Summer Love

Lily is looking for a fresh start in her life after the messy, thrilling teenage years, she doesnt regret them, but she craves a fresh start. As she turns 20 she moves into her new house in Notting Hill, unfortunately it's only a matter of days before she is reminded of her teenage years. He wasn't famous then, he was just her summer love, but now she will always be reminded of harry, harry styles.


4. Newsround

Typical. I'd just moved in and he was already on my mind again i thought thinking back to our holiday adventures. I have to stop doing this.

I got up from the sofa and walked upstairs to get ready, I had to get out of this house, so much reminded me of him.

I pulled on some leggings, a warm jumper and put my hair into a messy bun, i was new to the area so it's not like people would notice me looking rubbish!

I left the house grabbing my handbag and keys as i left, I walked down the highstreet taking note of all the beautiful vintage shops Notting Hill has to offer, this is why i moved here, this was my new start, i will be okay i told myself.

My walk did turn out very useful in the end, i located my new workplace and popped in to say hello, they were all really welcoming, i couldnt wait to start in a couple of days, that would really take my mind off of things.

I walked back via the market it was really pretty, especially in the lead up to christmas, there was tinsel, ball balls, decorations for the houses and lights everywhere, suddenly something caught my eye..

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