Summer Love

Lily is looking for a fresh start in her life after the messy, thrilling teenage years, she doesnt regret them, but she craves a fresh start. As she turns 20 she moves into her new house in Notting Hill, unfortunately it's only a matter of days before she is reminded of her teenage years. He wasn't famous then, he was just her summer love, but now she will always be reminded of harry, harry styles.


12. Baby Love

-Just a short chapter but i've just basically put in the main flashback, got some business studies homework tonight-thankyou for reading:)-

Harry was with the white eskimo boys when I found out. It wouldn't be fair to just text him. I had to wait till he got back.

He'd back any moment now infact. Fuck.  How was I meant to tell him?  I rubbed my eyes but I couldn't hide the fact I'd been crying, I had no idea what to tell him. I led in his bed waiting, unfortunately the wait wasn't long either. I heard him coming up the stairs, across the landing and then in our room. 

Probably just his room after this. 

"What's wrong?!" he said running over to me. 

"Everything, my life is pretty much over" 

"I'm sure nothing can that be that bad!" he laughed 

"No Harry, you don't understand" I said crying 

"it's okay! Whatever it is, we can sort it somehow! The both of us" 

"you'll never forgive me Harry.." I started. 

"I will promise" he smiled 

It would be difficult whichever way I told him, I had no other option but to just blurt it out.

"Okay, I'm pregnant Harry and I dont know what to do, and my lifes going to be over, and your life, you can leave me if you want to, I get it I'm stupid, I'm sorry" I cried into my pillow after that. I knew he'd be silent for a while. I was. It was a horrible pause whilst I waited for it to sink in. 

"What, that time?" He questioned referring to our first time.. 

"yeah" I said shaking 

"Does anyone else know yet?" 

"just you.." I said 

"and you definitely want to keep it?" 

"Yeah. Harry I could never.." 

"No it's fine, I understand, I wouldn't want you to get rid of it!" he held me tight whilst I sobbed

"I'm sorry" he said

"it's not your fault Harry! Its mine I should never of spoken to you, I always cause problems" I frowned "No you don't, I love you Lily!" he shouted "I'm SO glad I met you!"

I held my stomach, "But, what are we going to do about this?!" I said wiping my face free of tears.

"it's okay, we are young, but this isn't exactly the first time a 16 year old has got pregnant! We can sort it out, Ill talk to my mum and you will have to tell yours!"

I nodded, although I really didn't want to, I had to tell my mum about this, and Harrys. Harrys mum was only outside sorting the garden out.

"please not today though Harry! Please! I just want some time to get my head round it, and now you know it will be easier but I cant face them today as well! I was so scared about telling you already"

"okay okay shhh. It'll be fine, but we have to say tomorrow okay?" Harry said kissing me

"Yes okay" He rubbed my belly "That little person is going to have the best mummy" he smiled

"..and the best daddy!"

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