Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


6. Winners and Losers

Dakota POV

"Honey we are home!" i heard Louis as i watched him enter the house with hands full of shopping bags with Zayn and Harry following behind with bags also, I then laughed as i watch Niall enter the house with only Nando's in his hands.

Why are they bring them here? It's their food, and they only live next door.

I quietly watched them from the kitchen while sipping a cup of tea, they all entered the kitchen and put the bags on the ground and smiled at me. 

"What are you doing? That's your food and this is my house. Get your food out! unless you have ice cream" I Told Zayn, who just looked at me weird.

"It's your food, silly!" replied Louis who just smiled and patted me on the back.

"I think i would remember if i brought food" I replied while putting my cup back on the counter.

"Dakota, we brought you this food because you had none in your house" Liam said as he started walking to me. I hate it when people buy things for me, i dont need them, i am not poor! 

"No Liam, this is your food, i can't accept it. I am not Charity, their are people out there with a lot less then me" I replied shaking my head.

"I know babe, But we wanted to help you. You are taking the food whether you like it or not!" Liam said as he finally reached me and pulled me into a hug.

"I will Challenge you. If we lose, we have to keep the food, If we win, you have to take it to your house!" i looked at him with a little grin on my face. He smiles. Yes we can do this, Jessie and I verse 5 boys!!!

"Wait, what is the Challenge" asked Zayn.

"Sing Star!" Jessie yelled while running into the room jumping, "I haven't play sing star in ages! Let's do it!" Jessie added with excitement. Omg, we haven't played singstar in ages! I smiled until i realised who we would be versing. All i can say is that my smile definitely turned upside down! we are so going to lose!

"Okay, sounds good, Best out of three wins?!" Liam says as he looked from Jessie to me with a grin on his face.

"Challenge Accepted!" i replied confidently .

We all walked to the lounge room, all the boys sat down on the couches while I and Jessikah set up the game. 

"Singstar  Pop?" i asked, and they all nodded.

"well here goes nothing" i whispered into Jessie's ear. She smiles at me and says "I know, what did i get my self into" i laughed and we turned around.

I passed the mic to Liam and smiled while saying "Bring it on!" 

He just smiled and shook his head. this is going to be fun!

Jessikah selected the random selection button for songs and i watched it picked a random song. I smiled and yelled in excitement when i saw the song picked was Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne. Jessie saw the song and screamed as well, This was our song, our favorite song on Singstar, and we were both good at singing it too so this was a bonus.

I turned to look at Liam who was now standing beside Harry, Louis and Zayn ready to start singing, i turned my whole body to see where Niall was and found him sitting on the couch shoving chips in his mouth, he realised i saw him and stopped eating and smiled with a mouth full.


The song started playing, i was getting nervous, come one seriously i was scared. two normal girls versing four famous boys who happen to be in a boyband. 

Jessie quickly grabbed my hand and we both started singing,

"He was a boy she was a girl,

can i make it anymore obvious?

He was a punk, she did ballet

what more can i say?" 

our voices were very shaky, we both looked at the boys, they had amazing voices, we were speechless and both stopped singing. I realised we were losing so i started to sing again and Liam looked at me and smiled. 

"he wanted her, She'd never tell

Secretly she wanted him as well,

but all of her friends, stuck up their nose

they had a problem with his baggy clothes"

I just kept smiling, i couldn't help it. I was having fun, i was even bopping along to the songs, i looked at Jessikah and poked my tongue out and she just laughed which made me laugh. We just kept singing Sk8er Boi, Jessie and I weren't taking it serious though, we were having too much fun mucking around, pushing each other and singing in really high notes, we even tried singing in deep voices which got us looks from the boys, We started laughing and then they all started laughing as well. We finished sk8er boi, as well as our second song that was 'Girls just want to have fun' and now we were on our last song which was Chasing cars.

Jessie and I still continued to bump hips with each other and i bumped her too hard and she tripped but feel on top of Niall who dropped his food.

"sorry" Jessie said as she quickly got up and kissed his cheek, he blushed.

"It's okay love" he replied as he smiled and watched her walk back to me.

"You are going to get it! that was embarrassing!" she complained.

I just smiled and said "sure". I started singing again and then i felt Jessie bump my hip really hard which sent me falling towards Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis, i ended up tripping over and tackling them all. We were all just laying on the ground now all tangled. I felt a foot kick my face slightly. "Ouch!" i said and rubbed my cheek.

"Oh, Sorry Babe" Harry said as he got up and reached down to grab my hand to help me get up.

"That's okay" I replied as i looked on the ground, i started laughing, Louis and Liam were both on top of Zayn.

"Get up! You're messing up my hair!" Zayn yelled which just made me laugh even hard. Louis and Liam quickly got up and were now standing beside me, while Zayn quickly stood up and grabbed a mirror out of his pocket and started fixing his hair.

I looked at Liam and raised my eyebrows at him. "Sorry, he normally does this, he is always fixing his hair" he said.

"I am hungry" i said as i heard my belly grumble, everyone looked at me and all i heard was Jessie replying "We heard!" as she started laughing and left the lounge room to go to the kitchen.

"You Lost! you have to keep the food!" Louis said as he patted my back with a small smile on his face.

"Fine!" i replied not caring, i was so hungry i could almost eat everything they brought.

I looked out the window and realised that the sun was setting, time has gone quick today. I have had a pretty good day, I met the neighbours who just happen to be a incredibly famous boyband, like seriously how often do you get to live beside a famous person let alone 5 of them in the one house. I looked at Jessie as she started packing all the food away, i started to help her, the boys helped us with the last few things.

"Are you going home for dinner?" I asked Liam while boosting myself up onto the kitchen island bench.

"Yeah, i think we will, you are hungry and want something to eat, so we wont intrude" Liam replied. i felt my smile fade. i didn't want them to leave even if they are only going next door.

"I dont think i will cook, i am too tired, Jessie do you want takeout?" i asked as i looked at her  and saw her flirting with Niall. They are cute together even if they aren't together.

"Sure, what is there to eat in London?!" she replied while she kept looking at Niall.

i  watched Niall's face light up at the question. "Well, My favorite is Nando's" he said while tucking a piece of Jessie's hair behind her ear

"Okay, sounds good" Jessie said quietly.

"So i guess you boys are coming with us! I don't know where it is" i quickly said while i looked at Liam and smiled. 

"Okay love" he replied as he closed the gap between us and was now standing between my legs

"Guys! get a room! and you only just met! you are hurting my poor innocent eyes!" Louis said as he covered his eyes with his hand.

"How must you corrupt my poobear?!" Harry quickly added while he put his hands on Louis's to cover them more.

I looked at Liam, who just shrugged his shoulders. How can he be so normal while the others boys are so different?

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