Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


11. Drunken Past


Dakota POV

We finally arrived in the boys driveway, i looked over at my driveway to find that Louis and Harry were both leaning up against my car. They walked over to us and we all went into the boys house, i was quiet nervous, i have never been in their house.

I slowly walked in while Jessie followed behind me and was holding my hand, we looked around in the hall, Their hallway was covered in photos of them and some fans and then i am guessing the cover photos for their albums.

"Hey Girls, do you want anything like a drink or something?" I heard Harry say before leaving the hallway and walking to what i guess was the kitchen.

"Just a glass of juice please" i replied while looking at Jessie as she nodded her head. "Make that two please" i added at the end.

"You have a really nice house" Jessie said to Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam while they were looking at us while we were standing in the hallway.

Louis started to move followed by Zayn and Niall, i decided to follow them as well as we walked to the lounge room, Jessie and Liam finally reached us and sat down beside me.

"Thanks" Zayn said while looking at window.

"I am so sorry about what happened at the park, If we knew they were going to be there we wouldn't of taken you" Liam said while looking at me and then Jessie

"It's okay, they only took a couple of photos right?" i replied. 

"But they like turning the most simplest thing into the most wrong thing, They like making you look bad" Zayn replied. my smile faded.

"So in other words, it's not a good thing that we were seen with you?" Jessie asked while looking at her lap, I quickly grabbed her hand and held it. 

"No babe, i am happy they saw you with us, it's just complicated" Niall said while grabbing and holding Jessie's other hand, i watched as a smile reappeared on her face.

Harry finally walked into the room with our drinks, We just sat there and talked, we all had fun. I can't believe we actually won the game of soccer.

"Oh, Forgot to tell you girls that My girlfriend Sally is coming over tomorrow, I want you to meet her. You're going to love her" Louis said with a bright smile on his face.

"Okay, Sounds good" I replied with a smile on my face, we finally get to meet another girl.

I looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall. It was now 5:45pm, woahhhhh that went quick we spent 3 hours at the park.

"Do you want to have dinner with us tonight? i am cooking Zucchini, pea and mint spaghetti" Harry said while sipping a drink of water.

I looked at Jessie for approval and watched as she nodded her head, "I guess that's a yes" i said back to Harry.

"Okay well, it should be ready at 6:30" Harry replied while standing up and walking somewhere.

"I need to go home and have a shower, Dakota are you coming?" Jessie asked while getting up, i guess this is my cue

"Ohm, Yeah i need to do a couple of things" i replied to Jessie while standing up also, i turned my body to the boys "So i will see you boys at 6:30, and thanks for today, we had fun" I added before walking to the front room, Liam and Niall both followed as and closed the door behind us.

We reached our front door and unlocked it before stomping in. It has been a long lazy day, but i enjoyed it. I dragged myself up the stairs and walked to my room. I dont feel like dressing up tonight. "Jessie, I dont want to dress up for tea, I am just going to wear my pj's" I said while sticking my head out the door and looked at Jessie who just smiled "Okay me too!".

I walked to my wardrobe and pulled out my blue and purple polka dot Pj's and a grey singlet, I closed my bedroom door and walked to the bathroom, i closed the door behind me. I took two steps and reached the basin and washed my face, removing all my make up. I took my hair out and stripped naked and turned the shower on. I had a nice warm shower and washed my hair  and my body. After feeling pretty clean i turned the water off and got out of the shower. All the stream fogged up my mirror so i quickly grabbed my towel and wiped the mirror so i could see myself. I wrapped the towel around my hair before grabbing another towel and drying myself off. I walked out of my bathroom with only the towel wrapped around me.

I forgot to grab my underwear!!! i walked to the wardrobe and pulled open my draw set and grabbed my pink bra and undies. I had a thing for Matching bra and undies. I clipped my bra around me before pulling my underwear up. I unwrapped the towel around me and let it drop to the floor, I grabbed the pj's I Picked earlier and pulled them on. I just finished pulling on my singlet before my door opened, I was relieved when it was only Jessie. I took the towel out of my hair and grabbed my brush and sat on the bed.

