Summer Love

Lily is looking for a fresh start in her life after the messy, thrilling teenage years, she doesnt regret them, but she craves a fresh start. As she turns 20 she moves into her new house in Notting Hill, unfortunately it's only a matter of days before she is reminded of her teenage years. He wasn't famous then, he was just her summer love, but now she will always be reminded of harry, harry styles.


14. Take Her Home

Harry's POV

"Harry get off your phone!" Liam shouted

"Yeah Come on Harry we need to finish off recording today!" Louis chimed in

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled

The boys and I were trying to complete recording today so we could have a day off tomorrow. I got up from the sofa and walked into the recording studio

"Just Harry now boys, We need you to do your last solo in 'Lips are Sealed'" Our producer said

"Okay, okay. I'm going" I replied, it had been a long day, a lot of recording and all I wanted now was some sleep. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and it made a small familiar chime sound

"LEAVE IT HARRY" Niall shouted "Or I'll confiscate it!"

I laughed, It couldn't be that important or they would of rang, so I ignored it and walked on into the booth. I sang my last solo as the boys listened, it took a while they were picky with everything today, it was our 3rd album though, so we wanted it to be perfect to keep the fans coming back. After a long hour of adding pitch and tone to my solo finally we were finished.

"And thats a rap!" I heard someone call the boys cheered

"Finally!" I gasped in relief

I left the booth and thanked all our producers and the boys

"Still on for tomorrow? Louis said

of course, the lunch. I had agreed but I was actually looking forward to some alone time tomorrow, I love the boys and everything but seeing them everyday can get too much sometimes..

"Urm, yeah, yes I'll be there" I said putting on a smile

"Bye guys!" Zayn yelled getting his coat

"Bye!" The rest of the boys and I yelled back in unison

"Actually I should get going myself, see you tomorrow Lou, see you later Niall, bye Liam!" I smiled grabbing my coat to leave the studio

"See you tomorrow" Louis replied

"See ya later Haz!" Niall said looking up from his laptop

"Make sure you watch my twitcam later Harry! Hahaaha! Bye!" Liam chirped in I put my hood up exiting the studio, there weren't many fans round the back so I signed a few autographs and ran back to my car, It started to pour with rain as I turned the engine on so I switched on the windscreen wipers and checked my phone, 1 new message. Ah yes, finally I can reply I thought remembering my phone bleeping whilst I avoided recording I didn't recognise the name at first 'Lily' I opened the message and read..

It took me a line to realise who this was, Lily, the one who I'd try to block from my mind years ago. The one I had a baby with, the one who wanted to see me..

Wait?! See me?

I stopped for a moment to think back to my time with her, I wonder how Isabelle is now.. I wonder what she looks like, where do they even live? What does Lily do? I had so many questions.. Suddenly my memory came gushing back, Lily, my summer love..


"she's beautiful just like her Daddy!" Lily said smiling at me I laughed

"No way, all that is down to her gorgeous mummy!" I fastened Isabelle into her car seat whilst mum helped Lily into the car

"who would of thought a year ago we would be leaving the hospital today with our perfect day old baby!" I said to Lily

"Urm, not me?!" Lily said laughing

"Nor me!" Mum said getting into the drivers seat, we all laughed

"I'm happy we are though!" Lily said holding Isabelles hand

"Me too" I said leaning over to kiss Lily "You did so well babe" I grinned I looked into Isabelles eyes, they were deep and meaningful, a lot like I saw in Lilys although everyone says she has my eyes.. her wrinkled nose and tiny mouth, her skin was soft and new, shes was perfect. Lily sat by the window with Isabelle in the middle, I looked over at Lily she was tickling Isabelle and telling her how much she loved her, Lily looked tired and her bump had already gone down considerably, there was no longer our little girl in there, she was here, my responsibility to care for. I felt scared, the prospect was daunting but I'd do anything for my beautiful girls.

"are you okay?" Lily said looking up at me

"Yes, I was just thinking about you" I said smiling, she smiled back

"Our perfect little family now" Lily replied.

We got back to my house and Lilys mum was there setting up the cot, she made a fuss of Isabelle when we walked in

"Do you mind if I get a little sleep in?" Lily asked, she looked exaughsted

"No of course, you go up, you're the one who pushed out a baby!" I laughed and she tried to seem happy back but I knew she wanted her rest. I kissed her forehead

"sleep well baby girl" I whispered into her ear

"I'm not your baby girl anymore!" she said back

"Oh you are, Isabelle is my.. My.. Baby baby girl?" I winked

She laughed back and began walking upstairs to our room I went into the living room to find Isabelle being passed around the neighbours and family friends

"Shes gorgeous"

"she's beautiful Harry!"

"Well worth the pain?"

"How Lily doing?" They all chirped in as I went to make up a bottle for Isabelle

"Um thankyou, Lilys fine, a bit tired. So am I really, and yes, all worth the pain" I said trying to satisfy their eager inquisitive minds

"Why don't you go go upstairs too Harry, you both need the rest, the sleepless nights start here!" Mum said taking the bottle from me, "I'll do that, you get up there with Lily"

"Thankyou mum" I smiled "I will do more later, I promise!"

"I know you will darling. You go and get some rest, Ill take care of Isabelle" She replied I wandered off up the stairs into the room I shared with Lily she was asleep, still in her clothes from the day and lead onto of the bed, I lifted her up and under the covers before joining her in bed, I stroked her hair

"Hi babe" She whispered to me

" Hey, I didn't mean to wake you, Isabelles just with mum whilst we get some time alone" I whispered back She rolled over to face me and smiled

"Okay, but. I don't want anymore kids thanks.." she winked

"No no, I didn't mean that!" I said aloud

"I know Harry i was joking! Although I'm pleased to hear you don't want anymore as well!" She laughed and hit me lightly I laughed at her playful attitude, she was still cute when she was tired and restless. I cuddled her in close and kissed her

"Goodnight little mummy!" I laughed

"Goodnight big, fat, ugly daddy!" She smirked


"I'm joking, I'm joking!"

We both laughed and I stroked her hair, it wasn't long before I felt her drift off into sleep, her breathing got heavier and her eyes pressed shut "sweet dreams princess" I whispered


My vision blurred as I shed a tear, the rain crashed against the car window and I sat, in the parking lot, I remembered everything, I still felt love for them, I had to see my gorgeous girls again. I pressed home on my phone and it lit up, I wiped the tears and replied to Lilys message. -If it's not too much hassle, I'd love to see you again, don't be sorry. I should be sorry .xx- My thumb trembled above the send button, I had to do this, for Isabelle anyway, my daughter who barley knew her daddy. I pushed my thumb against the screen. send.

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