Summer Love

Lily is looking for a fresh start in her life after the messy, thrilling teenage years, she doesnt regret them, but she craves a fresh start. As she turns 20 she moves into her new house in Notting Hill, unfortunately it's only a matter of days before she is reminded of her teenage years. He wasn't famous then, he was just her summer love, but now she will always be reminded of harry, harry styles.


3. Summer Love

The warm breeze blew into my hair and I felt the hot sun on my back, oh how good the feeling of being on a hot summers holiday felt. Being away from school is so lovely, not having to think about GCSE's, wearing my grotty uniform or waking up early.

I could hear the waves lapping up against the shore and as I got hotter I reached for my sunglasses and sat up on my beach towel. "I'm going for a swim" I told my mum as I got up and  began to walk on the hot sand towards the beautiful clear blue sea, she nodded and continued to read her magazine.

I tred on the roasting hot ground until i reached the end of the sand and my toes felt the cool, clear water cover them as I splashed my feet into the water, I walked in getting deeper and deeper until I was away from most of the happy people enjoying their family holiday or taking their little ones for a paddle in the sea. I couldn't help but smile about how everybody was so smiley and joyful.
I continued to swim deeper and deeper into the blue ocean until I found it, it was beautiful, I swam over to a rock bed which glistened in the sunlight and provided the perfect, peaceful spot for me to sit and think. I climbed onto the rock bed, but as I tried to reach up I saw a figure sat facing the waves, he turned and spotted me.
"oh um sorry, I didn't think anyone else would be here" I said stepping down preparing myself to swim back to the shore.


"Wait! It's fine, I'm sorry I didn't think anyone else knew about this place either, here let me help you up!" He said grabbing my hand from the water, he was very muscley and I wondered how old he could possibly be..

"I'm Lily by the way" I said hoping to strike conversation

"I'm Harry" He said smiling "So how come you knew about this place?" He added.

"Well I was just doing some swimming the other day and yeah i kinda found it and I have just been swimming out each day to have a think about things really" I replied

I looked over at him properly for the first time, he had beautiful emerald green eyes, a mop of wet brown curly hair and a perfect smile.

"How old are you Harry?" I asked smiling

"I'm 15" he said awkwardly, you could tell he must of thought I was older as he seemed shocked when I said "Me Too!"

"Really?" he said stunned

"yeah" I smiled. He was really attractive and his smile was contagious.
I looked over at Lily as she told me her age, she looked so much older, but in a good way. She had deep brown eyes and long brown hair which had half dried from the sun, leaving messy waves. She was wearing a frilled black bikini and her body was glowing from her fresh golden tan. She was beautiful, amazing and everything that came out her mouth when she spoke was said politely and so attractively.


"So when you aren't in Spain where do you live?" I asked her curiously

"Well London, but um East Finchely? You've probably never heard of it!" She said laughing. Her laugh was really cute.

"Oh no, I've heard of it! My cousin lives in North Finchely! So I presume that's just North of where you live?" I said winking at her, she giggled. It was amazing seeing her so happy, I was loving every minute of this.

"Where do you live then?" She questioned me

"Um. Miles away.. Cheshire?" As I said it I realised what I'd just said was so true. I did live miles away, after this holiday I'd probably never see Lily again...

"That so weird!" She said looking shocked

"what's weird?!" I said

"My cousin lives in Cheshire! Haha!" she replied "In Holmes Chapel. I don't know if it's that well known.." She began to say.. That's exactly where I lived!
"It's well known to me, I live there!" He said smiling


"How weird!" She said!
maybe there was a chance of seeing Lily again then, I smiled at the thought.


"what's are you smiling at?" She asked staring at me

"you.." I said awkwardly. It was true though she was absolutely gorgeous and she did make me smile.

"Aw you're cutie Harry!" she laughed back at me
We chatted for hours about school, friends and our families. It was lovely, she was lovely she didn't question me on my mum not being with my dad anymore like most people did, everything she said was so interesting. We were eventually forced to swim back to shore as the tide got stronger and stronger. She looked so graceful swimming back to the beach. We reached the sand and Lily got out the water and headed for her towel, wrapping it round her perfect figure.

"Well i best go and see my mum then, so i'll see you tomorrow maybe?" She said shyly

"Definetely" I smiled up at her

As i walked off to find my mum i couldn't spot her until she called out "There you are!"

She was sat with Lily's mum! They were chatting and laughing away, i walked over to Lily and up to our mum's

"Where have you been? You've been gone over an hour!" Veronica (Lily's mum) said. She wasn't angry at us just curious

"We just went swimming mum" Lily replied

"Okay well we best go get dried off and ready for dinner tonight, i'll see you later Anne?"

"Yes, yes! see you later!"

What on earth were they talking about 'see you later', i asked my mum

"Oh well we got chatting away and i said it was just us here and it turns out it's just Lily and her mum here so i said we'd go for some dinner?"

This was perfect, i was so attracted to Lily, i couldn't wait to see her later! I waved at her as she looked back 'See you later' I mouthed, she smiled. I just hoped she felt the same about me..


Harry was polite, mature and really hot. His eyes were beautiful green and i fell in love with his curls, i was so excited to see him later on, Mum and I walked back to the hotel and got ready for our meal with Anne and Harry.

"So what did you and Harry get up to then?" My mum asked

"Oh nothing we just chatted really" I replied

"He seems like a really nice boy"

"Yes, Yeah he is."

'Hes perfect' i whispered to myself.

I went into the bathroom to shower my beachy hair, it looked like rats tails i must of looked horrible to Harry. I hope i can impress him tonight i thought to myself.

I dried and straightened my long brown hair and got into a pretty flowered flowing dress, i put on a flowered headband to match my dress and didn't bother with makeup because i didn't want to risk it with the heat, it would probably end up dribbling down my face, besides harry wanted to talk to me when i was soaking wet and looked like a rat, he wouldn't mind.

I waited patient for my mum to get ready and picked a pair of cream pumps to wear.

We left at about 7 and walked down along the seafront to a pizza place, it was so romantic. Harry and Anne were there when we arrived.

"Hiya!" My mum shouted over to Anne and they walked over to us. Wow. Harry looked amazing, his curls were flicky and swept to one side, he was wearing a white shirt and dark trousers, he looked so attractive. "Hello again!" I said as our mums got chatting away, we went and sat down.

"Hi, you look amazing" Harry said

"Thankyou, you too!" I blushed. He really did though....



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