Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


5. jealousy is a bitch


“You have me all wrong” he spoke softly, scratching the back of his neck and it became obvious he didn’t know how to approach me. “I am not really a jerk” his hazel eyes, framed by thick black lashes branded into me. Did this boy know how attractive he was, I felt myself sulk. Even my mother, who had come across us all in her kitchen had looked him over knowing this had to be the boy I had been smitten with. I took pride in the fact that I hid it well though. “I had nothing to do with you falling…”

“I didn’t fall, I was tripped” I corrected him, daring myself to look him in the eyes. They would be my undoing if I looked too long. “And I appreciate it, thanks” I flashed him a brief smirk. “Damien could’ve gotten worse had you and Olive not shown up”

He didn’t respond, he just nodded. Poor thing, he is shy. Maybe. “Olive and Damien invited me to eat at the table…”

“I know, you don’t have to run it past me” I shook my head. “I don’t know you, I wont judge you. And I ask that in return. Fair?” I held out my hand and he shook it with a smile. The front door opened and my mother came out dressed in high waisted shorts, sling back heels and a black and white blouse. She held her favorite Tori Burch purse to her side and she smelled of Chanel No.5. “See you two later” she waved her hand and went to her car that was parked in front of the house.
“You look nothing like her” he told me as she drove off. What was this supposed to me, that I wasn’t beautiful like her or as graceful….I pretended as if I didn’t hear it. We went back inside and the sounds of guitar came from upstairs. “What….”

“We have a music room, follow me” I told him walking up the stairs, I wasn’t ashamed of the house, my mother worked hard to live in this place but the way he looked around made me feel a certain type of way. In our music room, that was something my mother created for me, Damien was plucking on an old acoustic guitar. For someone who took music class and was classically trained on piano, Damien sure made himself look senseless. In the corner of the room was a piano, beside it was a stand filled with electric guitars. Hanging on one wall were three different acoustic guitars and my mothers violin. “And the pizza?” I ask sitting by the piano, Olive shoots me a glance from where she sits on the leather love seat and then looks at Damien. “The boy scarves down food like no one I know” as she said this, Damien flipped her off. Zayn sat on the beanbag near Olive, he seemed comfortable around her.

“There’s two slices in the microwave for you and Zayn” Damien added starting to play an acoustic version to a piano piece he favored. His eyes closed as he lost himself in the moment, not once did he mess up, and both Olive and Zayn smiled. Did she like him? Did he like her? He said something to her and they both laughed. I wondered instantly what this feeling was, oh wait, it was jealousy. Olive and Zayn, Zayn and Olive. I had to looks away, the black and white keys on the piano getting my attention. I ran my fingers along the keys in a light sweeping motion.

“Who died” Damien asked sitting beside me, had I been that deep in thought I didn’t notice he stopped playing. “You look so sad” he placed his large hands on the top of the piano and looked at me.

“It’s nothing” I faked a smile, but lately, I was bad at faking things, and he didn’t buy it. “Okay, maybe its something” I spoke so only he could hear. Zayn and Olive seemed too distracted by the guitar and her lack of musical talent.

“Spill it beauty queen” he raised a brow, his white contact making me cringe a bit. “Stop staring at my contact” he smiled.

“Zayn and Olive are quite comfortable huh” I whispered this and he sucked his teeth loudly. “Damien!” I hissed I could feel Olive look at us.

“Awww, look at those love birds.” she stood and walked over to us. “I knew he liked you Sisi” she hit my arm playfully….again. I rubbed it. “Especially lookin like that”

“Shut up Olive. Sisi was just talkin to me. Asshole” he grunted and started to play a piece he wrote freshman year. It bought Zayn to his feet and over to us.

