Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


16. X Factor


“The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know if they will miss you or forget you”- Nicholas Sparks

One week, that was it. One week back home and I was to be on a plane to New Jersey. Funny how things turn out, because after my uncle’s burial, one week became more. I missed my home in the U.K, I missed waking up to my mom’s cooking, I missed hearing my siblings fight about nonsensical things and most of all, I missed it in general. There is truly no place like home, and I fell in love with my home allover again. As days passed, so did memories, and they came through me like wild gusts of wind. My home is in the UK, with my parents and my siblings. My home is here. And this is where I feel guilt, it stabs at me with an invisible knife. This is my home, but I want to stay here, I want to be here….not there.

And there is where Siobhan is….how could I be so terrible to want this….

Don’t get it wrong, Siobhan and I talk all the time, everyday and sometimes twice a day.

I even speak with her mother, Damien and Olive called me twice. The Halloween dance had come and went by the time I reached my decision. Needless to say, Olive hated me for a good few days, and Siobhan went with Damien and had a blast. But my decision, I knew it was best to tell Siobhan sooner as opposed to later. If there was ever one thing I needed to do for me, this was it. Chasing my dreams, and doing so with my family beside me.

“Hey” she answers on the second ring, and I can hear the smile in her tone. It pains me to know that it wont be there moments from now. “How is your day going? How’s your family”

“Everything is all good” I clear my throat. This is it, isn’t it? “Siobhan I’m waiting in line here in Manchester...I’m auditioning for the X Factor.” I wait for a response, and she gives me the usual happy bullshit. Does she realize if I make it past my audition that our time apart will only be longer? “Siobhan stop, I wont be in New Jersey if I make it through”

An awkward, long, silence. In the silence, I hear a small muffled sound. Oh no, I hope she isn’t crying. Someone like Siobhan never cries unless its….clawing at her. “O…k…well, I know how much you want this, a career I mean. So I mean it when I say good luck”

“Do you still love me?” I ask feeling my heart sink some.

“Tell me yes” I ask her quietly. I can feel her disappointment, even though there is an ocean between us.

“Good luck in your audition, I’m sure you’ll do great” and the line goes dead.

I had made it through to the next round….three yeses

And I know what this means




“Honey” my mother knocks on my bedroom door before she opens it. I am sitting on my bed working on a English essay. 2000 words…brutal. She sits beside me and gives me a look that tells me she needs my utmost attention, so I set aside my laptop. “You need to stop being so resentful, towards Zayn I mean”

“Mom, I’m okay” I know she wont ever believe me, she has seen me walk around sad, at times cry. Distance is a bitch. “Seriously, this talk is unnecessary”

“I booked two tickets for us to go see him perform. We leave on Friday and the show is Saturday. Then we leave Sunday”, she smiles as if she has just told me the best news ever. The smile reaches her oceanic eyes that have a bit of sparkle. My face remains the same. “Oh come on” she sucks her teeth. “Siobhan he’s out there living the dream, and he is getting the attention he deserves…where on earth did your support for him go?”

“I guess it left on the plane with him” I sit Indian style and look at my mother who has a sour look on her face. Her eyes are now slits. “And he chose to stay and have his life there, he knew what auditioning would entail. He knew he’d have to stay there”

“Siobhan,” she doesn’t know what to tell me, so she opts for the next best thing. “Just be ready to go by Friday ok? Don’t you think it’d be a nice surprise for him, his world is changing. He’s probably just as confused and lost as we are”

Sure enough, my mother had been in contact with his mother, this way we could sit with his family. Talk about awkward, I had never met his family, but Saturday came quicker than I had hoped. My mother and his mother gelled as if they had been friends for a lifetime, and she gave me the biggest hug. I sit next to his sisters who are pleasant and kind…his father intimidates me some, even though he had nice things to say. And as always, my mother won them over with her quick charm and easy wit.

The show starts, and performance after performance we watch and listen with keen ears.

The competition is stiff, and I had to admit, the talent of some of the performers blew my mind. I instantly remember Damien, and how something like this would be a great platform for him. If he ever had the nerve to do something so public that is. The last performance was from One Direction, and the music starts in a familiar tune. It is catchy and makes his sisters dance in their seats. When the lights reveal the five boys, almost everyone in the place was bought to their feet. I stand and cheer with everyone else. And then I hear him, his voice is like crystal when the sun hits. I am taken aback some by how strong his vocals have become, and like a natural instinct he works the crowd and moves to their liking. Then the five boys join together in the center of the stage singing in harmony. It is reminiscent of the boy bands I grew up on. When the song ends, the crowd roars in applause and the four judges who sit at the panel give their opinions. Not one bad thing was said. The song “Only Girl( In the world)” , had been so popular on music charts, but their version gave it a new spin…a new sound.

I felt something wash over me, I felt overjoyed for him, unsurpassed amounts of pride for him. I looked at him as if he were a marvelous portrait held in the most prosperous of galleries or museums. I watched him the way one would watch something that means the world to him. I am on the moon, looking to him and he is earth. He is beautiful. He is achieving his goals. He is in the same building, yet so far.

“Are you nervous?” his mother asks me as we make our way backstage. I nod, because suddenly I feel aware of all my flaws, aware of the new pimple that has taken home on my cheek and aware of the ten lbs I have gained over thanksgiving. I am also aware that I am still the same girl from Jersey, the one with the spunk and the crazy mother and oddball friends; all the while he has become untouchable…almost. “Don’t be, he will be so surprised to see you” her accent is appealing. “He tells me so much about you and the life he had in New Jersey. The friends…and even the crazy Biology teacher”

The thought of Mrs. Harris makes me grin, she definitely was crazy, and showed no signs of normalcy any time soon. “We miss him” I say with a polite nod. “Especially the crazy biology teacher”

“And what about you Siobhan?” she asks stopping in front of a door that has a sign that says “One Direction’ on it.
“I think of him all the time” I respond, my heart quickening some. She gives me a small hug and kisses my cheek. I already feel so welcome with her, it astounds me some.

“We are all going to dinner, your mother, the family…when you guys are ready, we will be waiting in the car” she descends down the hall, and I look at the door. Slowly, I raise the courage to knock, bringing my hand to the door, but it opens quickly and a boy with kind eyes looks at me. He smiles and then tilts his head. “And you are?” his accent is pronounced. I recognize him from the stage almost instantly.

“Is Zayn here?” I reply answering his question with a question of my own. He opens the door wider and steps to the side letting me in. I feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter around and his eyes nail on me almost instantly. I stand in the center of the dressing room, zoning the other boys out and it is just him and I.

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