Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


18. Standing ground


Two weeks after the breakup, my cell phone rings. It is almost midnight, and it is snowing. I can hear the wind from outside my window, howling at me. “Hello?” I answer my cell and sit up in my bed. There is a pause, and it irritates me. I rub the sleep from my eyes. “Hello?” the agitation can be heard in my tone.

“Hey”, the voice on the other end of the line is deep, and it is unfamiliar to me. “Siobhan?”

“Yes…who is this? And most of all, why are you calling me at midnight?” I am awake now, and leaning against my headboard.

“Its Harry Styles” said the voice on the other end of the line. Harry Styles, why did the name sound so familiar. I grunt. “From One Direction”

Oh….Harry Styles…. “Why are you calling me, are you aware its midnight here?”

“Look, I have to hurry but we are about to fly into the states. Uncle Tom invited us to stay the weekend. Zayn has been dying to see you” and I hear a voice in the background that questions Harry. “Just remember what I said” and he hangs up. I got little sleep that night.

The next morning, my mother makes hot chocolate. She shoots me looks from where she sits, and its as potent as a laser beam. I drink the hot liquid, and try to read her latest manuscript, but something as simple as reading is difficult when you’re under inspection. Her blue eyes are glacier as they peer over the paper. “Stop staring” I tell her after five minutes. She scoffs and sets aside the paper. I prepare myself for whatever she is going to say, because surely it is something I don’t want to hear. She usually threw curveballs in the morning. “Mom”

“Ok..sorry” she shrugs some and scratches her head. “We are having guests for dinner”

“Are we?” I ask taking another sip from my mug and bringing my eyes to the manuscript in front of me. “Who?”

“Well, its actually a lot. Damien and his parents, Olive and her mother, your father and his wife, Jasper and his girlfriend-”

I cut her off. “Are we having dinner or a party”

“A little of both” she says as if she is weighing the options. My mother takes a sip from her mug and sighs. “Before you kill me, you should know it is in your best interest. You see, Sisi, I refuse to watch you give up on something great. Especially when you have no reason to”

“What are you talking about mom?” I look up again, and her eyes are soft and round. “Mom?”

“it’s a welcome home type of party”

“For who?” I ask finishing my hot chocolate. I lean forward, taking a piece of toast and biting into it.

“Zayn…” her eyebrows pull together. Of course. “Please don’t be mad with me, his mother and I have stayed in contact and she says that ever since you two parted ways he’s been broody and not like himself. Siobhan, they didn’t win the show, but they made it hella far. The least you could do is be here for him, smile”

“There is no bad blood between him and I.”

“But things aren’t as they were” she tells me and yawns, stretching. “I saw the way he looked at you, like you were something irreplaceable and relevant to his world.”

“Mom, I appreciate it, but I am not so sure if this is a good idea”


“You know…he’s famous now”

“Oh shut the front door” she rolls her eyes. “no shit Sisi, and guess what. Ever since they got signed with the record company, he’s only going to get bigger from here on.”

“As if that’s supposed to make me feel any better.” I retort standing and bringing both our mugs to the kitchen. She follows and folds her arms over her chest. “What?”

“He is your one in a million Siobhan. He puts up with you, the good and the bad” she checks her watch. “It starts at seven sharp. And I am standing my ground”

I don’t say a word, instead I turn to clean the dishes.

The hours pass like seconds, and before I know it, it is six thirty and some people start to arrive. I quickly dress in a emerald green pantsuit and match it with a gold belt and gold heels. I style my hair in a bun, and wear very little makeup. When I come down the stairs, I see Jasper and his girlfriend and his brother. My father is there too, he gives me a bear hug, and I smile at his wife kindly. I often wonder why he didn’t just admit it to himself and my mother that he too felt something strong. Surely he does, why else would he hang around, and he has a way to him. He sticks to my mother like Velcro. For this party, my mother has hired caterers, caterers that serve food from all ethnicities and she has hired a DJ…she went all out and it was for Zayn and his boys. One Direction.

At seven fifteen, they show up. Zayn sees me instantly, as I stand in a corner talking to Damien and Olive. He excuses himself from the boys and makes his way to us, and as usual Olive clings onto him. After all this time, she never changes. She pulls him into a hug and says something that is hard to hear under all the music. Damien, who cleaned up nicely for the party looks at me as if he is expecting a reaction, but I stay the same. Should I react? I have no right…but something inside of me is bitter. When they part, Damien and Zayn hug briefly and I bring the flute of cider to my lips. I take a sip, and Damien takes Olive by the elbow. “Lets go see if our parents are ok”

“But Zayn just go here” she pouts. Damien gives her a look. “Fine. Don’t miss us too much babies” she tells us and follows Damien down the hall. Zayn looks at me, and he smiles small. Coy and delicious, I feel my heart fall to its knees. My heart and my pride. “You look great” he told me. He carries himself with more confidence, and he is poised.

“So do you” I respond, and it is true. He wears a white button up, grey blazer and dark jeans. He smells different, he smells rich and opulent. “How’s life treating you?”

“I cant complain” he is modest, and he gives me a kind smile. “A lot had happened”

“I know, record labels, fans, premieres….lucky you”


It feels as if she is saying this out of spite, and it dawns on me that though we aren’t on bad terms, things are not as I thought. And I’d be lying if I said it sat well with me. Yes, as a group, I have surpassed my expectations and to be offered a record deal by Simon Cowell himself, that was mind blowing. But nothing replaces that feeling of her fingers running through my hair or her lips tickling my own. My mother told me that she wants me happy, and she also knows Siobhan makes me happy. With my new success, I am happy but with Siobhan by my side I am at my happiest. I remember the feeling I got when our lips first touched, I wanted to feel it time and time again.

“Would it be too forward of me to kiss you?” as I say this to her, her mother comes up from behind her and scares her. Siobhan jumps and frowns. Loretta rolls her eyes and wraps me in a big hug. When she looks back at Siobhan, she notices the look of discomfort. “Oh honey, it was a joke, not a dick, don’t take it so hard” she chimes and wanders off. I know she isn’t frowning because of what her mother did. It could be what she said, partly anyway, but I knew it was mostly because of me and my question.

“I’m going to pretend like my mother didn’t say that” she shakes her head and her posture stiffens. For a moment, she looks like she has been carved from stone, then she blinks. “And you too”

“What I said…” I take two steps towards her. All around us, people mingle, they do their own thing and in the distance I see Olive talking to Niall. There are hearts where her irises once were. She is amusing to watch, but nothing like Siobhan. Siobhan, even from continents away, has a hold on me and it is inexplicable. “I am standing my ground” she looks me in the eyes, and I see a flicker of what I assume is hope. “The last time you told me you loved me, was at the airport, remember?”

“Yes” she says tilting her head some. “Do you want me to say it now? Is that what this is about?” this sarcasm was something that felt like a kick to my jewels or a punch in the gut. My eyebrows knit together and my jaw tenses.

“I don’t know why you act sarcastic” my tone is low and rigid. “I was being genuine”

She steps forward, setting the flute of cider on the small cherry wood table beside us. “You think I was being sarcastic, I wasn’t. I will tell you now, and as long as I can breathe or speak. I will shout it on a mountain…I don’t care Zayn. I love you” her small hands cradle my face and her lips surge into a smile.

“You love me, even when an ocean will separate us?”

“I love you even more so when an ocean separates us” and she grants me the gift of her lips on my own.

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