I watched as Jessie started to walk over to me. She looked cute in her long zebra print pants and a Bright pink singlet and her huge puppy dog slippers with her hair down while still wet. she took the hair brush out of my hand and sat behind me and started brushing my hair.

"I had fun today babe" she said while slowly untangling the knots in my hair

"I know, i could see the big smile on you face when you were with Niall" I replied as she was continuing to brush my hair.

"So did you and Liam talk?" she asked while she stopped brushing my hair

"yeah, he apologized" i simply said while looking down, playing with my fingers.

"He likes you, I can tell" She said as she started to brush my hair again

"We only just met" i started to say before being cut off by Jessie "I know you only just met, but you can't keep using excuses. Just because one jerk decided to Cheat on you, doesn't mean that Liam would do the same. and i know you like him back too" she simply said. i just stayed quiet. Could i like him? Yeah he was really nice, and cute but we only met yesterday.

"Done!" Jessie quickly said while standing up and handing me the hair brush. 

I quickly stood up and put the hairbrush back in the bathroom before grabbing my Panda slippers and slipping them onto my feet. I walked out of my room as Jessie walked out of hers.

We both looked at the time on the digital clock that was on a side table in the hallway. 6:25pm, Just in time. We both linked arms as we skipped down the stairs and walked out of the front door before locking it behind us.

We continued to skip until we reached the boys front door. we were about to push the doorbell button but stopped because the door quickly opened and behind hid Louis with a smile so bright.

"were you standing there waiting for us?" i quickly asked Louis. 

"Of Course not!!!!" he simply replied before running away and leaving Jessie and I at the front door.  Zayn finally came and let us both inside and led us to the kitchen that was set up so beautifully.

They had a long rectangular table that had three seats on each side and one chair at one of the ends. The table had a silver table cloth, and was covered with plates and knifes, forks, and spoons with wine glasses. In the middle of the table there was a bunch of white roses and at each side of the flowers there was a three candles. Zayn sat down at one of the chairs and we were interrupted by Louis running into the room wearing his Pj's, wait what? he wasn't wearing them before. He looked cute though, he was wearing red and white stripy Pj's. He caught me looking at him and smiled.

"Like what you see?" he said 

"Hhahaha no! why did you change?" i replied hopefully tricking him into changing the subject

"I felt left out" he said as he pouted. Yes it worked!

Liam led me to a chair across from Zayn, Jessie sat beside me and then there was a little argument over who sat beside us. But Louis sorted it out by sitting there when no one was looking. Liam sat across from Louis while Niall sat between Zayn and Liam and i am guessing Harry was sitting at the head of the table.

Just as everyone was seated, Harry walked out of the kitchen with a saucepan full of the Pasta. It smelt so good and yummy, i sniffed the air as he walked beside me, He dished me up some and then moved onto Jessie and so on until everyone had food. He walked back to the Kitchen and stuck his head.

"wine?!" Harry asked. my face dropped, I don't drink i vowed i would never drink, Not after My father decided to have a little too many beers and forced my mother into the car while leaving me home alone when i was 10years old. I never saw them again, They died because my father ran a stop sign. My Dad killed my mum.

"Um just orange juice for me please, i don't drink, sorry" I replied while looking down, i felt Jessie grab my hand underneath the table, We have known each other since we were little but only really got close around the time i lost my parents. She was my only friend, Her parents took me in. I felt Jessie squeeze my hand which made me look up at her and i saw a small smile, i squeezed her hand back and smiled back at her.

"Actually i will only have a orange juice too please, i don't drink either" Jessie replied while taking her eyes off me and looking at Harry.

"Okay, Everyone is having orange juice!" Harry replied as i heard the fridge door open and shut again

I felt all eyes on me, Why are they looking at me? "What?" I said which made everyone look away from me to their food before Zayn interrupted "Can i please ask why you don't drink? You are the only 18 year old i know that doesn't drink" Zayn said while looking at me confused.

