Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


12. Chasing the Papz

Liam POV

I woke up to the sunlight hitting my face, I slowly covered my eyes to block the sun and shuffled a little so i was more comfortable, The lounge chair that i was sleeping on was not good for you back. I couldn't find a comfortable position so i just decided to sit up. Just as i sat up i started to rub my eyes and stretch,  I saw Louis walk inside the lounge room and walk to the windows. He pulled the curtains back and quickly turned around to face me, i quickly covered my eyes from the bright light.

"Good-morning Sunshine, Time to wake up" Louis said while moving from the windows to the door again.

"Are Dakota and Jessie still here?" i questioned Louis while slowly standing up

"Yeah, they are, their still sleeping" Louis replied while turning his head to look at me

I smiled automatically, She is still here. We both walked into the kitchen to find that Harry and Zayn were cooking breakfast. it smelt so good.

"What's cooking Good looking?" Louis asked as he grabbed Harry's bottom. Harry just smiled and laughed while shaking his head

"Just scrambled eggs, Niall stop eating and go set up the table" Harry replied to Louis while looking at Niall. Niall did as he was told and i followed and helped him.

The boys and I all sat down, we decided not to wake the girls. We all grabbed a plate full of toast and scrambled eggs, no surprise that Niall had the most. Louis Left the table and a few minutes he walked back into the kitchen with the newspaper in his hand with his mouth open.

"Boys, you should see this!" he said while looking back at the newspaper

"Why, What is up?" Niall and Zayn both said at the same time.

Louis just shook his head again and turned the newspaper around so we could all see it. All our mouths fell open, We were all a little shocked at seeing the heading "1D's Mystery Girls! - Who are they?!" and just below the heading was a photo of the girls and us from yesterday while we were in the park.

I quickly got up and grabbed the paper out of Lou's hands and sat back down at the table with one of my hands holding my head up. My eyes went to the paragraph. How could papz put this photo in here? How will the girls react? all different kinds of questions popped into my mind while reading a paragraph.

Directioners have some competition, the One direction boys have snatched up two girls and were enjoying a day in the park yesterday while they had a picnic. The five studs all had a fun time playing soccer with the girls. By the looks of it Liam and Niall have both connected with the two mystery girls while Liam got cozy with one as they both looked up at the clouds and while Niall enjoyed chucking the Frisbee around with the girl who has pink hair. All five boys and both girls could not keep the smiles of their faces. Who are they? How did they snatch the attention of the famous boyband, How did they meet?

Just as i finished reading the paper i looked up to see Dakota and Jessie enter the room. They all looked at us half asleep and smiled before sitting down and grabbing some toast and scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice.

i couldn't stop thinking about the newspaper, It wasn't too bad but it does get worse. My eyes were glued to Dakota as she smiled at me. Should i tell her?

Dakota POV

I woke up to someone snoring, i turned my body around so that i was now laying on my right shoulder, i smiled and started to giggle as i found Jessie snoring like a grizzly bear and she was even dribbling, my eyes soon found their way to her hair i started to giggle again but then covered my mouth, i can not wake her up. Her hair was pointing in all different directions. I quickly grabbed my mobile phone and snapped a picture of her. She is so going to hate me for this but It's okay i still love her and it's funny, I found my way to the twitter app and decided to post the picture while tagging Jessie and writing a sweet caption

@DakotaAshton: Doesn't @JessikahWood Look Adorable Sleeping, If you look closely you can see her Dribble.

I finally decided to wake her up after realising the time was 7:30am, i sat up and grabbed my pillow and with all my force i smashed it into Jessie's Head. I quickly jumped out of the bed as Jessie moved and grabbed the pillow and chucked it at me.

"Wakey Wakey Sleepy head!!!!" i yelled before jumping on her.

"Owww! I am awake, where are we? this isn't my room?" She asked while sitting up, I had no clue what she was talking about until i looked around the room. This isn't our house!!! What the? I got up and moved to the feature wall and found photos of Liam.

"We are still in their house!" I laughed as i grabbed the photo of Liam and showed Jessie who just smiled.

