Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


2. Meeting the Neighbours

I like London, Scratch that I LOVE London. I have now been in London for 3 weeks. I love my townhouse it was very spacious for one person! like come on 5 bedrooms!

I am in the middle of my morning jogging routine, Head phones in Music Blasting into my ears while I get into a pattern. Just casually thinking to myself while wondering why I am getting weird looks. “Just smile and wave boys” just pops into my head! Madagascar is one of mine and Jessie’s favourite movies. I miss her.

I finally make it home. I feel good, such a happy mood. I smile to myself while taking my sneakers off. I am still listening to my iPod while I walk to the bathroom and run a warm bubble bath. Yes I know I am now 18 and I am still having bubble baths: I am such a kid sometimes but hey that’s me for you!

I grab my phone and decide to check my twitter. I decide to post a new tweet dedicated to Jessikah.

@DakotaAshton: Missing you @JessikahWood! Our song just came on; made me think of you! The ready Set: Love like Woe J

I smiled to myself while I take my clothes off and hop into the bathtub, closing my eyes, I lay my head back and relax until I hear my phone making a beeping noise notifying me I have a new tweet. I quickly sit up and grab my phone like a ninja to read the tweet.

@JessikahWood: @DakotaAshton Missing you too Babe!!!

I smile and go back to relaxing until I hear my door bell ring. Oh Who the hell is it? I am trying to relax here! Damn it!

I quickly get out of the bath tub and wrap my hair up in a towel so it can dry and then wrap another towel around my body. Walking to the front door; Now wishing I got dressed.

I open the door and to my surprise I find a cute guy, Tan, with brown eyes, cute smile, newly shaved head and he looks like a little taller than me. He doesn’t look that much older than myself.

“Hello, I am Liam Payne, I’m your neighbour, I was going to come over early to introduce myself but I didn’t think you… Ohhh you are only in a towel! I am so sorry for interrupting you!”  He said he blushed. He turned he head so he isn’t looking at me..

“Oh sorry, yeah I just got out of the bath, give me a couple seconds and I will go get changed?” I replied a little embarrassed. I welcome him into the house and close the door, I lead him to the lounge room.

“Make yourself at home, I will be back in a few minutes” I quickly add while running up the stairs to my room. I knew it! I should have got dressed! Damn it! That’s embarrassing, we only just met and he had already seen me in only a towel. I quickly run to my wardrobe and find my black matching bra and undies and put them on. I also grab a bright yellow jumper that is a little too big for me and put it on as well as grey track pants. I take the towel out of my hair and quickly tie my hair up in a messy bun. There! I am dressed! Wohoo go me. I quickly grab my phone from the bathroom on my way back down the stairs. I walk into the Kitchen and grab two cups and some milk.

“so was she really only in a towel?” a voice asked with excitement in his voice.

“Yes Harry, I felt bad, what does she think of me now?” I heard another reply, it sounded like Liam.

“Harry I knew you and I should have come earlier!!!” said another voice, a different voice to the first one.

I quickly pop my head around the corner to see who else was in my house. To my surprise I found four other boys with Liam, they were all sitting down on the couches. Liam was sitting on a chair with a blonde haired boy, who was eating biscuits and laughing at what another boy said. I looked over to who Liam was talking to and I saw two boys sitting on the other couch, one had curly brown hair and the other looked like Ken the Barbie Doll.

“Shh Harry and Lou! She might hear us” Liam said looking at the curly haired boy and then Ken look alike.

“She might hear what” I replied while walking into the lounge room from the kitchen. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

“Carrots!!!!!” said the Ken Look alike. I smiled while everyone else laughed. Random Much.

“Dakota, this is Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn, Boys this is Dakota, she is our new neighbour!” Replied Liam as he was pointing from the curly haired boy who I guess was Harry, then Ken look alike, blonde boy and other boy who looked a model! He was so beautiful. I know Beautiful is a weird word to call a boy but it’s perfect for him, I am guessing his name is Zayn.

I smiled at Liam and then look at the other boys and waved. Liam was definitely the cutest one.

I sat down between Harry and Louis as they requested. Just as I was about to go grab the milk and more glasses I heard a beeping noise. I quickly grabbed my phone out of my pocket and looked at the tweet I was sent.

@JessikahWood: @DakotaAshton Who are they?! They are cute!!

I quickly replied not thinking.

@DakotaAshton: @JessikahWood Ohhh only my neighbours, Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn

I then looked at her tweet again and wondered how she knew I had visitors, I quickly tweeted again

@DakotaAshton: @JessikahWood Uhmmm how do you know I have visitors??!!!!!!!!!!

I put my phone away and grabbed the milk and more glasses and carried them to the lounge room. Just as I put down everything on my coffee table my phone beeped again, I quickly grabbed it and read the tweet:

@JessikahWood: @DakotaWood I saw them walk into your house silly! Surprise!!!!!!!! Ps I am waiting outside

I screamed while jumping up and down and bumped the coffee table which spilt the milk everywhere.

“Are you okay Dakota? What is it love?” Asked Liam concerned.

“Omg , omg, omg! Be right back! Stay here” I replied running for the front door. I stuck my head out the front door and saw Jessikah standing beside a tree with a big luggage bag. She saw me at the same time and ran straight for me with her luggage.

We ran straight into each other with so much excitement we both almost fell over.

“I Missed you!” I said while hugging Jessie

“Me too” she replied while hugging back

“Me Three” said another voice. I looked up and saw/felt Louis hugging us, I laughed while whispering into Jessie ear “Jessie, this is Louis, Louis this is Jessie”. Jessie Laughed.

Just as we were about to let go we felt more arms around us, I tried to look around but someone’s arm was stopping me from moving my head. I looked at Jessie as her head was right in front of me; smiled and mouthed ‘Sorry’, she giggled and mouth “their hot” back to me.

“Omg Girls It’s One direction!!!!!” I heard someone yell, Jessie heard it to as she looked at me confused. I felt all the boys freeze around us. Uhmmm okay

“Run!!” I heard Louis yelled as he let go of the hug and ran into my house. All the other boys let go and then ran to the house. Jessie and I were just left in the middle of the street looking at each other with confusion. We heard running, Heaps of people running, we turned around and looked where the noise was coming from and saw about 30 girls running towards us. I froze and I am guess Jessie did too, she quickly grabbed my hand and squeezed it, I closed my eyes expecting to be pushed over when I felt arms around me quickly picking me up and running. My hand slipped from Jessie’s grip and I quickly opened my eyes to find her being carried by Niall into the house. I turn to look at who picked me up and saw Liam’s Beautiful face, He smiles at me and I automatically smile back and mouth ‘thank you’.



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