Sound Of Madness(COMPLETE)

(NOW FINISHED) Siobhan Kline has just started junior year. She doesnt expect much from it, she doesnt think anything special will happen. Nothing special happens to her. She has two close friends, a 1976 mustang, her author mother Loretta and her pet hamster LuLu. This is her life. Until she is partnered with the new boy Zayn Malik. He just moved to town and all the girls seemed to take an interest in him.
All the boys want to be his friend.
But he couldnt care less

Zayn Malik fanfiction ----Not Famous


3. Bully

Siobhan’s P.O.V

“Don’t get no manic panic crap in my pool” my mother warned as I went for a swim. “I know your dye bleeds Sisi” she sipped a dirty martini as she enjoyed the pool from the deep end. I floated at the five feet mark, my eyes closed to the generous September sun. Of course my mother would not want my dye to bleed into her pool, because then she would have to get Jasper, the pool boy, to come by. And my mother, with all her grace would lay by the pool in her black bikini sipping a drink and watching as Jasper cleaned the pool. His tan skin firm over flexing muscle, and his black hair moist with sweat….yeah, my mother would hate that. Not. “Jasper is due sometime next week”

I laugh to myself and look at her, she wears large sunglasses and sips her martini leaving lipstick stains on the glass. “Tell me about school” she insists as I swim closer to her. Hmmm, tell my mom about the amazingly beautiful new boy who became popular almost overnight and just so happens to be my lap partner….

“Its good” I tell her wiping my eyes. “Olive and I have Bio and Art together”

“And Damien? How is he doing? I have not seen the boy in what seems like years” she finishes her drink and sets the martini glass on the edge of the pool carefully. “Has he cut his hair?”

“No mom”

“Shame, I’m sure he would be dapper looking if he did”

“It doesn’t matter, he still wears the wonky contact” as I said this, I wonder for the first time since I have met Damien Sewell, if he would ever change his look. I suppose this is dumb to think because I would never change myself, not for anything or anyone. “I don’t think I have ever seen him with both of his normal eyes”

“He is artistic” my mother shrugs and gets a catty grin on her face. “Any boys?”

“Its Tuesday” I say flatly. “School started last Wednesday” but as I speak, my mother looks at me blankly. “Mom its too soon for this conversation”

“Code for yes….and you know how I know, because you my love always say ‘no mom no boys’. Therefore I am only led to believe that some boy has caught your eye. And darling, do tell” she pushed a small wave of water at me. So, I started to tell my mom everything, starting from the moment I first met him to now. How silly it seemed that I, Siobhan Grey, would have a think for 1/3 of the Audi Trio. Zayn Malik was now popular, ever since Monday, girls had been flocking to his feet in hopes of catching his attention. “And…does he give it?”

“Not really, but then again, I don’t really know him. He’s just my lab partner” and I lifted myself, sitting on the edge, my feet in the pool kissing the water. My mother always made sure the water was at a perfect temperature, or, Jasper made sure of it.


“Siobhan Grey” I was convinced Mrs. Harris enjoyed saying my name. I looked up, meeting her crazed glare. “Where is your partner?”

I looked at her incredulously but quickly rearranged my expression, crazy she was but a push over she was not. She would definitely put me in check….”I don’t know” and as I spoke, I swear she was moving around, those thin shoulders swaying. I would love to walk to the beat of her drum. Her coral lips curved up and she scrunched her nose. “I don’t Mrs. Harris”

“Well, that leaves you to present your child to the class alone”….wait, what?! We had to present our imagined children? She has to be shitting me….”You can thank Zayn later”

One thing about me that those closest to me knew, I had a fear of speaking in front of people. I didn’t like it, that’s why I avoided it at all costs necessary. “Mrs. Harris can we present tomorrow?”

“Hmm….let me think…no” she put her hand on my desk.

“Why?” I looked up at her, my eyes wide.

“Quite frankly, the child you and Mr. Malik created a beautiful hybrid of a baby, and the drawing you presented me with…nice touch. Everyone else just got pictures offline” oh no, this means I have to show my drawing also. My heart was running a mile a minute.

