Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


26. Sound Of Madness


Two months after the breakup, I had convinced myself to focus more on school, and the NYU scholarship, so Zayn Malik would not enter my mind at any costs. The last time I saw him, was, heartbreaking and the last thing I need is to revisit those memories. Not going to lie though, its kind of hard when One Direction is allover the radio, and you cant walk into a store without seeing their faces on a magazine. Just last week I was in Toy R Us with Paco and Damien and there was a massive One Direction display, with dolls. Yeah that’s right…dolls as in Barbie dolls. The resemblance it bared to the guys was eerie, unfortunately, Paco ended up buying two dolls for his sister Josephine’s birthday and the concert DVD. Her favorites were Harry and Zayn, ironic huh. Seeing Paco buy it was kind of funny, as he paid, he told the cashier how his sister love One Direction and it really wasn’t for him. The cashier, a red headed girl with her eyebrow pierced just looked at him with amusement. She didn’t care.

Something happened in the past two months between Damien, Olive and Paco. I think it stemmed from the fact that Paco took care of them the time they got high, but there was an understanding between the three of them, at times it was so relevant that I felt outcasted. Paco must’ve done something miraculous, because Olive nor Damien messed with cocaine again. However, he may have given Olive an intense talk, but I know for a fact Damien had retaliated in his high stupor. He threw a punch at Paco, and in true Paco Fuentes form, got one in return. They don’t talk about that day at all, but it bought the three of them together.

Josephine Fuentes’ was having her thirteenth birthday party in the back yard of the Fuentes house. My parents weren’t too keen on me going to that side of town, they loved Paco, but not his area. After much convincing, they finally let me go and I had picked Damien and Olive up along the way. “What’d you get her, I got her a Hello Kitty stationary kit and a gift card to Best Buy” Olive tells us peering inside her metallic blue gift bag. “Does she like Hello Kitty?”

“I think so, there’s a Hello Kitty poster in her room” Damien responds.

“You’re so weird, I don’t even want to know how you know that” Olive fires back laughing and looking over her shoulder at him. He leans forth. “What’d you get her Damien”

“A card with thirty five dollars in it” he smiles proudly. In this moment, it feels like the old days, before the drugs, before the boys, and before Zayn. We are just three teenagers, enjoying our time. “What about you Siobhan” he looks at me as I drive.

Josephine’s gift was in my trunk. “Did you know she likes art, so I got her an easel, some paints, a few canvases and a brush kit” I am confidant Josephine will love my gift. The day she spent in my attic with Paco, Giancarlo and I, it was like a kid in a candy store. She loved all of my supplies and my work, which needless to say, flattered the hell out of me.

We arrive at the Fuentes household five minutes after seven pm. The street is filled with cars, some are beat up while others are brand new models. Walking to the backyard, there is a small stage set up with a DJ who has reddish brown skin and jet black hair that is peeking from under his fitted cap. He is young, I think he goes to school with us but im not sure. Josephine looks pretty in a turquoise blouse, jeans and knee high boots. Atop her head is a crown and across her chest is a shash. She hugs us all and thanks us for coming. We next see Paco’s mother Irene with his brother Carlos, they hug us and kiss our cheeks. There are so many people in the crammed space, but it was obvious that Josephine felt like it was so special. “I so glad you make it” Miss Fuentes tells me doing her best with English. Her accent is strong, and beautiful. She wears a red dress that contrasts nicely with her brown skin. Carlos, he usually always had something to say, whether it be about Damien’s style, Olive’s annoying personality, or my clothes…however he was on his best behavior.

“Mami, I told you they were coming” a boy comes up to us, and it takes me a moment before I recognize him. It is Paco, he had cut his hair, its cropped. He slaps Damien’s hand in some weird handshake they made up, hugs Olive and then hugs me. He smells great, and looks it too. Who knew that he would look like this underneath all that hair, especially was a huge part of him.

“You’re hair” Olive runs her hand over his head. “I like it” she smiles and goes in another direction. Another thing Paco did for Olive, he helped her bloom. She was no longer self conscious or shy, in fact, she was able to approach people and dance. Just as she was doing now. Damien was the same, just not as out there with it, and for some reason Mexican girls flocked to him, especially Paco’s cousin Vita. Vita stood 5 feet even, and she had hair that reached her but, she has a generous bosom and big round lips. Her skin is the color of coffee and milk. She smells like flowers. She’s a sophomore and sits with us at lunch, I wonder if Damien is aware that she has love written allover her face.


