Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


12. you have officially met Loretta Kline


My mother looked at me, actually that’s an understatement, she stared. Smirking, she brings

Her coffee mug to her lips and takes a sip of it; one of her eyebrows twitching up. I knew almost instantly that she had a pretty good idea of what happened between Zayn and I. however, I wouldn’t dare bring it up. I sat opposite of her, adding creamer to my coffee and stirring it until it was a caramel color. Seconds seemed like years, until she laughs. Laugh? I look at her confused. “Is there a dent on your wall?”

A dent in my wall…what? I can feel my features distort into bewilderment. “Lord knows your headboard was surely banging into the wall…”

My mouth drops some, the blood drains from my face and I am mortified. My mother heard Zayn and I…oh no! My hands cover my face to hide my expressions and seemingly irreplaceable embarrassment. I am on the verge of tears. “Sorry” I beg over and over again. My voice is a plea…sorry for having sex under your roof, sorry you heard, just sorry for everything. I feel my mothers hand on my arm, it is a comforting motherly gesture that lifts my fears. I remove my hands from my face. “Sorry” I tell her again.

“Sisi, you had sex, you didn’t commit murder. So stop crying wolf” she brings the mug to her mouth and wiggles her brows.

Of course my mother would react this way.

“Tell me dad didn’t hear”

My mother wipes the corners of her mouth with a napkin, a look of amusement crosses her face. “I doubt he didn’t hear it. Your headboard was smacking into the wall, and that is no over exaggeration. You know, for such a big house, the walls are like paper.”

“Oh God….” I look at her with caution. “I feel so bad. Should I go talk to dad?”

“I don’t think he’d appreciate you waking him up just to say your sorry for having sex” she smiles and nods. “Eat your breakfast, and let me worry about your father. I don’t want you late for school”. Thank heavens I have a mother like her.


Olive waits for me in our usual spot, something has her bubbling over with excitement and joy. She doesn’t even let me get my book bag when she gives me her phone and tells me to look. I do. On the screen is a picture of her in a dressing room wearing a short and blood stained Alice costume. Oh boy, it was awfully short. It made her legs look great though, and the low cut on the chest revealed her cleavage, but damn it was skimpy.

Should I tell her about Zayn and I? If she is going to the dance as a slutty Alice then what are her intentions.

“Ladies!” its Damien, I turn and Zayn gives me a small telling smile. They are getting closer to Olive and I, and I cant help but think how beautiful Zayn is. It should be a crime.

Olive brushes past me and wraps her arms around Zayn in a tight hug. Hugs were not odd of her, she hugged Damien and I all the time, but this hug was different. She hugged with more than just her arms. That or I am reading too much into it. “I think you should be the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I bought an Alice costume yesterday”, she tells him and she hugs Damien. I adore Olive Green, but at this particular moment I am not too fond of her. Zayn shoots me a apologetic look, and I want to step forward and hold him the way we had held one another just last night. Because if he only knew exactly what I felt….I wanted to say that I lacked faith in a lot of things but he was one of the few things I believed in. We had sex for crying out loud!

I don’t, instead I grab my book bag and slide my arms through the straps. I start to walk into the building. Olive can say they are going as friends all she wants but there is something extra in the way she looks at him. I cant bare to watch it. Damien walks with me and he talks on about the night he spent with his parents. He tells me every detail, which is nice because it serves as a nice distraction from the whole Olive/ Zayn situation. As we approach my locker, we both notice at the same time the envelope taped to it with two roses. One red, and one yellow. Damien looks at me. “Five bucks says its from Paco Fuentes”, he challenges, I shake on it and take it off my locker. I give Damien the flowers and open the envelope. There is a note inside written on mathematical grid paper. Wow…



The lady at the flower shop told me yellow represents friendship and red means love. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t love you like that. I like you a lot, I think you are amazing and truth be told you are also too good for me. But what girl doesn’t like getting roses, even if its just two. You’re fly as hell, Rainbow hair or not. And I appreciate your friendship, you are so nice to me. You see the real me, not the crap other people see. So thanks

Yours Truly,


P.S.- my friend Marcella is going with me to the dance…I know I bothered you about it. Sorry =(

P.S.S- save me a dance

I hand Damien five dollars. He smiles and gives the flowers after I open the locker. I put them on the top shelf of my locker and reach for a textbook and put my car keys nears the flowers. Closing my locker, Damien walks me to first period. The day drags, it was like pulling teeth. In biology, we had to go to the library again, and once again because we are so lucky, we miss out on a table. Zayn and I sit in the same spot as before. We are forced to work in silence because Mrs. Harris is watching us like a hawk, but damn I wanted to spill my feelings. Get them off my chest so I would feel better. It is halfway through the class when Mrs. Harris is called to the faculty room. I turn to him instantly, only to find he has done the same. “You first” I insist, my words would come out discombobulated if anything at all. He takes my hand and brings it to his lips, it tells me everything I need to know. “I wont just forget last night, that’s impossible. I like you Siobhan. A lot”, before I can say anything, he continues. “And truth be told, you’re so up and down, hot and cold that I don’t know what to expect from you. I want you to be certain because I don’t do the whole up and down thing. Last night meant something to me”, he releases my hand. His eyes look into mine, we are frozen in time. In a fit of fearlessness, I kiss him lightly on the lips. It is quick and soft, the last thing I want is to be a spectacle for others. When I lean back against the wall, he opens his eyes and smiles.

