard lots of claps from the audience as well which put a smile on his face, the boys sang a few more songs and i tried to sit happy for Harry but the noise in my head wasn't helping me feel any better


Harry and the boys finished their set and everybody applauded them, Harry was actually a really good singer, but I just couldn't concentrate feeling this ill. He walked over to me as the audience began to leave and the boys packed up..

"Enjoy it?" He asked smiling

"Yeah, you were so good Harry!" I exclaimed

"Thanks babe, I just have to help Will pack up here then we can go out somewhere if you like?"

"Actually Harry I'm just going to go get some air, it's really hot in here" I said fanning myself

"Okay, I'll be out there soon then" Harry said walking over to Will

I walked out the hall and into the cool air, the breeze outside did help a lot, although it was summer, it was Britain so still freezing cold. I sat on the edge of the curb with my head between my knees. I wanted to cry I felt so ill. After a while I heard footsteps behind me..

" Babe?! Are you okay?" I heard Harrys voice shout as he ran over, I felt his arm wrap round my back.

" yeah i'm fine, it's just I really don't feel well" I whimpered

"Aw. You should've said!" Harry replied

"I didn't want to because I thought you would just think this was another attempt to keep you from your friends, and I know how much you love singing!" I began to cry at the realisation, Harry might of wanted to go to all those practises all along, maybe he thought I was taking over his life, I was probably just a pathetic girl to him.

"Shhh! it's okay now, I'm here" Harry whispered into my ear

He felt my forehead "Oh my Lily, you're boiling" I began to cry even more

"I just want to be better Harry, I've felt to ill recently, it won't go away"

"It's okay, we can go home now and get you some medicine" he smiled at me, sweeping me up off the curb and carrying me home

"You were really amazing today Harry" I smiled up at him

"Thankyou" he replied.

We got home and Anne brought me some tablets and a drink up, I was staying at Harrys for the whole of summer so she rang my mum just to tell her I had felt Ill and she'd given me some medicine, Anne was practically my second mum now anyway, so my mum didn't mind.

I curled up onto Harrys bed after taking some tablets and Harry came in and wrapped me in some blankets.

"Is there any room for me?" he asked with puppy dog eyes

I shuffled over "there you go!" I sighed

"It's okay babe, I promise you'll feel better soon!" Harry said kissing me on the forehead sweetly.

I shut my eyes and felt myself drift away as he sang to me.


I woke up sweating with the heat of my body and the blankets, I rushed trying to escape the heat throwing the blankets off me, i'd forgotten where I was, it was dark and boiling.

"its okay, it's okay! It's me, Harry!" Harry said waking up

I was panting for air and I sat up in relief

"Here drink this!" Harry said passing me some water

"Thankyou Harry, I'm sorry I forgot where I was and I felt really faint" I replied exhausted.

"It's okay, I'm here now. Come on cuddle in to me" I felt Harry shuffle over to me, he sat up and reached his arm around me, protecting me from the world. I continued to sip on my water. I was actually feeling a lot better as I began to cool down and wake up. I drifted off into a light sleep in Harrys arms. I could still hear him talking but it was like he was in my dream...

"Is she okay then?" I heard Anne say, I wanted to lift my head but I couldn't find the energy to even open my eyes yet.

"She said she felt a lot better but she's just been really tired I think" Harry responded to his mum

"Will you want any food later?" She asked him

"uhm maybe just some salami sandwiches?"

"Of course!" Anne said leaving the room I smiled as I came round once again, Harry knew my secret love of salami sandwiches

"Afternoon" I smiled at Harry

"Hello beautiful, are you feeling better now?"

"Much better, thankyou, for everything Haz" I whispered up at him

"Anything for my girl" He winked.

(End of Flashback)

I woke up to the phone ringing.

"Hello?" I answered

"Hiya it's me!"

"Hi Stacey!" I said excitedly, Stacey was my best friend who i had left behind over in the other side of London..

"Hello babe! Everything is fine here, with Isabelle and that.. but when would you like us to come over?"

"Well i'm slowly getting round to all the rooms. The bathroom, bedrooms and living room is done. But everything is unpacked if that's what you mean! So if i can have another day to get ready and you can come tomorrow?"

"Yes sounds great"

"I cant wait to see you Stace, and the gorgeous Isabelle of course!"

"We are really excited to see you too! Best let you get on now though! See you soon!"

"Byeeee!!" I shouted down the phone


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