Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


4. Four Musketeers?

Siobhan’s P.O.V

As if my mother didn’t embarrass me enough, she went on a rampage after seeing my busted lip.

And, I mean, she flipped her lid, her eyes getting too big for her face and her skin turning an instant shade of red. It even seemed like steam would burst from her ears at any moment. The whole she bang. “I have two left feet” I argued at a less than convincing tone. She scoffed. Of course my mother didn’t believe me, on more than one occasion she seen me dance around in heels that would make most girls scurry away. And I would wear these heels with aristocratic ease.

My mother ran long fingers through her pale blonde hair. “No daughter of mine”, she retorts grabbing her purse and dragging me to her convertible BMW. I was unsure where she was going, and I prayed it wasn’t the school. When we arrived at our destination, I realize I would’ve preferred the school.

She parked in front of ‘La Cherie’, a local high end salon.

Fuck me…..

I knew exact what she is thinking, she blames my eccentric hair and not so conventional style. Probability was, that my appearance plays a part in it, as sad as it was, why is everyone so obsessed with packaging? Don’t the insides count in the least? “Siobhan Abigail Kline- Grey I will tie you to this chair if I have to” she gave me a look that spoke volumes. I must admit, my mother had a way about her, when pissed, she could make anyone shit a brick. “Don’t mess with your mother, at eighteen you can do as you please. Wear you hair the way you want, dress how you want, but until then you are mine and you represent me” her words were a tab brutal, I stopped myself from commenting back. I sat in the stylists chair with my head down. “You will go back to your natural hair color, and by the morning you will have a whole new wardrobe. Learn to embrace your feminine side my dear,. it’s a fabulous thing. At least while still under my roof, after that, you can pierce your you know what and I wont have a say”

“Fine” I mutter through gritted teeth and look at the stylist who has awkward written allover his face. My mother leaned forward and whispered something in his ear. Three hours later, I walk out of there with my natural hair color of brown and a brand new haircut. Suddenly, I am the apple of my mothers eyes. She coos at me, and tells me how beautiful I look as we make our way back home.

I was now brunette.

I blended in.

I feel like I reformed.

Two days later, I sit on the porch reading the manuscript of my mothers latest novel.

Behind my ear was a red pen, and I used it severely and brutally. No way would I let my mother present a crappy storyline to the world, she did have a reputation to keep. This morning, she emptied my closet as I slept and replaced it with all new things. Clothes that I would have never picked out for myself. There were dresses, hip hugging jeans, blouses, scarves, belts, everything….and the only thing she left me were my combat boots. They were aligned with twelve new shoes and sneakers and one pair of stiletto heels that had a sticky note attached to it that read: FOR NIGHTIME ONLY =)

As much as I hated my mother at that moment, I was grateful. “I hate you!” I told her shaking my head as I tried on everything. Her orders.

“Hate? There is a thin line between love and hate and baby I think you got it confused” and with that she gave me an approving nod. “You’re new wardrobe is probably better than most the girls in your school” she was right. But if I wasn’t the butt of jokes then, I would be now. Who wore Versace, and Dolce & Gabana to high school? I would…..

As I read, my mother was laying poolside with Jasper working close by.

I adore her lawyer boyfriend Dario, but I would rather she just bone Jasper and put an end to her curiosity. Yes, she was curious and curiosity always led to trouble, It is almost four thirty when a flashy black car pulls up in the driveway and turns off. The windows are dark, and my stomach tightens instantly. I’m not ready to face ridicule for my appearance just yet. This is a black on black Audi R8, and only one person in Howell drives this car. Zayn Malik. I stand quickly, almost loosing balance because I decided to wear the nude wedge heels that matched my Marilyn Monroe print dress perfectly. To my surprise, Olive and Damien get out of the car, Zayn follows awkwardly behind them. I feel my fact distort, I do nothing to hide the confusion. Olive stops, Damien beside her, then Zayn, and she looks at me with a open mouth. “It looks like your mother took a dump and you came out” she walks up the steps and gets a closer look, Damien says something to Zayn but I don’t hear it. I fold my arms over my chest. “Well I’ll be damned. Look at you Ms Beauty Queen” She touches my hair and smiles wide. “I approve” and those are words I did not expect to hear. Damien makes his way to me, a bruise on his eye, and he smiles big. A big goofy grin. “Now you look like a rich girl” and he leans forward. “You smell like one too” he waves Zayn over and I roll my eyes.

