Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


23. Just how much has changed


The day after Siobhan’s party, I decide to stop by Damien’s place and see if he wanted to go to lunch. I had time to kill before I’d go see Siobhan, and the other boys of One Direction had gone two towns over to Freehold for shopping. Damien’s new Dodge is parked out front, it is black( no shocker there) and in the house the lights are on. After three knocks, and no answer, I am convinced he is playing his guitar or even blasting music. I hear the sounds of music from where I stand on the porch. So, as I had done so many times before, I climb through the front window.

Music is blaring through the halls of the house, almost immediately I recognize the aggressive sounds of Marilyn Manson. His unique( for lack of a better term) voice, magnetizes me to the outside of Damien’s room. I hear laughing, it is brief but I recognize it pretty quickly. It is Olive. The music stops abruptly, and I hear Damien object, but he doesn’t sound like himself. “Damien stop, its not funny anymore”, there is a silence, and I knock. There is some feet shuffling, and the Olive opens the door. The look she wears, is one not suitable for her face. Her eyes are big, like seashells, and her skin is paper white. She is trembling so much that her bottom lip cant keep still and her eyes are red. Big and red. With no words, or hesitation, I brush past her.

Damien is sitting on the floor, the first thing I notice is that he is shaking also. He nurses a long necked bottle of Jack Daniels in his hands, the smile he gives me makes all my hair stand on end. “He’s drunk” Olive tells me. “Drunk and stupid” she adds snatching the whiskey bottle from him and setting it on the dresser. Olive is slurring her words a bit, but she tries to hide it, and fake composure.

“Then why is he shaking” I note folding my arms over my chest.

“Its cold” Olive shimmies her shoulders as she responds, and smiles stupidly. Cold….in July, this girl has got to be pulling my leg.

“Olive its July” I point out, raising a brow.

Damien chuckles some and it starts off slow but becomes a maniacal kind of laughter. In that moment, he is a loose cannon and my eyes look to the bottle. Beside it is a small round ashtray with a skull and cross bones pattern. Inside of it are two smoked buds of marijuana. Great. “We smoked” he tells me.
“That’s not the only thing is it” I ask, but as I do, he opens his palm. There is a small cellophane bag in it and it is empty. I recognize the bag from movies where people are dealt drugs.
“We bought coke” he laughs again. Coke….the drug that is sold in those little blue cellophane bags, and his cellophane bag is empty. Both Olive and Damien wear the same shit eating grin.

“Cocaine?!” I am beyond myself. “How stupid can you two get” the words spew from my lips like venom.

“We can go buy more if you want…I know where to get it” Damien tells me matter of factly.

“Did Paco Fuentes sell it to you?” Paco is the first person my mind goes to, and though it isn’t right, could you blame me? The notorious Paco Fuentes, the gang member, enough said. I hope he wouldn’t sell to them, they were friends weren’t they? Enough is enough, Olive is looking at the bedroom ceilings with horror. “There’s hands coming out of the ceiling, we have to go, quick” she darts out of the room. Before Damien can look up I grab his elbow and lead the two to the Audi. If Paco did this, Paco is going to fix it.

In the pitiable part of town, all the houses look exactly like one another. They are all one floor, square, and either beige or white. Some houses are boarded up, others have bars on the windows. There are sneakers hanging from some of the phone lines, and sneakers hanging from phone lines usually mean a recent death. There are guys on the corner with tattoos that run all throughout their skin and hard faces. Some women, who push strollers, wear indigent clothes modest of the holes and tears. Paco lives across the street from a mechanic shop that has graffiti allover the side. When I pull up to his house, I notice it is missing most of its shingles and all of the windows have bars on them. “Wait here” I tell them as I get out and make my way to the terracotta colored home. On the door is a cross, it is made of wood but painted gold. He answers the door before I can knock, his eyes are desolate and he steps out. “Whats up”, he stands before me, and not going to lie I am somewhat intimidated.

“We have a problem”, and as I say this, he only gets tougher looking, but who did he think he was jeopardizing Damien or Olive’s life. Paco raises his brows.

His eyes narrow in on me. “We? what’s this we, pretty boy” he closes the door behind him.

I dismiss his comment, and ask flatly. “Did you deal Damien and Olive drugs”

His face twists and he sucks his teeth. “What you crazy….I don’t deal”, his eyebrows pull together. I start to piece together an apology when he grunts. “They in the car with you”

“Yes” and it seems as if he is at my door before I can blink twice. His stride is quick and he peers his head into the car, when he looks back at me, he looks amused a bit. “It isn’t funny” I tell him making my way to the car.

“Claro” he shakes his head. “No shit it aint funny, but what teenager hasn’t smoked a little weed” he shrugs some.


“Well you…you’re “ he is looking for the proper adjective but falls short. “You’re just…you”

“Should we take them to the ER?”

“Do you want them to get charged for drugs?” he asks back. “That would really make their day worse eh”
He is right, the last thing they need is to be locked up. “I don’t want to leave them at his place”

Paco nods. “Leave em here. My mom is at work till later tonight, and its just me and my sister. They’ll come off their high soon enough” he dips his head through the window again, I don’t hear what he is saying but it is enough to coax them into his place. Olive and Damien both go into his house and he tells me to wait. He goes inside, and ten minutes later comes back out. We are sitting in the Audi, and he sighs. “I never dealt drugs, contrary to popular belief”

“I’m sorry” I sink in the chair some.

Paco shrugs and looks at me. “I envied you while we were in school together. You, Olive, Damien and Siobhan…you all don’t realize how good you have it. But lately, I don’t envy you”

“You shouldn’t, I just got incredibly lucky” I look at him, and he nods some. And looks at his house. “What are those bars for?” I cant help but ask.

“Zayn, this is considered the ghetto side of town. Gang activity is so strong in these parts. When night falls, its like a different world.” He sucks in a breath. “Its just me, my mom, my brother Luis and my sister Josephine. The bars are protection, no one can come and break a window or intrude on us”

“Do you ever want to leave?” I find myself asking.

Paco is quiet for a bit. “Do a favor”

“To whom” I ask

“Us all” he looks at me again, and it is a look that makes me feel pea sized. “I normally wouldn’t say anything, but after last night I just think you should know. You make Siobhan suffer, and for the seven months you were away, she waited for you with some form of hope that you’d return and things between you two would go back to normal”

“Are you trying to make me feel bad?” I ask running a hand through my hair.

“No, but if you bare guilt, its obviously because you didn’t want to hurt her. She loves you vato” without another word, he gets out of the car and goes into his house.

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