Zayn P.O.V

Jenko had seemed to cling to me like Velcro, and there was something about him that unsettled me. He was loud, outspoken, unforgiving, ruthless and merciless. What he saw in me, left me gob smacked. He reminded me in ways of Kitt, and Kitt made my life a living hell back in the UK. He reminded me of Kitt because of his hostility, it was easy for Jenko to point at someone and laugh. On numerous occasions, he would shout things to the Goth kids, statements that made me cringe. But the Goth kids stood there and each person took his words different. Olive Green, I didn’t exactly know where to put her, she wasn’t a Goth, and she wasn’t exactly a total dork but she was someone he found entertaining to pick on. Most of the time she would keep walking, like his words had been unheard, I knew she heard them though…something about the way she clutched her textbooks to her chest and looked at her shoes. It was all sad.

Some days I had seen Olive with Siobhan and Damien. The three were together at lunch with two other Goth boys and a boy who was in a wheelchair. The boy in the wheelchair went by Edward, and he was in my Music class also. Edward was something magical on the piano. That lunch table was in the far corner of the cafeteria, and they were in their own bubble of whatevers and teen angst. “Look at them, they’re all losers. You’ve got Olive who is just despicable, then there’s Damien…honestly, have you ever seen someone so scary looking?” Jenko made a noise with his mouth, I just shook my head and ate my lunch. I wasn’t ashamed to sit with the popular kids, but I wasn’t too crazy about it. Its just, they were the only group to really welcome me with open arms and by the second Friday of school I accepted it for what it was. They liked the car I drove, and I liked the acceptance. In the first two weeks of school, I went on more dates than I had my entire life.

“Don’t forget crayola head” Juliet York, Jenko’s girlfriend chided as she picked her salad. Juliet fit with Jenko perfectly, he played sports, she was head cheerleader. She didn’t drive an Audi, but she sure looked good in his. “That girls hair gets crazier and crazier every freakin’ year” she looked at me with cold blue eyes and popped a piece of lettuce in her mouth. “Zayn, last year, she had half blonde and half black. She looked like that lady from the Dalmatian movie” another piece of lettuce.

“She is my lab partner in Bio” I declared looking over my shoulder at her. “She is nice”

Paul laughed, loud, almost too loud. “Freshman year she was my partner in basic science.” he shook his head from side to side. “I put an end to it quickly”

“What did you do” I asked unsure if I wanted to hear it.

“We set her up, me and some other boy in the class. She ended up crying….not only was she in tears but the whole class couldn’t stop laughing,”

“I was there” Juliet nodded. “It was cruel, but for her to think she could just talk to us like she was one of us just because Paul was her partner. She had to be taught a lesson”

That explained everything, why she didn’t say much to me from the start and why she avoided me most of the time. We worked together, it was in silence usually, we didn’t really know each other. Poor girl, she gets shunned for not fitting the mold….what made me fit the mold? The car? Siobhan drives a mustang, it’s a bad ass car, but I guess they were too concerned with her packaging.

“Remember the time last year at the Halloween dance when I tripped her and she landed flat on her face?” Angelina, Juliet’s twin sister added eating her yogurt. Our table suddenly broke into fits of laughter, was I the only one who found it all cruel?


“Ay Yo Crayola Head!” Paul called as she walked past the table to the vending machine. Siobhan didn’t look, in fact she just went on about her actions. When she turned to go back to her table, Jenko extended his left foot and Siobhan tripped over it. Her face was inexplicable at the moment, as was mine. I couldn’t believe they did that, for no reason at all. And she fell, flat on her face, hitting the floor with a thud. The table broke out into laughter again, everyone, but me. Damien quickly came and helped her up, and in a quick glimpse, I could see her lip had busted open. Ouch….

“These douche lords” Damien hissed as he led her out of the cafeteria. The whole cafeteria, except those sitting at her table, were laughing. It made me sick. “You know, she did nothing” I told Jenko sitting back in my chair. “That was unnecessary”

“Malik, get used to it. You’re in America my friend” he laughed. “Oh my goodness did you see, she just fell flat on her face….”

