Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


14. I do, dont I?


“Olive, wait” I nearly trip going down the stairs that lead to the driveway. She stomps to her car, I follow. “Olive talk to me”

“Siobhan I need to go home”, she turns to me. Her face is red, her eyes look as if they are fighting back tears. “I am so embarrassed, he pushed me away” she turned to face me now, and it hit me that she was just embarrassed. So embarrassed she didn’t want to face him or anyone else for that matter. I wanted to tell her, but, I couldn’t tell her while she was in such a state. Was I mad? No. Was I concerned? Yes. So I let her go, because she insisted on it. When I turn to go back into my house, Zayn is standing on the porch. “No need to explain” I tell him feeling itty bitty. My best friend, one of them anyway, was starting to get attached to someone and it was me who was in the way. “She’s embarrassed”

“Siobhan it needs to be said sooner than later”

“Now isn’t the moment” I tell him and we go inside. Damien has found his way to the music room with my father, I can hear then singing…maybe my mom was right, these walls were like paper.

That Saturday, we get ready for my fathers wedding, it occurred to me that my father was marrying and he wouldn’t be around much after that. He would have a new wife, and knowing my dad I wouldn’t be surprised if he had children by now. But he didn’t, and as people gathered from the brides family and my fathers, I saw faces I hadn’t seen in years. “Eat your heart out” my mother chimed when my father first laid eyes on her in her new dress. “Forty five never looked so good”

“You have always had such an ego” he tells her. “And no, forty five has never looked so good”

We sat in the first row. My mother, Zayn, and I. The ceremony starts not too long after, the sounds of the wedding march bouncing from the walls of the cathedral. When the bride comes out, and she starts to walk down the aisle to my father, my mother starts choking. I whisper in my mothers ear. “Do you see her?” my mom whispers back, I got a good look at the bride, she wears a black dress, her hair is fire red and there is not one part of her skin that is not tattooed. Her arms, chest, back and neck all inked. And I notice thunderbolts on her temple. Maybe I had been hanging around my mother too much, or I really had been just going through a phase, but this woman looked hideous. My father smiles at her as if she is some grand prize, and he held her hand much like he held my mothers when I looked after her. The priest starts to talk, reading from the bible, a verse my father had tattooed on his forearm.

Once more I look at my mother, her hand is on her chest, her fingers toying with the diamond necklace she wore. Her eyes are distant, sad and for a brief moment, I think I see a tear roll down her cheek. “Are you ok?”

“No” she responds wiping the corners of her eyes, careful not to smudge her makeup. The bride, whose name is Hannah Joy Goldstein, starts to read her vows. I can sense my mother’s dreariness because it seeps from her every pore. “You’re father is making a mistake Sisi” she whispers and crosses one leg over the other. I am confused at first, but silence fills the room when it is my fathers turn to speak, and he looks right at us. His brow crinkles, and his eyes narrow, he is definitely looking at my mother. Seeing her cry was like watching a shooting star, strangely beautiful but ever so rare. Hannah urges my father on, and it brings his eyes back to her. He slowly looks out into the crowd again, there must’ve been seventy five people at least, and he looks at my mother again.

They are still in love, it is written allover their faces.

“Orson Scott Grey, do you take Hannah Joy Goldstein as your wife?” the priest repeats, this time it seems more urgent. My mother is itching to get out of there, I can tell by the way she shifts in her chair uneasily, looks away from him and her arms are folded over her chest. My mother and father never hated each other, they spoke on civil terms, always, but now it raised a question in me. A question I had been pondering myself. Is it possible to fall in love with someone in a week?

I look at Zayn, he looks so handsome in his suit. His kind eyes meet mine and hold my gaze for a pleasant moment. And my answer was yes, I loved him in a week. I look back at my father who is now reciting his vows, and I know my mother is torn to pieces. She is a stubborn woman, sassy and her personality is colorful. But she has a heart of gold, and when she loves, she loves with all of her. That is my mothers greatest attribute, her love.

“….By the power invested in me, I know pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride”. My father, dips Hannah and their lips connect for a very 1950’s esque kiss. When they part, they walk the aisle hand in hand and people cheer. It is over, and people start to go, I tell Zayn to wait for us outside. One look at my mother and he nods. He kisses my cheek and leaves us alone. We are the only two left.

“Is it crazy to love him again?”

“Mom…” I want to tell her that it isn’t crazy and it is normal to love someone in the way she loved my father.