“Talk. Now” Olive grabs my arm and leads me inside the house and to the kitchen. She starts spouting a story about Damien and the woods and it suddenly becomes all too familiar. “Not again” I groan loudly.

“Yes, but here is where it gets tricky” she sits on the marble top counter and reaches for the cookie jar. She dips her hand in and pulls out one of my mothers orange marmalade cookies. “Zayn Malik helped him, he helped untie him from the sycamore, who would’ve thought”

“So, because one act of kindness yesterday…”

“He isn’t half bad Siobhan. In fact, you should’ve seen it today in school. He sat with us at lunch, it totally threw Jenko and Paul off. Completely, so he’s been kind of hanging with Damien and I”

“But we were the three musketeers, three….there are no four musketeers” I say as I take a cookie and pop it in my mouth. “Plus, the dude drives an Audi, how pretentious is he”

Olive grunts and hits my arm. I wonder if she realizes her strength, probably not. “Don’t be so judgmental. He’s still the new kid and he was misguided by social cliques and popularity…. He sits with us from now on, he parks with us, and you Siobhan, will be nice to him. Key word, will”

Damien came into the kitchen and sure enough, behind him was Zayn. “Oh, as if you haven’t realized, Siobhan’s mama makes that green” he told Zayn as he took a spot on the counter near Olive. I looked at Zayn, fuck he is something spectacular, I looked away quickly.

“Green?” he asked leaning on the counter on my side.
“Money…he means money” Olive interjected tossing Zayn a cookie. “Siobhan’s mother is a novelist”

Zayn’s P.O.V

“Well, I’ll be damned.” A tall blonde woman with a towel around her body and a black bikini on walked in. She was tan, and her hair slicked back revealing an tight face for a middle aged woman. “I didn’t know I’d have the breakfast club in my kitchen” she kissed the side of Siobhan’s head and smiled at us. Olive, who had been gracious too me since finding Damien, pointed at me. The blonde woman looked at me. “And you are? I have never seen your face before” she flashed me a mega watt smile.

“I’m Zayn” I gave her a small wave. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Oh….Sisi’s lab partner?” I nodded in response. “Well, I will leave you kids to it, I have to go run errands soon anyway. There is some leftover pizza in the fridge and cookies I baked this morning”

“They are epic” Damien commented. She smiled at him and frowned.

“Now what on earth happened to your eye?”

“Jenko Schmidt and his friends” was all Damien said, I knew he had been in pain. Bruised ribs was not something easily looked over, but he sure hid his pain well.

“Those hooligans, first Sisi, now you. Who’s next?” she shook her head in disgust. “Zayn you watch out, those boys are as heartless as they come. I nod slowly and she walks out, descending up the stairs. In that awkward moment of silence, my eyes land on one of the many chandeliers, its intricate design accented with golds and silvers. It was easy to get lost in.

Moments later, Olive leapt off the counter and peeked out the window, she had been obsessing over the pool boy. Damien stood and looked in the fridge taking out a pizza box. Opening it, the smell of pepper hit me in the face. “Veggie pizza, who wants a slice?” he started to stick it in the microwave one slice at a time. “You know, I wish I had your mom, she took you from rags to riches baby” Olive joked. It was true, I didn’t recognize Siobhan at first, she looked like a new person. I stayed quiet, feeling discomfort and knowing she probably felt something unkind toward me. I worried that she thought I had something to do with the lunchroom incident. And if she only knew the hell I endured today at school, the stares and whispers from Jenko’s table and how by last period rumors were swirling that he wanted to brawl with me. He doesn’t scare me, he can bring it if it is true. However, I wanted Siobhan to know, I am not some prick who gets enjoyment from others sorrow, I am not one of them. “Can we talk somewhere in private?” I ask her as she takes a bite of her pizza, her dark eyes dart up to me instantly. She wiped her mouth and nodded, standing. “Jasper is in the back so lets just go to the porch” she tells me leading the way. I follow and sigh.

“What’s up” she asks leaning against the railing. I want to tell her how wrong she is about me, and how she radiates loathing for me. That all that is just false pretense and I could prove her wrong, that I was a gentler spirit than she could ever anticipate.

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