“I saw, it wasn’t funny”

“Why are you so uptight?” he fired back at me, his smile quickly fading.

“Because that was messed up” I replied calmly finishing my meal.

Siobhan wasn’t in Biology, which made my stomach sink. I looked at Olivia, who in return rolled her eyes. It was so obvious they thought I had something to do with it, which was so not the case. She whispered something to Piper who let out a dramatic gasp. The little I knew of Piper, I knew enough to know she excelled at dramatics. Mrs. Harris made her way to me as I prepped the lab table. “Where is Siobhan?”

“I am not sure” I responded looking at my paper. We were dissecting flowers today.

“Mr. Malik, I am concerned” she sat beside me, tapping her ridiculously long fingernails. “I heard about the stunt at lunch”

I looked at her, almost glaring. I guess since I sat at the table, I was to be held responsible. “Mrs. Harris with all due respect, it was not my fault. I just saw it happen”

“You ought to be careful with Jenko…he isn’t the type of person a brilliant boy like you need be around” she stopped tapping her fingers. “Jenko and Paul both are not good”

“Mrs. Harris”, it was all I could say, she just stood and went back to waltzing her way around class.

She didn’t show up the next day, and it seemed as if once again I was interrogated by Mrs. Harris. I decided that if she did not show the next day, I would go to her house. Howell was not that big, I’m sure searching for her wouldn’t be all that hard. But she didn’t show, and after school, I made my way to my car. A few parking spots over, Jenko waved me to his car. I threw my books in the backseat of the Audi and made my way to Paul and Jenko who wore shit eating grins. “What?”

“Watch this”, Jenko opened the door to the backseat left side and there Damien sat, his alabaster skin a shade of red. He then closed the door and wiggled his brows. “See that…like taking candy from a baby”

I was confused, what on earth would Damien be doing in the backseat….”I don’t understand”

“Malik, Damien here has been saying shit about us behind our backs, so I thought we ought to teach him a lesson”

“We? No…not we” I shook my head. “This is wrong in so many ways”

“We’re only going to rough him up a bit.” Paul remarked as he got in. “Show him what happens to shit talkers”

I made my way to the Audi and got in, quickly, Jenko and Paul pulled out of the parking lot blasting hypnotic rhymes from the radio. I checked the time, it was fifteen past three, the parking lot clearing quickly. I saw Olive standing by her car, probably waiting for Damien. She looked around repeatedly and I lowered my window and drove up to her. She rolled her eyes immediately. “Zayn Malik, what the hell can I do for you”

“Waiting for Damien?” I ask unlocking the car doors. She nodded. “I know where he is, Jenko and Paul got him, get in?”

To my surprise she didn’t argue it. “Got him how” she looked at him, she really was nothing peculiar, very ordinary looking. Why she was outcasted seemed ridiculous to him. “Zayn…”

“In their car” I told her as I drove out of the parking lot, I zipped past a few cars and even ran a light. Okay, two lights. But something inside of me told me to forget the law and persist my gut. “Something about teaching him a lesson.”

“Those assholes! They do this to him all the time, and Damien just takes it. “ she shook her head and ran a hand through her hair. “Go to the woods on Florence Ave. That’s where they take people”

“Take people?”

“They took him there before, Siobhan in the middle of last year and a few other kids” she started naming a laundry list of kids who had been known as geeks, nobodies or just not popular. It disgusted me and it felt like de ja vu. I parked the car in a lot near the woods, we ran in, fearless. I looked around, never had I been enclosed by so many trees. And in the distance, Damien could be seen. “Oh no” Olive ran quickly to him, I followed behind. He had been tied to a sycamore tree, in nothing but his underwear and his mouth was taped. What the hell was this, I thought. It appalled me, seeing him left there until someone found him. His face covered in mud, bruises forming all along his ribs. “Those bastards” I heard Olive say, pulling me out of my daze. I helped her untie him, but his clothes were nowhere to be seen.

Never in my life was I a bully, but at that moment, Damien looked at me and his eyes accused me

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