Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


10. Playing in the Park

Liam POV

the boys and I didn't do much today, we are on break and had nothing planned, we just stuck around the house and played video games. We were getting bored, we were running out of things to-do. We all had fun spending the day with Jessie and Dakota and we all decided we wanted to get out of the house. We wanted to go to the park and play some games, we quickly wrote a note to the girls,

Meet us at the park at 2:30pm today

- Liam, Niall, Harry, Lou and Zayn

Niall and I walked out the front door looking at the note, we both felt connected to the girls so we decided that we were the ones to give them the note. As we were walking next door we looked up at the house and realised that the curtains were all pulled closed, they must be out. Niall and I decided that we would just put the note in the mail slot in the door and they will find it.

We turned on our heels and walked back to the house it was about 1:30pm and we were all getting organised for our day in the park, I walked into the kitchen while Niall followed, we found Harry, Lou and Zayn making sandwiches, they saw us and all smiled while continuing their handy work. Niall finally left the kitchen as i followed him, we made it to our storage room and found some sport toys, such as soccer boys, cricket bat and ball, Frisbee and hula hoops- Yes we have Hula Hoops, Lou's younger sisters often come over. We grabbed everything we could and walked out to the van, we put everything in the van and walked back to the boys in the kitchen, They were just finishing the clean up, after everything was clean we all went and got dressed. I put on some jeans and a plain grey t-shirt, very casual. After getting ready it was now about 2:15pm, all the boys met me in the lounge room where we all walked to the van and got in and drove to the park, The park was only a good 10 minutes drive away so it gave us enough time to set everything up.

We arrived at the park and Louis decided to go through one of his super surprise childish moment and grabbed the picnic blanket and tied it around his neck as a cape and he pretended to be superman. After finally catching him Harry managed to get the picnic blanket on the ground where we stuck all the food on top. Niall grabbed all the toys out of the van and put them near the blanket. The girls should be here soon, We all decided to kick a ball around for a bit until they arrived.

I hope Dakota comes, I need to see her, i need to apologize to her about Last nights kiss, i hope she doesn't hate me.

Dakota POV

After managing to get lost twice we finally arrived at the Park, I was driving while Jessie was keeping her eyes out for the boys. 

"There, I see them, Their There, and omg they look hot!" Jessie yelled while pointing in the direction the boys were, i looked and saw that they were playing soccer. I smiled at the thought of it.

"Oh, okay! and yes they do" i said simply to Jessie while pulling my car up near the van and putting it in park. Jessie and i were both wearing casual clothes, i was wearing short denim shorts and a loose fitting singlet and some silver ballet flats with my naturally wavy curly hair down, My hair was pretty long, Just past my boobs. I looked at Jessie as i watched her get out of the car and run straight for Niall who was running our way. Jessie looked adorable today, her pink hair was straight, she was wearing a flowery summer dress with gold ballet flats. Jessie and Niall finally reached each other and embraced in a hug. I am not sure why but i started to run in their direction and just before reaching them i jumped and tackled them to the ground.

"Ouch! what was that for!?" Jessie said while pushing my body of her. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Jessie pouted while Niall just laughed, Just as i was about to get up i felt someone sit on me, i turned my head to see that Louis was sitting on my back.

"Get off me you fat thing!" I said while trying to wriggle out from underneath him.

"Oh how rude, How dare you call me fat? I am just big boned!" He replied in a posh English accent. I just laughed and pushed him off me.

I got up and went to Liam, the others followed and we all just sat in a circle and ate the food. Niall ate the most food but hey that's no surprise right? but how can he eat some much and not put any weight on?

We all finished eating, Liam and I stayed sitting and talking while Zayn and Harry kicked a ball around and Louis was playing with a hula hoop trying to catch Harry with the hoop. I looked at Jessie and saw that she was playing a Frisbee game with Niall, They were so cute.  

I was sitting down with my legs crossed while facing Liam who was laying on the blanket looking at the clouds. He looked comfortable so i decided to lay down too. I rested my head on Liam's belly so that we made a T shape. I felt his hand raise and started playing with my hair, i didn't want to say anything because it felt so right. I smiled and looked at the clouds.

"Dakota, I am so sorry about last night, I didn't mean to scare or hurt you and if i did i will do anything to make it up to you" Liam said in a soft voice.

"Liam it is okay, things happen, However that thing reminded me of my past, of my reason for being here" I replied while still looking at the Clouds, I could feel Liam's eye on me, but i just couldn't look at him. i suddenly felt something hit my Stomach i quickly jumped up to see who threw the soccer ball. I caught Zayn and Harry laughing at me and then i turned and looked at Louis who has a evil grin on his Ken lookalike face. 

"Are you going to come play or are you just going to lay there?" Louis asked while snapping his fingers in a z motion.

"Uhm sure i will" i simply replied while getting up, I also helped Liam up and we started to play soccer. It was really unfair at first because it was girls verse boys but there was only two girls and five boys so Jessie and I gave up. I am guessing that Zayn felt bad for us so he joined our team and i am so glad that he did because we were totally kicking butts! The game finally came to a end and Zayn, Jessie and I won by 3 points so Jessie and I did our Victory dance while singing "we are the champions" 

while spinning around i saw a flash and i stopped everything i was doing to look at where the flash was from and found that there were about 10 people taking photos of us. I tapped Jessie on the shoulder and she automatically froze and looked in the same direction. We both looked at Liam and he knew something was going on and then he looked past us to the Paparazzi. The other boys quickly ran to Liam and then they started running around like idiots trying to grab everything.

"Dakota, Give Louis your car keys, he will drive your car home with Harry because you and Jessie are coming with us" Liam said to me as he hugged me.

"Uhm okay" i replied while giving my keys to Louis who got into my car with harry who was already sitting in the passenger seat. Liam and Niall were both pulling Jessie and I to the van. We finally were in the van and i was looking out the window watching the paparazzi, My eyes never left them, as the car started to move i saw that the paparazzi were running after us. The flashes on the cameras were so bright i couldn't see for a while, so i covered my eyes with my hand and Jessie did the same.

After sitting in the Van for ten minutes we finally arrived at home, I looked in my driveway and found my car with Louis and Harry leaning on it.




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