Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


15. Who we are.

Dakota POV

"So who looks the worse, Harry, Zayn or Jessie?" i said while pointing at each of them. I looked at Jessie as she just smiled at me blankly.

"what?" i asked

"You said her name" Liam whispered into my ear.,

"Shit! opps sorry" I said to Jessie trying to use my best puppy dog eyes.

Everyone went silent and we all looked at the comments, most of them were about our names such as 'Their names are Jessie and Dakota' there were a few mean ones such as "Ugly Bitches" "Who are these whores taking our boys"

Liam quickly grabbed the laptop off me and said goodbye before closing the twitcam down. He turned and looked at me with a concerned face.

"What are we going to do?" Zayn asked.

"Tell them the truth, They already know our first names, it wont take them long to find out our last names" I replied immediately, Jessica quickly grabbed my hand and smiled. she was happy about my choice.

"Are you sure?" Liam replied concerned.

I smiled and thought about it. Yes i want to tell them who we are, it saves me and Jessie hiding and keeping a big secret.

"Yep" I said while nodding.

"Okay" Liam replied as he opened the laptop and went straight back to the twitcam. I watched as a he typed something and then i looked at my phone to see that he tweeted something using Harry's account. 

@Harry_Styles: Come watch our twitcam: meet the girls :)

"Can't believe we are doing this!" I said while looking at everyone. just as i looked at Liam the Twitcam came on.

Liam faced the camera towards Jessie and I as we both smiled. 

"Hey loves, these two beautiful girls are Jessie and Dakota, They are good friends of ours and we wanted you to finally meet them. They are lovely, you will love them" Liam said as he smiled and pointed towards Jessie and I. 

I looked closely as the comments and read a couple before smiling like an idiot.

Most of them said we looked pretty and that they were happy they got to finally meet us. I think the smile on my face dropped when i read a few more comments. I squeezed Jessie's hand while she squeezed back.

Why are people so mean and horrible?

I read a few and looked at Jessie who just looked at me blankly. 

@Harrys_bitch: How dare they take our boys away from us? They are so ugly! they dont deserve the boys.

@NandoLover: who do they think they are?

@StripeyBoy: FUGLY!

@MirrorWhore: Just wait until we find them.

I felt tears start to run down my face as i kept reading the mean comments, Jessie hugged me while i hugged her back.

All the boys came and joined our hug and squeezed us girls tightly, We all starting laughing and all pulled away from the hug. I felt Jessie wipe away my tears but then she stopped as Niall walked over to her and hugged her. Liam hugged me while Harry, Louis and Zayn were standing behind us.

I smiled once again before waving to the camera.

"So who do you think looks the worse in our Blindfolded makeovers?" I laughed as i pointed towards, Harry, Zayn and Jessie.

Each of them struck a pose after they were pointed too. Just as Jessie was about to strike a pose she was tackled to the ground by Louis.

"Ouch! Lou what the hell?" Jessie screamed as she was on the ground. Niall reached down and helped her up before pulling her into a hug and kissing her on the cheek.

I looked at the comments and laughed at the comments!

@Ilovestyles: Lou Leave her alone!

@IrishBoy: Poor Jessie, Lou you're a bully

@HoranHugs: So are they dating?! someone please tell me!!

I reread the last comment before saying "No they are not, but i think they should!" and smiled while looking at the two hugging.

"So who is the winner?" I asked once again.

'Jessie, She looks the worse' and 'Jessie" were all i read.

"Okie dokie, Jessie there you have it, Niall's make up skills aren't the best you look horrible!" I laughed as i looked at Niall who started to pout.

@Anti-spoons: So what are your twitter accounts, can we please follow?

I looked at Jessie who just nodded before i quickly told everyone our accounts.

"Anyway lovelies, we have to go. bye" I said before turning the twitcam back off and closing down the laptop.

**** 3 weeks later ****

Over the last three weeks, we have basically spent almost everyday with the boys, we have been having lunch and dinner dates with all the boys and we have been caught in a couple of sticky situations. About a week ago, We were all caught at Nando's eating casually before we were bombarded from papz and fans. The situation was so sticky that we were all squashed and we actually had one security guard with us who pushed his way through the restaurant and managed to hide us all in the Kitchen Before he called for back up and we made a run for the back doors.  

It was just currently Jessie and I at our home, Basically the first day we had to our selves as the boys were back at the studio doing some recording

"Jessie! I need a job, and i need one now!" I said as i threw the newspaper on the ground. I can't afford to live in this huge house and not have a job, i still have to go food shopping.

I quickly grabbed my laptop to start looking for jobs online but was distracted and found my way to my twitter account, i looked at my notifications and found that heaps more people are following me, Before we told the boys fans our twitter accounts; i only had about 800 people following me, but now after three weeks i have almost 9,000 people following me. I try and follow them back but it is really hard to keep up.

"Shh Kota, i am trying to work, i have to met my deadline! my deadline is tomorrow. and i am only half way through what is needed to be done" Jessie said as she gave me a stressed look.

"Okay!!! but can i ask a question?" I replied while looking at her with a smile on my face.

"Fine, but make it snappy!" she replied before laughing at me

"So what is happening between you and Niall?" I quietly asked. They have been flirting ever since they met.

"Well nothing, we are just friends" Jessie replied to me before giving me a "are you stupid" look.

"Whatever, i know you like him, and he likes you back!" I replied before turning on my heel and walking away.


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