He wore a bowlers cap, beige and a denim jacket with a red tank top underneath. He dressed for comfort and it managed to be stylish also. His hair, quaffed perfectly. I stood, taller than Olive and Damien both in my heels but just meeting Zayn’s height. Ok, maybe it was time I admit to myself shamelessly that I was crushing and the fact that Olive and him….ugh! I had to stop myself there, I hadn’t been to school in three days, and in those three days, Olive seemed to turn to mush over this boy. The boy my heart fluttered for. I made my way to the door and opened it, it didn’t surprise me when just Damien noticed. I wandered downstairs, and reheated the pizza. As I ate, Jasper came in…such an Adonis. “Where is your mother?” he asked writing out a receipt. His eyes were narrow slits, then they opened wide again with recognition. “Oh my lord Siobhan you look beautiful”

“Thanks” I gave him a kind smile and took the receipt. He told me to have her call him and he left. I ate the pizza in peace, hearing the sounds of piano and guitar together in harmony. It was pretty and peaceful.


“What is your deal?” Olive asked me first thing in the morning as I got out of my car. She gave me a head to toe look, my hair out, I wore jeans, converse and a white tank top with a Versace vest. “You look great by the way” she adds. “But what is your deal?”

“My deal?” I asked as I opened my trunk and took out my book bag. I put my arms through it and closed the trunk.

“Yeah, you left us in the music room yesterday, you didn’t even say bye to us when we left” Olive sat with me on my hood and I checked my cell phone. “Is it because I invited Zayn yesterday? Sisi you know what it’s like to be the new kid…we are just helping him adjust”

“It’s almost October” I reminded her as I slipped my phone in my pocket. In the distance I could see the black on black Audi approach, it pulled up near my car and Damien got out the passenger side. Zayn got out the driver side, wearing a flannel shirt and camel colored pants. Damn, he looked so good. Damien threw his arms around Olive and I hugging us. There are many good things about Damien, but nothing beat his hugs.

“Hi” Zayn said to us, Olive smiling wide. I made an effort to roll my eyes. “New clothes, new attitude?” he teased with a friendly smile. No, oh hell no.

“Too early for you Malik” I snap getting off my car. “Here, take my spot, Olive would love it”


Girls like Siobhan were difficult to describe. They changed their moods to fit a situation, and as I pulled up in my car, she seemed at ease. She was eye catching in her leather vest, ripped jeans and tank top while Olive sat content in black shorts and a shirt that read : “DRINK APPLE JUICE BECAUSE OJ WILL KILL YOU”. Olive Green had a weird sense of humor, I could count on both hands and feet on people who would hate that shirt. But Olive was welcoming, and she made me feel accepted, more than Jenko and his group. They were a trio of simple teenagers, mostly misunderstood, but simple nonetheless. And they were nice, Damien and Olive anyway. Siobhan was so hot and cold, it confused the hell out of me.

I mainly walked the halls with Damien, though, we were complete opposites in appearance.

He wore eyeliner, white face powder, black lipstick and that contact….it was best not to look him in the eyes because that white eye was freaky. At lunch, Jenko came up to the table and invited me to his, it was like that for a week. I would always say no, or no way and he would do the same. His girl, who was in my English class, would try to talk to me and coerce me into the circle again. She would give me her best smile, feed me bull shit lines and she would trail her hand up my arm. Girls like Juliet were easy to figure out, they had no air of mystery, they flaunted what they had and depended on that to get them whatever they wanted. When it didn’t work on me, it seemed like they turned on me. As quick as I became popular, I too became the butt of jokes. They had nothing to really make fun of me for except my accent, I don’t care though, I am proud of it.

“Have you guys noticed how weird Sisi has been lately” Olive asked one Friday afternoon after school. Damien and I joined her in her Volkswagen for a spin around town. “It’s weird she didn’t come with” Olive stopped at a light and looked at Damien who sat with her in the front. As if Damien knew anything, the boy made it obvious he knew nothing. Then she looked over her shoulder at me, her bangs disguising her five head forehead. “She said she had to go to a party with her mother” I reminded her.

“Still, Siobhan always comes with.” she puckered her lips and then narrowed her eyes. “Zayn, don’t you live a few houses from Jasper Amos?”

“Yes” I say playing with my phone. “His girlfriends birthday party is today. She’s turning thirty. She invited everyone on our block”

“So lets pay Sisi a visit”

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