Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


11. Times Like These


Her hands rested on my shoulders, not backing away and her lips were zeal on keeping up with mine.

This would complicate things surely, but I didn’t care. What I had felt in the moment surpassed words, I had nothing to compare this to. This was instinct, and I felt like I had to do it; partly because I knew she never would. Not only did I want to impress her with my voice, but the boyish side of me wanted to show her what a kiss really was. I ran my tongue along her bottom lip, daring to push things further. She accepts and our tongues meet. Was it possible to get this turned on by a kiss?

My body was telling me yes…..

When we part, she bites her bottom lip and her eyebrows pull together. Was she disappointed?

Upset? Confused? She looks down, eyes to the floor but not completely taken with it. Her silence is nostalgic….did I just fuck up? I could play the role of egotistical sarcastic mofo, or I can walk on hot stones and turn up the heat. I opt for plan B, certain parts of my body twitched for the heat….hoping to relive the addicting feeling I had just experienced moments earlier. “Can you look at me?” I asked her, lifting her chin so our eyes meet. If I encountered a lamp and was granted three wishes, I know exactly what I’d want. 1.) To be able to know her thoughts 2.) That she would never deny me of her 3.) This would change things for the better.

She quickly pulls me from my thoughts. “We are both equally guilt-” I cut her off with another kiss. Bold move, even I couldn’t believe my audacity. She was going to tell me ‘we are both equally guilty’, but seriously, I didn’t want to hear it. That would bruise the hell out of the little ego I had. Guilty was such an ugly word to use, especially when what had been happening felt anything but guilt worthy. I had kissed three other girls in my life but Siobhan’s lips were different; they tasted like peppermint. Sweet and addictive. Her lips part from mine and she penetrates me with her dark eyes.

I am certain of one thing, she is either going to slap me or she will throw herself at me.

Her hand finds mine, her fingers weaving with my own, and she gives my hand a light squeeze. With no words, she leads me out of the attic. I am both pleased and taken aback when she opens the door to her bedroom and closes the door after we are inside. It is bigger than mine, and her bed(a canopy esque bed) is in the center against the far wall. The walls are covered in a wallpaper made to resemble newspaper print and most of her decorations are of dark color scheme. She turns to look at me, timid and shy. “I like your room”, I tell her looking at the posters. There is a Bon Jovi one that is framed and signed, a Green Day one and a few other band posters. Above the headboard of her bed are a series of framed black and white photos of 1950’s stars like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. The room is surprisingly feminine, on the bedside table to the left of her bed is a mosaic vase with an arrangement of flowers in deep purple, red and white. Against one wall is her vanity dresser, the mirror attached to it is large and ornate. Most of the furniture in her room looked vintage. It is a lot more feminine that what I would’ve imagined.

“Thanks”, the corners of her mouth turn upward into a small smirk. “Are we going to talk about what happened up there?”

“Hardly…” I step towards her, reaching for her hands. I thrived off of the sensuality of her touch. This girl is special, she can put me on cloud 9, then drag me all the way down with her words.

“What happened up there…” she starts, her eyes looking around, anywhere but me. I can tell she is vulnerable, she is withdrawn and I want nothing more than to have her closer than body to body or lip to lip. She blinks rapidly, thing about Siobhan is, she is used to having control over a situation. Yet this is one situation that is beyond her grasp, it is in my hands, I can tell by the way her breath hitches when I cup her face. She closes her eyes, resting her face in the cusp of my hand. “I don’t know if…” she nearly whispers, but she cannot get out one thought, something is overshadowing them. I can feel it, it is desire. Desire to be held. Desire to be kissed. Desire to be taken.

