Summer Love

Lily is looking for a fresh start in her life after the messy, thrilling teenage years, she doesnt regret them, but she craves a fresh start. As she turns 20 she moves into her new house in Notting Hill, unfortunately it's only a matter of days before she is reminded of her teenage years. He wasn't famous then, he was just her summer love, but now she will always be reminded of harry, harry styles.


13. Birth

Harry's POV She looked so beautiful sleeping, I cradled Isabelle whilst Lily slept. The last 9 months have been amazing. My mum was shocked of course, when she heard Lily was pregnant but she came round to the idea when we went shopping for baby clothes. Lilys mum struggled with her only daughter pregnant at 16 but she's been so supportive to us both. School was difficult for Lily without me being there but every weekend she came over to mine, Isabelle has brought us so close. She was beautiful, led in my arms wrapped in a pink blanket her fingers were tiny and she wrinkled her face up when I kissed her, she had my eyes but looked just as beautiful as Lily. Brown hair, curly on her head, she was absolutely gorgeous. I looked over at Lily she was still sleeping, labour was really scary for her, it was me and her mum in the room but she seemed in so much pain and I probably didn't help at all. But it was all worth it now, 2 beautiful girls in my life.

Lily's POV

My eyes flickered open and I could feel an aching sore pain in my stomach, I whimpered at the pain, trying to stretch was so difficult.

"wait I'll come and help you!" Harry said putting Isabelle in her Moses basket. He ran over and helped me sit up

"You did so well babe" he smiled kissing me I smiled back I was in too much pain to talk at the moment "do you want to see her properly now?"

I nodded and he picked Isabelle out of her basket and placed her in my arms She was beautiful, Harrys hair and eyes. Harry adored her too, he had dressed her in a baby grow and put a top over her which said 'I love my mummy' on it. I laughed when I saw, it hurt but my baby was worth al the pain.

"she's perfect Harry, thank you for helping me through labour" I said

"you did brilliantly anyway! I know you're still tired but I said mum could come in and see her now, only because she hasn't seen her yet"

"no that fine Harry" I smiled I reached from my hospital bed for the water on the table next to me

"ouch!" I said clutching my belly, it had only been an hour since I gave birth to Isabelle when I looked at my watch and my stomach felt achey and swollen. Luckily Harry was here to help

"stop moving around! I can get everything! He instructed, I felt bad putting him through this but I was struggling to do anything myself at the moment so I was grateful for his help. He passed me my water and I sipped at it whilst he cradled Isabelle. There was a knock at the door, Anne and the midwife came in "hello, just checking up on you and I can weigh Isabelle now" the midwife said preparing the scales.

"and I'm just here to see my beautiful granddaughter!" Anne said Harry passed the midwife our baby to be weighed

"crikey, 8 pounds 5 ounces she's a big girl!"

Harry looked at me shocked, it made sense for me to be in a lot of pain after all. The midwife went to finish our notes and Anne cradled Isabelle. "shes beautiful! Well done Lily!" she said to me

"thank you, I couldn't of done it without Harry though!" I said looking over at Harry, his eyes watched Isabelle closely a's if to protect her, he smiled back at me

"well done both of you!" Anne said "Now lets get a picture!" She said passing isabelle to me and pointing for Harry to stand with us. I cradled Isabelle smiling whilst Harry wrapped his arms around me smiling. "Aw what a gorgeous family! Say cheese!" We smiled and she took the picture "lovely!" she said looking at how the picture had come out

(End of flashback)

"Mummy who's that boy?"

Isabelle said bringing me a photo frame

"Where did you find this Isabelle?!" I said worried

"it was in one of the boxes we still have to unpack mummy" she replied

"well its your daddy, when he was little.."

"When will I see daddy again mummy?" it was so painful to hear her say

"I'm not sure darling, soon" I said trying to reasure her.

It pained me to look at the picture. I missed Harry so much and it was awful Isabelle not having contact with him. I still had his mobile number but we hadn't text in ages that It probably isn't even his number anymore. I grabbed my phone

- Isabelle really wants to meet her Dad, I'm sorry for everything. Please do this for her .xx-

"3.2.1 send" I clicked send, I wasn't expecting a reply, in fact in probably wasn't even his number but now at least I could say I tried..

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