Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


17. Caught second time round

 Dakota POV

It has been three weeks since i caught Niall and Jessie making out on my front door step. Ever since then they haven't kept their hands off each other, They haven't spent a night apart, Niall is always staying here and if not Jessie goes and stays over at theirs. The rest of the boys finally found out they were dating after Niall texted Liam. Tonight they were staying at Niall's house. I finally get a PDA free house! Things with Liam and me are like the usual. Just friends. I really do like him but i can't find myself doing anything about it, i guess i am just scared: I am scared because i have Trust issues! I can't believe Jack actually cheated on me though..

The public knows that Jessie and I are really close to the boys but they don't know how close we actually are. As i flash back to reality i realise that i finally have the house to myself. i finally got up from my chair and walked to my bedroom quickly grabbed my pj's and laid them out on the bed. i walked to the Bathroom with my towels.

I sat the towels on the basin and stripped down. I let the Shower run for abit while standing naked. i felt the temperature of the water and felt that it was nice and hot. I stepped into the shower and almost slipped over, i quickly stood up straight and let the water hit me.

As the warm water pelted my skin with the pressure i was thinking about how much my life has changed. in eight years i have learnt to live without either of my parents. I have become increasingly close to Jessie who was my worst enemy in year 1. In year three just after my parents passed away we became really close, she no longer bullied me, she became my best friend when other kids would be mean. We both had graduated high school and we have been through good times and bad times together. I was there with Jessie when her mother died of breast cancer three years okay. We both had lost people we loved but we have always been there for each other.

As i felt the water start to become cold i realised that i was in the shower for over half an hour just standing there thinking. In six short weeks our lives changed like we never thought possible. We met a famous boyband and are neighbours with them and Jessie is actually dating one! 

I stepped out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around my hair like usual before drying myself of and slipping my bra and undies on. 

Home alone! no need for clothes i thought to myself. I decided to just walk around my house in my bra and undies as no one else was in the house with me. Ahhh I miss just wearing no clothes.

As i walked down stairs i decided i would watch a movie. I picked Shrek and put the DVD into the DVD player. I then walked around the house and shut all the windows and doors and poor the curtains closed.

Just as i got comfy sitting down on the couch with some junk food and a blanket i heard the door bell ring. I was so tempted to pretend i wasnt there until i heard Liam's voice.

"Dakota, are you there?" i heard him yell

"Arhh Yup, Hang on a minute" I replied quickly jumping up and wrapping the blanket around my whole body as i hopped over to the door. I finally opened the door after falling into a couple of times.

"Hi?" i heard liam question me as he saw what i was wearing.

"Hey, Come in, Shut the door behind you" i replied as i hopped out of the way, i watched Liam enter my house and i could feel my cheeks burning red. This is the second time he has caught me almost naked. 

"I am just watching Shrek, do you want to watch it?" i asked him while trying to blow my hair out of my face.

"Sure," Liam said as he urshered me into the lounge room, It was so hard trying to hop in a blanket when someone was watching you. I felt myself falling and before i knew it i was on the ground face first.

"Shit, Dakota, are you okay?" Liam said quickly before picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the couch

"Yup i am now" i smiled at him which made him blush

"Dakota, may i ask why you are wearing a blanket?" Liam questioned me as he sat down beside me

"Um." I replied, i really didn't want to tell him that i was only in my bra and undies.

"Come on, you can tell me" He replied smiling brighter.

"Well, I thought i would have the house to myself so i decided to walk around half naked" i replied in almost a question tone.

"Okay. sorry to intrude, do you want to get dressed?" Liam replied while blushing. He is so cute when he blushes

"Uhmm, no not really, I am comfy" I replied. I am not changing for anybody!

"Oh okay then. Shall we watch this movie?" Liam replied not even looking at me. His eyes were fixed on the TV. I am pretty sure he is weird-ed out

The movie started to play and I finally got up to turn the lights off. I was still wrapped up in my blanket.  when i turned around to hop back to the chair it was pitch black and i couldn't see a thing. then the light from the TV finally lit up the room and i managed to untangle myself a little and walk back to the couch and sit beside Liam again.

As the movie started to play my head got closer and closer to Liam's shoulder and before i knew it. my head was resting on it. I felt him move his arm so it was wrapped around me.


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