Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


8. Bye.

Dakota POV

We just arrived the boys house, Liam finally stopped the car and we all got out of the van, The ride home was very quiet, i guess we were all tired, It has been a very long day. I just want to sleep, i am so tired. I finally get out of the car and find my way to the boys and Jessie

"I am tired, so i am going to go to bed, It was nice meeting you all, I had a good day, see you all tomorrow?" i asked as i looked at Liam, He was just standing there all quiet, not saying a word, he was looking at the ground but then raised his head so he was looking at me. I smiled, I didn't want to say goodbye yet, but i am so tired and i just want to sleep.

"Okay, Goodnight love, have a good sleep, and it was nice meeting you too" replied Harry who hugged Jessie and i before leaving to go into the house, Louis and Zayn both said bye before waving at us and followed Harry to their house.

I looked over to Niall and saw that he was hugging Jessie and saying good bye, He smiled as she looked up at him and smiled back at him, He kissed her on the forehead and she just hugged him tighter

"Dakota, I had fun today, i am so glad I introduced myself to you" i heard Liam say as i turned my glance back to him, he was smiling while walking closer to me, he finally reached me and hugged me, I hugged him back and rested my head on his chest. 

"I am glad you came over" i replied as i felt his hand playing with my hair, I looked up to find him staring at me, i smiled and he smiled back at me, His head was moving closer to me, But i didn't care i was too busy looking at his beautiful face that was lit up bye the moonlight.

His head was getting closer to mine, His lips were right near mine, about 3cm away, He was going in for a kiss. i realised it and then pulled away at the last minute and he kissed my cheek.

"Kota, i am ready, Let's go, i have to unpack" i heard Jessie say as she was standing by herself

I looked at Liam, "Sorry" i said to him as i pulled out of the hug and walked to Jessie, we started walking to our house, i slowly turned my head to look at Liam, He smiled and waved at me before leaving to walk into his house.

I turned back to Jessie who was just looking at me, i finally found the keys in my bag and unlocked the door.

Liam POV

"Dakota, I had fun today, i am so glad I introduced myself to you" I said as she turned to look at me, i was smiling as i walked closer to her. I had to touch her, be close to her. I finally was right in front of her, i decided to hug her, i felt Dakota hug me back and she rested her head on my chest. 

"I am glad you came over" Dakota replied as i put my hand in her hair and started playing with it, it was so soft, she looked up at me and caught me staring at her, she smiled  so i smiled back, this felt so right, my head started to move closer, i hope i dont scare her, She wasn't moving so this means she wouldn't be scared right? Our lips were inches away from each other. I had to kiss her, it was so right being with her, holding her. Just as i was about to kiss her, she turned her head at the last minute and i kissed her cheek. I was a little sad about it. But i didn't want to say anything, right then i heard Jessie's voice.

"Kota, i am ready, Let's go, i have to unpack" i heard Jessie say i looked at her and saw that she was standing by herself, Niall must of walked inside.

Dakota looked up at me and said "sorry" before pulling out of the hug, i watched as she just left me and walked towards Jessie, I couldn't move, i was frozen. I watched as Dakota turned her head to look at me. I smiled and waved,  i was happy that she turned back and looked at me. I decided it was cold and i walked towards my house. i walked inside and went straight to my room, i grabbed everything i needed and went for a shower. I spent the time in the shower thinking about my day, I have had a very good day. I smiled at the events of the day and turned the shower off, i got out of the shower and dried myself off and put on my pj's. After i was changed i decided to go to bed. I slowly fell asleep looking at the ceiling.


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