Jessie grabbed my hand again and squeezed it and looked at me. She knows it hurts me when i think about the accident. She shook her head letting me know i didn't have to tell them. I wanted to, They are so nice to me. They deserve to know a little about my past. 

"My parents died" I simply said, hoping that was all I had to say. I stopped talking and started to play with my food, i felt Jessie hug me, i didn't know why she was hugging me until i felt myself hugging her back and crying.

"I think we better go, I am so sorry" Jessie said while pushing her seat back and standing up.

"Zayn!" Niall said while nudging his shoulder.

"I am sorry, i didn't mean to" Zayn quickly said while standing up aswell.

I quickly stood up and walked to the front door waiting for Jessie. I think she was saying goodbye. I was just about to leave her there until i saw Liam walk around the corner, He saw me and quickly hugged me and i hugged him back, we sunk to the ground while i just cried on his shoulder. 

"I am sorry" i said between sniffles. Liam just hugged me tighter "It's okay, do you want to talk about it?" he said while pulling away and wiping my tears away.

"I don't drink because it killed my Parents, My dad killed my mum, He had too many beers one night and forced my mum into the car and left me at home by myself, He ran a stop sign and a truck crashed into them." i said while hugging him more and breaking down in more tears.

"Kota, i am ready" Jessie said while walking around the corner, She stopped as she saw Liam and I on the ground, me crying on his shoulder. 

My eyes were getting sore and tired, i couldn't cry anymore. i just sat there hugging Liam as he played with my hair. I was slowly falling asleep.

Liam POV

"My parents died" Dakota said, I felt my heart stop, that must be so horrible. I saw that she stopped talking and was playing with her food, i just sat there watching, i didn't know what to do or say, i saw tears running from her eyes.  Jessie quickly embraced Dakota in a hug as Dakota broke down and started crying more.

"I think we better go, I am so sorry" Jessie said while pushing her seat back and standing up.

"Zayn!" Niall said while nudging his shoulder.

"I am sorry, i didn't mean to" Zayn quickly said.

I watched in silent as Dakota quickly stood up and walked away. Jessie stayed behind a couple of minutes telling us she was sorry they had to go but everything was going to be okay. I couldn't deal with it anymore, i couldn't just sit there and watch. I stood up and walked to the front door to find that Dakota was standing there wiping her tears away while waiting for Jessie. I quickly walked to her and gave her a hug. I felt her hug back as she was crying, i could feel her tears through my shirt.

We sunk to the ground and just sat there hugging each other while Dakota cried.

"I am sorry" She said between sniffles, i just hugged her tighter, She shouldn't be sorry, i just cant stand seeing her like this. "It's okay, do you want to talk about it?" I replied while pulling away from the hug and looking at her in the eyes while wiping the tears away. 

"I don't drink because it killed my Parents, My dad killed my mum, He had a little too many beers one night and forced my mum into the car and left me at home by myself, He ran a stop sign and a truck crashed into them." Dakota said while hugging me tighter, I could feel my shirt getting wetter as she broke down into tears again, I started to play with her hair. 

"Kota, i am ready" Jessie said while walking around the corner, She stopped as she saw Dakota and I on the ground with Dakota in my arms crying. I looked at Jessie and back to Dakota who was calming down, crying must of made her tired because in a couple of minutes she was asleep in my arms.

"you both can stay here, she is sleeping now" i said to Jessie as i watched a smile appear on face.

"Okay" she replied as I was getting up, I had Dakota in my arms, fast asleep.

"You both can sleep in my bed, I will sleep on the lounge"  I replied while carrying Dakota to my room as Jessie followed. I slowly made it to my room trying not to wake Dakota. I managed to put her on my bed and tuck her in. She looked so peaceful sleeping, I kissed her forehead while saying goodnight, I quickly grabbed my Pj's and left the room so Jessie could also sleep.

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