“It meant something to me too” I confess opening my textbook. He is content with that answer because he leans against the wall and opens his textbook. We work on our project the remainder of the class period.


“I don’t know if we should tell Olive” Siobhan tells me as we walk to our cars after school. I had wanted to tell Damien, maybe then Damien would agree to take Olive, but Siobhan was on the fence. “We can tell Damien together but Olive…I am not sure” she fishes in her book bag for her car keys.

“Well, lets tell Damien, maybe he will take Olive to the da-”

She cuts me off. “If I hear about that damn dance one more time” she smacks her forehead. “Plus, Olive’s costume is very….lets just say you may have a good time”

I stop her and give her a look. “You think Olive and I have something” it wasn’t a question, it was a declaration. “And we don’t, Olive is…Olive and you’re you” she walks to her car and makes a gesture for me to be quiet. Damien and Olive approach us. Olive has that stupid grin on her face again. “Hey guys” she leans against her Volkswagen and pops her gum. “What’re y’all talking about”

“Nothing” I mutter and roll my eyes. Damien is busy on his phone, he has been on it a lot lately. Olive scoffs, a sound that makes Siobhan giggle. “Anyway, Siobhan should I meet you at your place?” I ask twirling the keys around my finger. She nods.

“Oooo me too” Olive chimes. Siobhan looks at me, then at Olive.

“Olive we are working on our project” I tell her. Damien, smart boy he is, walks away from the situation and waits by my car.

“It’s okay, I still want to come” Olive nods. “I can do my homework too”

“No Olive…my mom isn’t feeling well today. The less people, the better”

Mrs. Kline sits on the sofa when we arrive. She is wearing a one piece pantsuit with a gold belt. Her blonde hair is sleeked into a bun and her makeup is done. She looks like her normal self. “Kids, finally you’re here” she jolts up. “Orson just told me he is getting married….can you believe the nerve”

“Mom, he can get married all he wants…” Siobhan responds.

Mrs. Kline gives me a smile. “This Saturday, he was just like oops surprise I am getting married this weekend. We need to get something to wear” she looks at me. “And you can bring Zayn as your date”

Siobhan looks at me with uncertainty, to let her know I would go to the wedding with her, I slide my hand in hers. Her lips break into a smile. “It’ll be fun” I tell Siobhan. Mrs. Kline looks at our joined hands and winks at me.

“Fine, but if dad thought it was okay to just spring it on us” she shook her head. “I havent even met her”

“Join the club” her mother responds. “Anyways, we have to get our dresses. Tomorrow I have to go to the doctor so I cant do it then. And Saturday is just two days away.” she looks at me. “We are going dress shopping…care to join”

Before Siobhan can object, I nod.

The dress store is in the finer part of town, and it is two floors high. It is stark white inside with spotlights and mannequins that wear high end clothes. Siobhan holds my hand as we go around, her eyes searching racks with dresses in the gold scheme. A few feet away, her mother is eyeing a mannequin. It wears a strapless two toned dress with sequins that stopped a little above the knee. She looked at it much like one would look at a desert. The moment she waved us over, a woman who worked in the store came forth also. “Isn’t this just spectacular” she smiles wide, Siobhan looked at me as if she disagreed but didn’t have the courage to tell her mother how she felt. “don’t you just love it?”

“Mom its-”

“Beautiful” Mrs. Kline turned to the employee who had the same look Siobhan did. However, this woman was more vocal. “Hi, yes, I want to try this dress on.”

The woman raised her brows. “This is a new Versace gown miss”

“Price isn’t an issue” Mrs. Kline kept her smile, though I knew the employee had been pushing it. “Mrs. The second floor is for the thirty and up age group” Siobhan looks down instantly as the woman says this. “Don’t you think this dress is a little too young?”

“Young” Mrs. Kline repeated, her nostrils flaring. I think I hear Siobhan say something like ‘oh no’. Mrs. Kline reads the woman’s nametag. “Brenda, I am forty fucking five years old and I look fucking amazing. I wear a size eight”, she folds her arms over her chest. I am both amused and impressed by Mrs. Kline’s outburst. The woman goes to retrieve the dress without another word. “The nerve of that woman, I swear she’ll be lucky if-”

“Mom, just stop” Siobhan looks at her mother then at me. “Now, you have officially met my mother”

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