Jessie got out of the bed and started making it, I put the picture back and walked back to the bed and helped her. We finished making the bed and walked down stairs where we could smell something yummy. As we walked closed the kitchen the voices started to get louder. We finally reached the archway and just stood they admiring the five boys as they all sat around the table eating Breakfast, Harry was grabbing some orange juice from the fridge, Niall was eating, and Zayn and Louis were both talking about something and then my eyes focused on Liam who looked really adorable reading the Newspaper.

Jessie and I both smiled at the boys as their eyes found their way to us. We all smiled and they smiled back as Jessie and I sat down and helped ourselves to some toast, scrambled eggs and some orange juice. I am guessing Harry was the one that cooked as i looked at him and realised he was wearing an apron,

"Goodmorning" i said 

"Goodmorning Love" they all replied back, I loved the way they called me Love

"What's in the newspaper? anything interesting?" I asked Liam and watched as his face went Pale.

"Umm, We are in the newspaper?" He replied

"Oh Boys that's great, you boys deserve it, Why are you in the newspaper?" I asked again. Dakota get used to it, the boys are famous and you will never fit in.

"Um not only us boys, You and Jessie are in it too, It's from the photos at the park" Louis said while taking a sip of water. I felt my face go pale,

"Babe, It's nothing bad, They don't even know your names, They are wondering who you are, and how you two both met us boys" Liam said as he grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

"Okay" I replied while fake smiling, I am not used to hanging out with famous people, what did i get myself into.

I was easily distracted by Jessie punching my arm, I looked at her in confusion

"You little Biatch!, i will get you back, that is just embarrassing" She said while waving her phone around with the photo that i took earlier displayed.

"It was adorable! I just had to share it" i laughed.

The boys looked at us at confusion and Jessie just shook her head. I have to tell them! It is funny

"I woke up to someone snoring, and turned to find Jessie sleeping and snoring, She was even dribbling and her hair was pointing everywhere! I decided to post it on twitter" I replied smiling brightly at my accomplishment

"You have twitter?" Asked Niall almost spitting out his food

"Um Yeah doesn't almost everybody" Jessie replied while poking her tongue out, We all started laughing and then the boys all pulled out their phones and looked at us

"So what's your twitter names? we will follow you" Harry said while grinning at us. He looked so hot when he grinned. I quickly took my eyes of him and looked at my food.

"@DakotaAshton and @JessikahWood" Jessie and I both said at the same time. Jessie and I both looked at each other and smiled.

My phone beeped and i quickly grabbed it and looked at the notifications, Jessie looked her phone as well.

@Real_Liam_Payne @Zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles followed you

I followed them all back.

"I followed back!" i said while they all went back to eating their food

"Me too" Jessie said as she grabbed some toast and started chewing.

The doorbell rang and Zayn got up to walk to the door, 

"Guys! come here!" Zayn yelled from the front door, We all jumped out of our seats and ran to Zayn, we were all over the place, i stood on Harry's foot and managed to hit Louis in the Nuts.

"What is it?" we all replied while looking at Zayn concerned.

"We have visitors and alot of them! look" He said while pointing to the door.

Louis opened the door and I was blinded, The lights were to bright and it was giving me a headache, The door quickly Shut again with the force of Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam. They were all leaning back on the door.

"We have a problem" Niall Said

"No shit Sherlock" I replied.

"We need a plan, How are you going to get to your house?" Liam asked

"I dont care about getting to my house, we could just climb the back fence, but how are you going to get rid of them all?" I replied to Liam

Harry and Louis Looked at each other, smiled and high fived which caused the rest of us to look at them

"you got a plan?" Jessie asked.

"Water ballons! and water guns!" Louis Yelled before running of somewhere, 

"Um okay?" i replied confused. 

"We fill them all up and go to Mine, Louis and Zayn's bedroom windows and throw them. They wont stick around for long" Harry said before walking away.

It took us about 10 minutes to fill up about 80 water ballons and 7 water guns. We all walked up the stairs and found our way to the boys bedrooms. I was with Liam in Harry's Bedroom. Niall and Jessie were in Louis's and Louis, Harry and Zayn were all in Zayn's Bedroom. We opened the window and i stuck my head out to see that the others had opened the windows as well.

"Ready, 1, 2 3" Louis yelled which was our que to let the ballons go.

I grabbed three at a time and started throwing them. it was fun, All the paparazzi were all shocked and looked up at us.


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