Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


7. Halloween dance


The next morning at school, posters were starting to show up for the annual Halloween dance. They were bright colors with drawn ghosts and carved pumpkins, tickets were ten dollars. I walked up to one reading it to himself, from behind me came Juliet York. She wore a beige skirt, with a white button up and plaid silk scarf. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable, Juliet York was something else. “Do you have a date yet?”

“No” I respond looking at her. She looks back, her blonde hair stiff and teased at the top. “I just found out about the dance”

“Oh…okay. Do us all a favor Zayn, tell Siobhan just because she’s normal looking, it doesn’t make her any better” was this girl serious? She must be crazy if she thinks I am passing along that message. “Jenko broke up with me last night….he wants to ask Siobhan”

I feel my eyebrows shoot up. “Jenko will never get Siobhan to say yes”

“I wouldn’t say that…Jenko can be quite charming”

“He can also be a dick” I tell her, but I am sure this is nothing she does not know. “Siobhan hates him”

“She does not seem to crazy about you either Malik” she retorts, her eyes rolling as her hips cock to the side. “Just pass the message” and with that, she saunters away, the heels of her black shoes clicking against the linoleum floor. Juliet York was something else. I make my way to my locker and Olive greets me there. It is almost time for first period, so we decide to walk together. “Are you going to the Halloween dance?” she asks popping a bubble with her gum.

“Maybe” I shrug as we walk up the stairs. “I hear Jenko plans on asking Siobhan”

She stays quiet for too long, and for a moment I question whether Siobhan would say yes or no. I would like to think she would say no, then again, the girl is so unpredictable.

“I heard Paco Fuentes was going to ask her, Damien told me he overheard it” she stopped outside of my first period class. “And I don’t know who I would prefer for her, Jenko the dick or Paco, the notorious gangster”

“Gangster?” I repeat with disbelief.

“Yeah, ugh, he is in LB or Latino Blood. Believe me Zayn, you’ll know Paco Fuentes when you see him”

I didn’t respond, I just went to class and wondered who Siobhan would choose. As irony would have it, halfway through the day, I saw Paco Fuentes talking to Siobhan as she fished for something in her locker. And I knew it was Paco because of his tattoos and the LB tattoo on his arm. His hair fell into his eyes and he looked at her the way someone would look at something they adored. He leaned over and touched her hair, giving a nod and smiling. I hope she doesn’t fall for that crap, if he’s in a gang who’s to say his intentions with her are appropriate. He seemed edgy.

Why do I care?

In biology, Siobhan seemed a bit perky which said much because she was never perky. She flashed me a smile and even spoke every now and then. After I handed in my quiz to our substitute, the bell rang, which was a relief. I darted out of there with no hesitations. “Hey Zayn, wait up” she followed me and caught up, I didn’t respond actually. It was best that way, what was I supposed to say? Oh, have fun at the dance? My jealousy took the best of me, yes…jealousy. “Zayn have you asked Olive to the dance yet?” she was keeping up with me, which was impressive being as though she wore a heel.

Wait…Olive? Why would I ask Olive….Olive of all people. “Olive? Why would I ask her?”

“Well, why wouldn’t you” she responded as we made our way to our last class. The rooms were right next door, she had Music and I had advanced music with Damien who was out that day. She stopped once we reached my classroom. “It’s obvious you two have a thing” she clutched a book to her chest as if saying this made her somewhat uncomfortable.

“You are ridiculous” I told her and went to my class.


The next morning, Damien and I found Olive by her car and Siobhan’s car was there but no Siobhan. Olive smiled when she saw us, her hair was jet black now, the exact shade as Damien’s and she gave us hugs. For the first time since I met her, Olive Green wore perfume, she smelled like raspberries. “You wont ever believe where Sisi is” she didn’t give us a chance to respond. “Paco Fuentes came up to us today while we waited for you two, he told her he was heading to McDonalds and offered to take her for breakfast before class started. So she just went with him on his motorcycle.” she ranted on. Damien looked over at me, then at Olive who put her hands on her hips. “I swear that girl…”

“Olive, you are over reacting. It’s just breakfast” Damien started to walk and we followed.

“But he is a gang banger” she whispered the last part so just Damien and I could hear. “Rumor is, you fuck with him and its like waving a wound in front of a shark” she cringed. “He’s dangerous”

“It’s McDonalds” Damien reminded her. “I am going to my locker, catch you all later” he made his way up the steps into the school and I sat on the bottom one. Olive sat beside me, the decadent smell of her perfume catching my attention again.

“So I have something to ask you” Olive began turning to me and raising her brows. The girl needed to step away from the tweezers, her eyebrows were so thin. I nod, taking out an apple from my book bag and biting into it. She reached into her bag and took out two tickets to the dance. I immediately knew what her question was. “We get along great, and I have never ever been to a school dance before. Will you take me?”

I know myself. I would feel terrible for saying no, just because she threw out the fact that she has never been to a dance. “Have you asked Damien?” I asked before I can stop the words from coming out of my mouth. Speaking of Damien, I needed to be sure he had the lyric sheet to our music project.

“He doesn’t do dances, he says they are stupid. I asked him to the Halloween dance last year and he went on about how dumb and pointless dances are”

“Its important to you I assume?” I ask taking another bite. She nods. “Sure, I’ll take you” and I swear, she wears the biggest smile. She hugs me tight saying thank you over and over again.



“OMG guess who I am going to the dance with” Olive chimes out of the blue as we chill in my music room. My mother is downstairs in her office working so I am not allowed to play any instruments this afternoon. I sit on the bean bag trying to finish my homework, I can feel her eyes frenzy. “Zayn” she squeals when I look at her. “I asked him to take me so he agreed” she explained. “I think I am going as the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland” she pops a loud bubble with her gum. So, he didn’t ask her, she asked him. But still, I suppose I don’t hide my feelings well at the moment because she looks at me accusingly. “Cant you just be happy for me?”

“Who said I wasn’t?” I ask working out a math equation.

“You’re face. Even under all that makeup I can still read the hell out of you.” she looks over my work and snatches my pencil. In a matter of seconds she solves it. Olive Green is smart too. “He’s just doing me a favor. I always wanted to go to a dance” as she speaks, we hear a loud thud come from downstairs. I preyed silently as we went down the stairs that my mother wasn’t drunk. Rarely my mother got drunk, but when she did, she made a fool of herself. I tell Olive to wait and I enter my mothers office. It is more like a library, there are isles of books before another door leads you to what my mother calls “my writing oasis”. My mother is on the floor, face down. And everything after this becomes a blur.

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