I Feel Like A Woman

I feel like a woman. Going out tonight and have some fun. Let it all hang out. Yeah, yeah, yeag, Do it up right.


1. I Feel Like A Woman

Get ready now girls


We are going out tonight on the town

Feeling so good

Let your hair hang down

It's gonna be loud

Lot of shouting and screaming

Do some things we shouldn't

Not going to act alright

Good time here we come




Being a woman is the best

We can have some fun

No lady tonight- going crazy


Wear your man's shirt and mini skirt

We will have a style-go a little wild


There is a lot of attraction- give me some action

Fix my hair in a new style

Yeah,  yeah, yeah

I feel good- I am free as can be

I feel like like a woman


We will do it up right

On the town tonight

No romance allowed- it's girl time tonight

Gonna let it all hang down

Let's dance to the music

Get a little wild

Yeah, yeah, yeah,


Being a woman you can be what you want

Be wild and crazy -live a little-love alot

Have lots of fun


Yeah, yeah,yeah

I won't be a lady

Just a little crazy

Get your man's shirt and a mini skirt


I feel like a woman

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