Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


19. Fire and Ice


Leave it to my mother to throw an awesome party, yet leave it to my mother to spoil it.

You see, everything had been going smoothly, as smooth as it could possibly go anyway. For the most part, Olive had taken refuge beside Niall, and he had taken a liking to her. I wasn’t sure if it was in a romantic way, but he didn’t reject her like most people did. Damien had met a girl who came with Jasper. She was about five feet even with a head of crazy curly brown hair, and olive skin. I think her name was Maya, but she had the hots for him. It was obvious in the way she smiled and touched his arm. If he only cleaned up more often, he could maybe be a chick magnet. Well, maybe, but knowing Damien, I doubt he’d clean up for good. Hannah, my new stepmother, seemed to excel in out casting herself. Every time my mother approached her, she would act as if she was too good for my mother. Little did she know, my mom had a mans ego trapped in a woman’s body. And my mother was not afraid to be defiant if it meant getting her point across.

Zayn and I kept close most of the night, and he even invited me to the table where the boys cut the gorgeous cake my mother had gotten them. Each boy raises their flute and says something that melts peoples hearts. Liam, the boy who had opened the dressing room to me that day, goes first. He raises his flute and smiles. The crowd of people surround us. “I am so grateful for this experience, for the gift and blessings we have been given. And to Miss Kline for extending her hand to us and being so kind. To all of you for showing up, thanks” and people clap.

Niall is next, he is paler than the others and his hair is blonde. “When I first auditioned for the X Factor, I didn’t know I would make it, let alone see it as far as I did. I want to thank Uncle Tom for inviting us for the weekend, Miss Kline for this party and all of you for making me feel welcome. I have never been to Jersey till now” he smiles and I look at Olive who seems to be swooning over his Irish accent.

Louis, the one who dressed sharply and had a face that looked as if it were chiseled from marble spoke next. “I don’t really like public speaking, or being the center of attention. Thank you for this night. I wont soon forget it, and Miss Kline, can I have your number?” he smiles and everyone gives a small laugh.

Harry stepped forward and instead of raising his drink flute, he waves to people, no one in particular, he just waves. “Ignore Louis, because Miss Kline is giving me her number” he wiggles his eyebrows, and my mother cocks her hip. I can tell she is amused. “Anyway, when we were signed, I cried. I have no shame. I cried when we were grouped together, and when we were signed. And I promised myself I wouldn’t cry tonight, but just know I am so thankful, you all are so beautiful and so kind. Miss Kline, you are gracious and lovely. Uncle Tom, your hospitality is beyond words. To my band and my best mates, we can only go up from here lads” he smiles, and then Zayn steps forth. In a bittersweet moment, he doesn’t release my hand.

“I don’t know if I can top what has already been said” he pauses and smiles some, biting his bottom lip. I touch his arm, in assurance. “Most of you know me, and some of you don’t. Maybe you will one day, maybe you wont. But that doesn’t really matter, in this moment, what matters most is here and now. I can honestly say I have never felt more atop the world than I do now. To my group, you guys are my best mates and you encourage me and bring out the best in me. To Uncle Tom, your support and hospitality has been more than I could ever ask for. I am forever in debt to you. Damien and Olive, I hold you both close to my heart, and Miss Kline, you are like a second mother to me. I have never met anyone like you before. And Siobhan” he looks at me then at the small crowd of maybe forty people. “Siobhan has been for me what some people never experience. She is my best friend, and my first love all in one. And I am thankful for everything everyone has done” people clap and the cake is cut. I walk over to my mother who has her hands busy with handing out plates of cake. “Here give this to your father and his wife…as if she needs cake. She’s spilling out of that dress” and without a word, I walk two plates of cake over to them. “Thank you doll” my dad says kissing my forehead. I feel intimidated as I hand Hannah the plate. She looks at me as if I have two heads and raises her hand to stop me. “Are you aware I am lactose intolerant”

“Are you aware I wasn’t aware” I say with the same tone she has. “You didn’t come with a caution sign”

“Oh, you think you’re cute huh…no cake please” she runs her pointy nails through her long red hair and looks away as if I am not there at all. For my fathers sake, I just walk away. So that was the kind of woman he married….interesting.

After the cake, people are doing more dancing and I am surprised to find Hannah sitting a corner all by herself…wait, no im not. I make my way to the kitchen where my mother is talking to my father. They are deep in conversation, and they speak soft enough so no one else can hear them. I recognize the look on my mothers face, it was the same look she had the minute my father said “I do”. I cant see his face, because his back is turned to me, I figured I’d give them their space. I go to find Zayn and he is sitting with Harry, he opens his arms for me and I sit on his lap. “Hey Siobhan” it is Harry, and he flashes me his infectious smile. “Zayn mind if I take your lady for a dance?”