“You have fun?” Paco asks after the party. We are sitting on a swing in the park just down the street from his house. My eyes are on Damien and Vita, they are sitting on the slides deep in conversation. I nod and look at him. “Bummer Olive had to leave early”

“Oh” I chuckle. “She didn’t leave early Paco, she left with Giancarlo” as I say this, Paco’s full lips burst into a smile. “Didn’t you notice the two were inseparable at the party”

He nods and tilts his head some. “Looks like Vita and Damien are inseparable also” there is a peacefulness in his eyes, something that happens every now and then. It suits him well. “Can I ask you something?”

“Shoot” I look at him. “You know you can ask me anything”

He nods some and leans forth. “Are you okay, I mean really ok. I know the breakup hurt you pretty bad and all.” his eyes are on mine, and he is so sincere it baffles me. How can someone be so compassionate and selfless. “Especially since Josephine kept requesting one direction”

“It’s ok Paco” I sigh, maybe I am ok after all. Finally. Wasn’t it true that broken hearts heal. “Just a broken heart” I shrug some.

Dios Mio! My God snow angel you’re stubborn” he laughs and pulls back shaking his head. “Broken hearts cant call the cops, it’s the perfect crime” he looks back at Vita and Damien. “She really likes him you know”

“Believe me, I know”

That’s when it happens, from behind us a man comes up. “Ay cabron!” I turn, the voice is like nails on a chalkboard and it makes Paco stand quickly. His posture is stiff. The man wears a black hooded sweater, and his jeans hang low. He has tattoos allover his neck, some on his face and on his bald head. His eyes are black, and his facial hair is thick. His mouth is a flat line, and he has a V wrinkle in between his eyebrows.

“Honcho” Paco looks pale, this makes me uneasy because Paco is rarely ever intimidated the way he is now. The man he called Honcho steps forth and puts out a cigarette.

“I aint here for you Paco, I’m here to see Damien” he looks at Paco, then at me. “You been hangin’ out in wonder bread land?” he winks at me, I am repulsed. Paco’s response is in Spanish, and they are talking to each other bitterly.

“Honcho” Damien walks up, and the look on his face is immeasurable in fear. “Honcho I tried calling you…”

Paco looks from Honcho to Damien and then to me. He gestures for me to go to Vita, and I do because I am certain this is not where I want to be. I walk towards Vita and she is hiding behind the slide, when I crouch beside her, I have a perfect view of what goes on, I just don’t hear it because they are talking and it sounds muffled.

“This isn’t good” Vita whispers to me. “Honcho never is alone, we must be surrounded”

“But I don’t see anyone” I look around, it is dark, except for streetlights.

“That doesn’t mean their not here”

“This cabron owes me money!” Honcho bellows now, and he pulls out a gun from the waist of his pants. He waves it to Paco. “Explain to this piece of shit how I do things Paco”

“This isn’t my fault!” Paco fires back.

“Your friend isn’t he?” Honcho responds. Paco responds again in Spanish, and the two go at it, arguing. This is a new side of Paco, One I am not used to and one that matched all the rumors that floated school. He stands up to Honcho, even though Honcho has a loaded gun. Damien is arguing too, but Honcho punches him in his jaw, and he falls to the ground.

“Shit” Vita says under her breath. She pulls out a gun from the waistband of her jeans and cocks it. “Do me a favor, don’t move from here, entiendes” she scurries away before I can say anything. I watch as she moves limberly like a fox from behind one tree to the other. The fear I have now isn’t just for Damien or even Vita, its Paco who has me on edge.

“You’re friend owes me drug money” Honcho tells Paco as he kneels over and grabs Damien by the collar. “Aint that right” he puts the gun to Damien’s jaw, and brings it up.

“How much, Honcho don’t…I’ll pay it off for him” I have never heard Paco plea, he must know the danger, danger I had never known. “Honcho no” he pushes Honcho off Damien and urges Damien to run. He does and I see Vita wave him over, but Honcho is quick and he fires his gun aimlessly. Once. Twice. And then a third time. I squeeze my eyes shut

Pop. Pop. Pop

Someone is hit, a body hit’s the floor in a thud, then another thud. When I open my eyes, the park is silent. The silence makes my skin crawl, it makes my heart pound faster, and it is the sound of madness.

************THE END**************

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