“I remembered this past week why I loved him before. He is a gentle soul, he is caring and responsible and accepting and his touch..” she lets the word wander. Her hand going back to her necklace. “I don’t think I have ever loved the way I love him”

“Is that why you ended it with Dario yesterday?” I ask remembering the conversation I eavesdropped into. She nods and sighs. “Why didn’t you tell dad?”

“I couldn’t be that selfish” she nearly whispers. “It was his day today” she stands and collects herself. “I don’t think I want to stay for the reception”

“Me and Zayn will take you home” I tell her putting my arm in hers and walking her out of the church. Zayn waits by my mothers BMW, once he sees her tear sodden face, he nods as if he knows exactly what’s going on. As I told her, we drove her home, and the drive was long and quiet.

When we get in the house, she kicks off her heels and goes upstairs. We follow her, and Zayn pulls back her sheets for her so she can lay in her bed. “You two are heavenly” she says laying on her side. I sit beside her and rub her back. My dad married Hannah Joy, and Hannah Joy Goldstein became Hannah Joy Grey. Yet, he hesitated before saying ‘I do’, did that mean that maybe he felt reconnected to my mother….or was it just his nerves. “I don’t want to stop you two from having fun, you two should go to the reception”

“Its okay mom, we’ll stay here. Just call if you need us” I tell her and kiss her cheek. Zayn pulls the blanket over her and takes my hand, we walk across the hall to my bedroom.

“Nothing like weddings” he tells me loosening his tie some. “He hesitated, did you notice?”

“I did” I tell him gathering my hair and putting it in a loose ponytail. I wanted to slide out of the dress, put on sweatpants and cuddle while watching old movies. There was nothing better than a James Dean movie on a day like today. I made the offer, and just as he answered his phone rang.

“It’s my mother” he smiles and picks it up. I grab a pair of sweats and a camisole and go to change. When I return, he is sitting on my bed, looking at my carpet, fidgeting with his hands. “My uncle died this morning” he doesn’t look at me. “I have to fly to England for the services” he looks up now. I drop my dress and go to him, wrapping my arms around him for comfort. If he cries, he doesn’t let me hear it…I don’t want him to be so guarded. Moments like these require no words, just actions, and we lay there for an hour or so in silence. His head is laying on my torso, his arm around my waist and my fingers run lightly through his hair. Down the hall, my mother sleeps with a picture of my father held to her chest and across town, my father dances to a Bon Jovi song with Hannah Joy Grey.


“When do you leave?” she asks me, her fingers roaming through my hair. My head rests on her chest, her smell surrounding me and holding me in. My mother told me my flight was for tomorrow afternoon, so sudden and so soon. I was sad my uncle passed, but I was sad I had to leave her for a week. “Zayn?”

“Tomorrow” I respond and look up at her. She is all I want, and I am most certain I could live in this position with her forever.

“Shouldn’t you go pack?” she asks looking at me, I can tell she wanted to say more, but she held her tongue.

“Yes, but cant we just stay like this forever?” I ask and she dips her head, her lips lightly brushing against mine. “Now I really don’t want to pack” I tell her, our eyes locking and I take her lips with mine again. This time I lift myself so I am over her.

We make love two times that night, and when I leave to go home, I am only certain of one thing.

I love this girl, and though she hasn’t said it, I can feel that she loves me too.

I get to Uncle Tom’s house, and Damien agrees to help me pack.

He is frustrated with his mother, and her constant picking on him, he also offers to drive me to the airport, but I told him Siobhan and her mother already offered. And they did, Mrs. Kline even told me she’d gladly fly to London to escape her feelings and the perpetual appearance Orson would make. For a woman dealing with heartache, she had sure did make the best of it after a few hours.

So Damien helped me pack, and when he finished his rant about his mother and her disapproving ways, he turns the tables on me and starts to ask questions about Siobhan. So I answer them, I had no shame in it. And I was at a point where I felt like I refused to hide it. “Sucks I have to go though, part of me doesn’t want to” I tell him sitting on my suitcase and zipping it shut. He nods. “Time has a funny way to it”

“It’s not like you’re leaving forever, and I can guarantee you, Siobhan will be the same passive aggressive lunatic she is now” he smiles. “Promise, scouts honor”

I laugh and check the time, it is almost ten. “I should get some sleep, the plane ride is going to brutal”

“Indeed my friend, oh and make sure you take a lot of pictures” Damien tells me standing and heading for the door. I cock a brow. “What?”

“I am going to a funeral, not sight seeing”

He leaves and I spend the next hour tossing and turning in my sleep.

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