Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


13. Meeting Sally Buckton

Dakota POV

"We fill them all up and go to Mine, Louis and Zayn's bedroom windows and throw them. They wont stick around for long" Harry said before walking away.

It took us about 10 minutes to fill up about 80 water ballons and 7 water guns. We all walked up the stairs and found our way to the boys bedrooms. I was with Liam in Harry's Bedroom. Niall and Jessie were in Louis's and Louis, Harry and Zayn were all in Zayn's Bedroom. We opened the window and i stuck my head out to see that the others had opened the windows as well.

"Ready, 1, 2 3" Louis yelled which was our que to let the ballons go.

I grabbed three at a time and started throwing them. it was fun, All the paparazzi were all shocked and looked up at us.

"Arhh , What the?" and "My camera!!!" was all we heard before the paparazzi all ran for their cars before driving away in a rush.

We all looked at each other and started laughing, that was fun. we were all laughing as we walked down stairs and sat down in the lounge room to watch some TV. After about 10 minutes the doorbell rung.  

"Its Sally!" Louis yelled before getting up, Jessie and I both looked at each other and smiled as we jumped up and ran after Louis to the front door, we were running to fast and just as Louis opened the door Jessie and I both ran into him knocking him to the ground.

"oh Hello" Sally said as she walked in the house and looked at us

I quickly got up and helped Jessie while Sally helped Louis. Just as Louis embraced Sally into a hug i couldn't stop looking at them they are so cute! Sally is so pretty, Her hair was blonde and was curly. She had hazel eyes. She looks like a barbie doll.

"Sally, This is Dakota and Jessie, they are our new neighbours" Louis said while pulling out of the hug and pointing to Me and then Jessie.

"Hello" Jessie and I both said together

"Hello" She replied while linking arms with Louis and practically dragging him to the lounge room. Jessie and I both looked at each other, okay she is really pretty but i have this weird feeling about her

Jessie and I both linked arms and skipped into the lounge room, We stopped and i pulled Jessie closer to me, We watched as both Liam and Niall looked up at us smiling, they were both sitting on the same chair and a thought came into my head. "Lets go jump on them" I whispered to Jessie whose eyes went from mine to the boys, a smile appeared on her face before she nodded. We slowly walked over to the boys and then quickly jumped on them and just smiled.

"oh hahahaha" Niall said while laughing, pulling Jessie properly onto his laps, Jessie's smiled just grew bigger.

Liam looked at me and i smiled as he smiled at me before pulling me onto his lap as well. I looked at Jessie and just smiled while high fiving her. I looked around the room and realised that Sally was sitting on Louis lap and Harry was sitting on Zayn's. What the?

we all just started laughing as Zayn pushed Harry off his lap which caused Harry to land on the floor.

"Ouch" Harry said while standing up and rubbing his arse.

"serves you right!" Zayn said before sticking his tongue out

"Fine!" harry replied before walking towards me, His smile grew bigger as he grinned. What is he going to do.

He quickly turned around and sat on me. He was really light, so it wasn't that bad, i turned my hair and looked at Liam who just shrugged his shoulders.

"So Sally, Tell us about yourself" Jessie said while looking at sally. I watched as all the other boys just shook their heads and rolled their eyes all except Louis. Okay this is weird.

"I am getting some juice" Harry said before getting up and walking to the kitchen.

"Me too" Niall and Zayn both said before following Harry, I looked back at Liam in confusion.

"I will tell you later" He whispered into my ear before pulling a piece of my hair and tucking it behind my ear.

I looked back at Sally who just looked at us blankly. What is her problem!

" Okay so i am 20, I don't have a job, I am a daddy's girl and i get whatever i want, If i dont like you, you will definitely know about it." sally said while kissing Louis's Cheek

What the hell? Spoilt brat!

I faked smiled and said the first thing that popped into my head. "So how did you and Louis Meet?

"Well we met about 1 year ago, I was jogging, doing my normal routine and ran into Louis by accident, It was love at first sight" Sally said with a bright smile on her face.

"That's cute!, i am just going to grab some juice, i will be back soon" I said while getting up and grabbing Jessie's hand and dragging her with me, i turned my head and realised that Liam was following us. We walked into the kitchen where all the boys were sitting on the kitchen benches drinking orange juice

"So what do you think of Miss Sally Buckton?" Zayn asked while taking a sip of the juice.

"Hahaha thanks for leaving us in there!"Jessie said before grabbing a glass and walking to the sink to get some water

"Oh she is nice" i said sarcastically. All the boys laughed and it went silent, it was a awkward silence, i had to break it.

"So you boys don't like her?" i asked while looking around at them.

"I would, if she wasn't so spoilt and rude" Harry said simply.

"Does Lou know you don't like her?"  Jessie asked before taking a seat on the floor. I walked over to her and sat down beside her.

"No he doesn't, We like to keep it that way, She makes him happy, and we all want him to be happy" Liam replied as he looked at the ground

We all left it at that. I wasn't game enough to go back to the lounge room, I would probably hit her. I looked down at my clothes and realised i was still in my pj's.

"Oh i am going to go back home and get dressed, you coming Jessie?" i asked while getting up

"Yeah" Jessie said while putting her hand out so i could grab it and help her up.

We all hugged the boys and said goodbye before walking past the lounge room and sticking our heads in

"We have to go home, it was nice meeting you Sally" i said while waving goodbye to Louis and his girlfriend. They both smiled and waved back to us.

Jessie and I quickly walked out of the house and walked to our front door. I unlocked the door and followed Jessie up the stairs.

"How can Louis be with her, she is so rude and mean while he is nice and sweet"  Jessie said while walking into her room

"Well they say opposites attract!" I laughed  before walking into my bedroom. I picked out what i was going to wear for the day, I grabbed my blue lacey undies and bra and a pair of my jeans and a loose fitting white T-shirt. I put the clothes on my bed and walked into the bathroom with just my undies and bra I closed the door behind me, I quickly undressed myself before letting the tap run for a bit, I put my arm under to feel the temperature. It was warm, I jumped in and just stood under the water, letting it hit me and i thought about the events over the last two days.



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