“Go ahead” Zayn says coolly. Harry quickly leads me to the dance floor, and we dance to a Rihanna song that has a Caribbean vibe to it. He has no clue what he is doing on the dance floor, and that is okay because he takes pride in his lack of dancing abilities. He does the robot and then the song ends, it is in that brief moment where the song is switching and there is silence, that you can hear the sound of shouting from the kitchen. Oh no, mom and dad…

But as I approach the kitchen it isn’t the sounds of a man and woman. It is two woman; I peek in and see Hannah and my mother going at it. Where on earth is my father? Their argument has become a spectacle to some, while Jasper holds my mother back.

“Your fifty fucking years old what makes you think he could possibly want you?” Hannah hisses, her hands firmly on her hips. Oh no…I can see the steam from my mothers ears. Her eyes are on fire and her mouth is twisted in disgust.

“Forty fucking five and fabulous!” someone cheers when my mother says this. “I wouldn’t throw insults if I were you” my mother adds giving Hannah a look that would melt steel.

“So the fuck what? You think your shit don’t stink because you have money, and this house and those cars and that daughter of yours” my ears perk up when Hannah says this. I immediately feel sorrow for her, if she only knew what she was awakening in my mother.

“My daughter? Leave her out of this if your smart” my mothers voice is not a yell any longer but it is composed.

“And if I bring that little twerp up? Then what” Hannah was swimming with the sharks now, she is trekking dangerous waters here. I want my mother to hit her, but my mother is more a lady than a tramp. She may say she will get physical, but she hardly throws the first punch.

“You must want your next period to come from your nose” my mother retorts, her eyes still ablaze. I feel Zayn’s hand on my back and I turn to him. He takes one look inside the kitchen and his mouth drops.

“Find my father” I tell him, he nods and starts to look. When I turn back, Hannah is throwing her martini in my mothers face. That was all it took, my mother grabbed Hannah’s hair and pulled her face close to her own. I am aware of the people looking, but it is a spectacle even to me.

“He’s my husband” Hannah tries to claw at my mother, but my mom has been in too many fights to ever let this happen. In a swift jerk of her arm, she swaps Hannah’s hands away, and practically drag her to the front door. Hannah is kicking and calling for my father. My mother swings open the front door and throws Hannah to the snow. She stands there for a moment, watching the fire red haired woman try to move in the December snow. Hannah shuffles to her feet, and as I peek out the window, I see her mascara is running down her tanned face. My father brushes past me and stomps outside. “Loretta, what the hell?” he goes to Hannah and strokes her cheek. The very sight disgusts me, how can my dad be so blind. I don’t know why they were fighting, but it had to be for a good damn reason. My mom doesn’t just pick fights for fun, especially at a party. “What the fuck are you thinking?” he bellows at her. My mother stands tall and doesn’t back down, she doesn’t even blink. In that moment, I aspire to be like her one day, unafraid of everything. She looks victorious standing on our porch wearing a red long sleeved lace Valentino dress, her legs look long in her heels and I think I see a flash of a smirk. It quickly fades though.

“Orson, don’t bring the twat in my house again, Im serious” my mother puts her hands on her hips, her red lips are pressed together. “Don’t like it, you don’t have to show up either”

My dad says something to Hannah and makes his way to my mother, his chest is rising with every breath. I look at Zayn, who is peeking out the window beside me.


“Orson, don’t bring that twat in my house again, I’m serious” Miss Kline stands her ground…valiant. Something about Miss Kline, she never fails to entertain. And I see Harry and Liam peeking out a window a few feet from us. Niall is still lost somewhere with Olive (thank goodness) and Louis is sitting on the bottom step, he has near perfect view of the show.

Orson approaches her, and he looks irresolute, not just about this but about everything. How obvious is it that he still loves Miss Kline. “Don’t like it, you don’t have to show up either” Miss Kline adds. And Orson looks at her, they are two feet away from each other standing outside in the bitter December night, and they are just staring each other down. She stares anyway, his eyes are softer and gentle almost. It seems as if whatever anger he has, is passed and he is left with nothing but his feelings for Miss Kline. All the while his wife makes her way to their car. She slams the car door shut and sits inside, her eyes away from them. “If you have nothing to say, you should go” Miss Kline looks at Hannah, and Hannah lowers the window and shouts something I don’t make out. “BITE ME” Miss Kline shouts to her giving her the middle finger. Orson takes her wrist and lowers it. I look at Louis who has the look of someone who just witnessed someone fall down the stairs, he is bubbling over with laughter.

“Enough Loretta, please”

“Enough my ass” Miss Kline practically hollers. “Go, get out, leave! I mean it” she puts her hands on his chest and is pushing him away but he resists her and his arms link around her waist. In a moment unexpected, much like a meteor shower or a comet in the sky, Orson puts his lips to Miss Kline’s.

It is only a moment, a moment that makes even the stiffest believer in love…believe.

Orson is fire. Loretta is ice. They are total opposites, they drive each other up the wall, but there they were. Outside, in the bitter December night, with the eyes of many on them, their lips spark together.

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