Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


16. Kiss and Tell


Jessie POV

"Okay!!! but can i ask a question?" I listened to Dakota say, She had a smile on her face. .

"Fine, but make it snappy!" i replied while laughing, what is she going to ask me, i am nervous

"So what is happening between you and Niall?" Kota asked. Her question caught my offhand,Well i like spending time with him, he makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me Happy. I like him. but she will make a big fuss out of it 

"Well nothing, we are just friends" I decided to say. It's not a lie i guess. we are only friends.

"Whatever, i know you like him, and he likes you back!" She said before walking away. Oh Sugar, she knows i like him. but hold a second. He likes me back!? No he can't. It's me, no one likes me.

Niall POV  

The boys and I are all at the studio recording and preparing a few things for our upcoming tour. The last three weeks have been amazing! We have spent almost every day with the two girls before our break ended.

Now that the Fans and public know who they are we keep getting bombarded not that we weren't before. But this time it's Different!.

We even got caught in Nando's, Like come on Nando's? a restaurant? where we eat! i was in the middle of eating when a group of fans came up and asked for autographs and photos with Us and the girls. and then out of nowhere all of a sudden there were about 20 papz and heaps more fans. We had Phil, one of our bodyguard with us and he grabbed all seven of us and dragged us to the Kitchen. I didn't even get to finish my food.

I was daydreaming about how i spent the last three weeks with one of the most amazing girls i have ever met. Jessie is so adorable in everyday  I love her personality,  her attitude, her outlook on everything, She is so different, I like it! i like her. i just don't know how to tell her.

I woke up from my daydream by Louis jumping on my back and Liam asking 'If i am alright' No i am not alright! i like a girl very much and she has no clue. She doesn't even like me back.  

"Erhh Yeah i am alright" I replied to Liam. Liam looked a little concerned and looked at me before looking at his phone.

My phone vibrated. a text from Liam. i looked at the Text and put a small smile on my face.  

From: Liam -DaddyDirection  

You okay? need to talk? lets go outside.  

I looked up at him, he was waiting for a response, i quickly nodded my head before getting up and walking outside. I looked behind and watched Liam follow me  

"What's U...." Liam started to say before i rudely interrupted.  

"I like her, and she doesn't know! how do i tell her? What if she doesn't like me back? What am i going to do? the last three weeks have been amazing. i can't stop thinking about her" I said quickly but clearly. I sounded a little frustrated because i am!  

"Look Niall, Dont worry and calm down, You are stressing over nothing. Just tell her how you feel. and How do you know she doesnt like you, Like Seriously, do you not know how much you flirt!" Liam replied while looking at me and patting my shoulder/back.  "Look, Leave now, I will cover for you. Go tell her!" Liam said before handing me the car keys and walking back into the studio.

 I looked at the keys, squeezed them tight and walked straight to the car. No chickening out now

I got into the car, started it and drove home, as i arrived home i looked at their house. I finally built up all the courage and got out of the car and walked to their front door. 'Jessie I like you' was all i thinking about.

I pressed the doorbell and waited about a minute before Jessie came running to the door, when she opened the door i felt a smile appear on my face i also watched a little smile on her face.

"Niall come i...." She started to say, If she says another word i will chicken out.

I quickly interrupted her. "Jessie I like you" There i blurted it out. 

I felt weight come off my shoulders. Her smile grew bigger and bigger.

"I like you too" she replied. I felt my face go closer to hers. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. As my face was inching towards her, Her lips were meeting mine half way.

We both closed our eyes and our lips touched!, Her lips felt so soft and sweet against mine. I lent more into the kissed as she did. My arms found their way to her waist as i felt her arms wrapped around my neck. The kiss was so deep and passionate. something i have never felt this deeply about.

 We both pulled away from the kiss just as Dakota was walking to the door. I realised my arms were still around Jessie' waist.

"Well Well what do we have here?" Dakota said while looking at us.

I felt my cheeks go red and i quickly looked at Jessie who was also Blushing.


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