Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


7. Nando's Trip


Liam POV

"Are you going home to Dinner?" I Listened to Dakota as she sat on the Kitchen island bench

"Yeah, i think we will, you are hungry and want something to eat, so we wont intrude" I replied,  I felt bad because as soon as i said it, her beautiful smile faded. I didn't want to leave, we only just met today and i have had soon much fun since. There is something unique about her, i am not sure what it is.

"I dont think i will cook, i am too tired, Jessie do you want takeout?" Dakota asked while taking her glance off me and looking at Jessie who was talking to Niall. Niall is flirting! he can be, they only just met! but they look happy and adorable together. I turned my glance back to Dakota who was still watching Jessie and Niall, I see a small smile on her lips.   

"Sure, what is there to eat in London?!" Jessie replied, i looked back at Jessie to see that she wasn't even looking at Dakota, Her eyes were glued to the blonde Irish boy!

Niall's face lit up at the question. "Well, My favorite is Nando's" he said while tucking a piece of Jessie's hair behind her ear

"Okay, sounds good" Jessie said quietly.

"So i guess you boys are coming with us! I don't know where it is" Dakota quickly said while she looked back at me and smiled. I smiled as well. We get more time together.

"Okay love" I replied as I looked at her in the eyes and closed the gap between us by standing in between her legs.

"Guys! get a room! and you only just met! you are hurting my poor innocent eyes!" Louis said as he covered his eyes with his hand.

"How must you corrupt my poobear?!" Harry quickly added while he put his hands on Louis's to cover them more.

Dakota looked from the boys to me and smiled. I just shook my head and smiled. Harry and Louis and their Bromance!

"I will drive." i said while looking around the room at everyone, They all nodded their heads and started walking out of house. Dakota, Jessie,Niall and I were the last ones to leave the house. Dakota quickly grabbed her house keys and closed the door behind us while locking the front door.

"I will be back soon, just go wait with the boys, i will go grab the keys" i said while touching Dakota's shoulder. She smiled and looked at me, Her eyes are so pretty. "Okay babe" she replied.

I walked into our house and quickly ran to the key holder and grabbed the Keys for the Van.

I walked out out of the house and in the process i locked our house too. I met everyone at in the driveway waiting for me at the Van, I unlocked it and everyone piled in. I sat in the drivers seat as i was driving, Niall and Jessie climbed into the van and went straight to the back, Harry, Louis and Zayn Sat in the middle and i turned to see who was left and it was Dakota, she looked at me and smiled and sat in the passenger seat.

The ride to Nando's was quiet, it was about 20 minutes long. Everyone were quiet so i turned on the Radio, and smiled, i turned to the boys and nodded my head, letting them know that i told the girl who we were, One of our new songs, Little Things just come on the Radio. Us boys stayed quiet to see if the girls would notice our voices, so far they have not realised.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that Jessikah was lying her head on Niall's shoulder and his head rested on top of her head. Niall looked up at me as he rested his hand in Jessikah's hair. I looked back at Dakota, who's head is leaning against the window, I saw a couple of tears roll down her cheeks.

"Love, are you alright? i asked as i put my hand on her lap. Why is she crying?

"uhm Yeah, this song is so beautiful. It's Really Sweet" she said while listening to Little Things, She made me smile! She likes our songs, she thinks they are beautiful.,

"Babe, It's okay, Yeah it is a really good song, i like it too" I replied still with my hand on her lap, i felt her hand touch mine, she turned my hand over so it was palm up, She drew circles on my palm, which tickled alot, i smiled.

"Who sings it?!" she asked while looking at me, she put she fingers between mine and squeezed my hand a little. She is holding my hand, i smiled at the thought and i looked at her, she was looking back at me while biting her lip.

"We do!" i simply said, squeezing her hand back.

"Really?, It is beautiful, such talent!" she replied

We were just arriving at Nando's i pulled the van up in a parking spot, and everyone piled out, Harry, Louis and Zayn were all talking about some random things, and Niall and Jessikah were holding hands and talking about what was the best to order at Nando's. Dakota walked around to where i was and linked her arm under mine,

"Shall we go?!" she said in a posh accent. i just laughed and smiled at her.

"Yes we shall" I replied in a accent mimicking Dakota's. Dakota just laughed and smiled and punched my arm playfully

We were walking behind Harry, Lou, and Zayn and Jessikah and Niall were walking beside us, Jessikah and Dakota were standing beside each other holding hands

We walked in and everything went silent, Everyone was looking at us, The silence was broken by the waitress asking us how she can help.

"Can we please get a table for seven, please?" Zayn Said and he winked at the young teenager serving us

"Okay a table for seven, please follow me" She replied and lead us to a table with seven seats.

"Hello my name is Sarah, Here are the Menus, Please take your time, i will be back in a few minutes to get your order" She said as she handed us menu each and smiled before leaving to serve other people.

We all sat down, and looked at the Menus.

"What are you going to get?" Niall asked Jessie.

"I think i might get the Chicken breast fillet wrap" she replied with a smile on her face.

"Oh that sounds good, i think i am going to order that too" Dakota added.

After a couple of minutes, everyone has decided what they wanted, Sarah came back to take our order

"Can i please get to 3 Chicken breast fillet wraps, 2 Flame- Grilled Butterfly Chicken breast, 1 10 Chicken wings, 1 5 chicken wings, 2 1/2 peri peri chickens" Said Dakota with so much enthusiasm. They waitress wrote everything down and walked away.

"So that was really your song playing on the radio?" Jessikah asked.

"Well really it was given to us by a really good friend of ours, Ed Sheeran" Said Harry

"Okay, you boys  are so talented!" Dakota said as she smiled. Her face looked straight past me. i turned my head to see where she was looking and found that there were two girls standing behind us with a napkin and a pen.

"May we please get a photo?" they asked. I smiled, of course they can. All the boys got up and stood beside the two girls. they were struggling taking the picture.

"Here, i will take it" Said Dakota as she smiled and stood up, The girl handed her the camera and said "thank you"!

"Okay, 1,2,3, say cheese!" Dakota said as she snapped a photo of us. She smiled at her handy work and handed the camera back and sat back down. All the boys and I signed the napkins and said thank you

We finally got our orders, and we all started to eat, no surprise that Niall had the biggest order and was the fastest one to finish it. Everyone was silent while eating. Everyone finally finished their food and we all leant back into our chair.

"That was so yummy!" said Dakota

"Yes! it was, but now i am really full, i feel like i am about to explode" Replied Jessikah as she rubbed her belly

We decided it was time to go home as it was almost 9:30pm, we got up from the table and walked to the counter and paid for the food.


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