“You’re over thinking” I confirm placing my other hand on the other side of her face, and her eyes open. My world is set off balance with the simple gesture of her eyes opening because I feel her around me for the first time and most of all I see her for who she is. She is like a lost puppy. She is an animal, to protect herself, she attacks to defend. It is all she knows. Yet, underneath the animal, is someone fragile, someone who is on the brink of ruin because she is so used to fighting against things. Just like she had fought me off…I wont be fought off any longer. My hands fall to my sides as I piece her together slowly, and she links her arms around my neck and pulls our bodies together, her lips befriend mine. It is as if our mouths are exploring. Her mouth is a ship merging onto unseen, foreign lands….I am those lands. The smell of her perfume grabs hold of me, surrounding me like incandescent smoke rings, as if I need to be tempted anymore than I already am. She backs some, our beings never parting from one another, and the back of her knees hit her bed.

We lay down, on our sides, and my lips are hungry for more. They travel from her mouth, to her jaw line and up to her ear. “Stop me if you wish”, I whisper and my hands slowly lift off her purple hoodie. It falls to the floor, she wears a black camisole underneath.

“Continue”, she breathes, closing her eyes as my lip roam the length of her slender neck and the dip of her collar. I feel her hands, hesitant at first, slide up my sides. The fabric of my shirt raising with the movements of her hands. My shirt meets her hoodie on the floor, and I see a spark in her eyes. They are kaleidoscopic pools of vibrancy and I take it as my initiative to take it up one notch…or two. I lower the strap to her camisole, my lips working her supple skin, my tongue runs along her collar bone. I hear a light moan leave her lips and she is brave. She takes off her camisole, laying on her back and her lips , she sucks leaving a small red mark at the base of my neck. She kisses my chest, tiny little kisses spreading them across and then she kisses the spot in between my pecks. It is my heart, and it is as if she sent a jolt through it. She just kissed my heart, and it dances under her lips. Being this way with Siobhan was exquisite. Imagine if all the stars in the sky were replaced with diamonds, that kind of beauty. That exquisite. My fingers inch around her back, and she nods as if answering the question I was thinking but hadn’t vocalized. With one hand, I unclasp her powder blue bra, her generous bosom spills out as I peel the garment off of her. Her fingers give me goose bumps, to say the least. That amongst other things.

Her fingers undo my jeans, and I know she can feel my hardness press into her hips. When I kick off my jeans, her hand finds its way into my boxers. Her touch is skilled, its light and its erotic. In moments, her jeans are with mine on her gunmetal grey carpet. Our lips lock once more, and I slide down her silk panties. She parts her lips from mine and points to the nightstand. “There’s condoms in the top drawer”


He works magic with his hands, and he is attentive to my body. He is perfection, or, damn near it. I want so bad to tell him that ever since I first laid eyes on him, I desired him in every way. But I don’t, I am putty in his hands. He has the foil condom packet beside us, it is gold. Trojan. My mother leaves me condoms in my drawer in hopes that I’d score every now and then. In this moment, I am sure she is curious as to what Zayn and I are doing, my dad on the other hand….

His kiss whisks me to a different universe, I am seeing stars.


I slide his boxers off his narrow hips and his erection springs out. It is hard to contain my shock…but it is both shock and fear and everything else imaginable. This would change things…surely, right? We are sitting up, his eyes are urging me to test the waters and push it further. Those impeccable hazel eyes framed by long black lashes. My hand wraps around his erection gently, he is satisfied with my action because he bites his bottom lip. A look rushes over his face, a look I never thought I would make him have, it is heavenly. He lays me on my back, his hands opening my legs, and I hear the tear of the foil packet. He puts the condom on, and I am afraid. Last time( and only time) I have ever had sex was freshman year. That was in a twin sized bed, and it was Jenko Schmidt…no, I am not proud. Jenko Schmidt wasn’t always a douche. Oh damn, why am I thinking of Jenko…now of all times!

He props himself over me, his hands on either side near my head and his lips are delicate with mine. He treats me like some prized possession, or a box that says FRAGILE in eye catching red letters. His left arm moves under me and around my wais. He pulls me close, all the while his lips still dominate mine, and he sinks inside me. Deliciously, filling me in ways I have never known.


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