Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


14. blindfolded makeovers.


Dakota POV

"Well they say opposites attract!" I laughed  before walking into my bedroom. I picked out what i was going to wear for the day, I grabbed my blue lacey undies and bra and a pair of my jeans and a loose fitting white T-shirt. I put the clothes on my bed and walked into the bathroom with just my undies and bra I closed the door behind me, I quickly undressed myself before letting the tap run for a bit, I put my arm under to feel the temperature. It was warm, I jumped in and just stood under the water, letting it hit me and i thought about the events over the last two days

While in the shower, it actually hit me how famous the boys are, I kept thinking to myself, You can't get involved. We spent one day with the boys and are already on front page of all the magazines and newspapers. I finally found the courage to get out of the shower, I quickly turned the tap off. I dried my self off and wrapped the towel around my hair after attempting to dry it. I slipped my underwear and bra on and opened the Bathroom door.

"Ahhhhh What the fuck?! Cover your eyes!!!?" I screamed as i walked into my room to find Harry and Zayn sitting on my bed, i quickly grabbed the towel out of my hair and wrapped it around my body, to attempt to hide my body.

"Shit! sorry, i thought you were dressed! Why aren't you dressed?" Zayn replied covering his eyes.

"Just get out"! i yelled before pointing to the door, i looked at Harry who was just sitting there laughing.

"What are you even doing here?" I added while following them to the door and closing the door in their faces.

"We got bored and Miss Sally is still at ours!!!!" Niall yelled as i heard some knocking on my door.

"Niall stop it!!!! i am trying to get dressed and you're going to break my door!!!" i yelled back as i ran to my clothes and quickly pulled them on.

Pheww! i thought as i walked back to my door to let the boys come in, as i opened the door Harry fell backwards! Serves him right for leaning against my door!

Jessie, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam all walked into my room and we all sat on my king sized bed! geez i had a really huge bed. we just sat that looking at each other.

"What do you want to do?" I asked the boys who were just looking at me blankly. 

"Twitcam!!! Yelled Harry as he started bouncing with excitement

"Okay, calm down!" i said while trying to stop him. He finally managed to stop moving and i walked over to my desk and grabbed my laptop.

"Any ideas for the twitcam?" Zayn asked.

"Blindfolded Makeovers!" I and Jessie both quickly said with so much excitement in our voices.

The boys looked at us and started laughing, How rude, they didnt think we were taking it seriously! I walked over to my wardrobe and grabbed three scarfs, these should do for blindfold i thought to myself as i was walking back to the bed.

"Who's account are we going on?" I asked looking up at everyone, Everyone pointed to Harry who just smiled.

"Okay, we log on then, We need three groups, so pair up" I said smiling.

"Oh okay, I will be Niall" Jessie said as she grabbed his hand and squeeze it

"I want Dakota!" I heard Harry yell before getting knocked over by him as he hugged me in a protective way.

"Ohkay, so Zayn and Liam that leaves you two" I said while wriggling out of Harry's grip.

"umh okay, Is this going to be weird?" Zayn asked while looking at Liam.

"No it wont, It will be fun" I replied while handing him the scarf.

"You logged in?" i asked Harry.

"Yeah, and i have tweeted that we are doing a twitcam," harry replied while taking the scarf out of my hand and chucking it at Jessie. 

"Okay so does everyone know the rules? So one of the pair sit on my bed and the other is standing up blindfolded. The blindfolded person has to use all the make up and put it in the most correct place, you only have 1 and half minutes. and then we get the watchers to judge okay?" I replied while grabbing all my make up as Jessie was grabbing all hers, we sat it all down on my bed. Harry was just setting the twitcam up and put the laptop back on my desk where everyone could see everything. 

"Hey Guys! we are doing a twitcam with our two friends, Bob and Frank!  we are about to play a game called Blindfolded Makeovers!, you guys have to be the judges and tell us who looks the most shocking or best okay?" Harry said as he was moving the laptop around so we call could see, we all waved to say hello.

Zayn, Harry and Jessie were all sitting on the bed. Jessie had the stopwatch.

"Okay Blindfolds ready?! 1, 2, 3, Get going!" Jessie yelled.

I quickly grabbed my scarf and covered my eyes. I felt weird just seeing black, but omg! i get to put make up on Harry!! I smiled at the thought

"Dakota Stop smiling and get playing" Harry said.

I grabbed something round, i guess it was bronzer, i grabbed something that felt like a bronzing brush and slowly felt/ put the brush and moved it alittle to gather some powder. I put the bronzer down and felt for Harry's Face. My finger almost went in his mouth.  I starte to feel his cheek bone and pushed the brush and slowly started moving it in a diagonal movement

i finished with the Bronzer and reached for what felt like Eyeshadow, I quickly felt the first colour and used the eyeshadow brush and felt for Harry's eyelid, i think i poked him in the eye because he moved backwards before saying "Ow!"

"Sorry, Sit still you idiot" i replied while putting the eyeshadow on him

"1 minute left!" I heard Jessie say between giggles.

"Lipstick, i need the lipstick" i said while trying to feel around for the lipstick, I felt Harry's hand grab mine before something touched my palm, i felt it again, Lipstick

I quickly pulled the lid up and grabbed for Harry's face once again, I couldn't feel his lips so i put the lipstick where i thought his lips were.

"Ehh okay?" I heard Harry whisper to me.

"3,2,1 Stop!" Jessie yelled, we all stopped putting the make up on and pulled our blindfolds off.

as soon as i pulled the blindfolds off I started laughing while i looked at Harry! Haha he looked so funny. He had bright red blush on, with Black eyeshadow and Bright Red Lipstick everywhere! I looked at Zayn and his face was like a army camouflage, He had green and brown and black all over his face! Liam looked at me and back at Zayn and started laughing while shaking his head.

I busted out laughing and almost crying when i looked at Jessie, She had Lipstick all over her face, on her forehead, cheeks and even some on her nose. I looked at Niall who was just shaking his head in embarrassment

"Sorry! but you look funny" He smiled at Jessie while giving her a mirror

"Oh my god!" she said while giggling and softly punching Niall in the arm

I grabbed the laptop so moved it so it was facing our Victims

"So who looks the worse, Harry, Zayn or Jessie?" i said while pointing at each of them. I looked at Jessie as she just smiled at me blankly.

"what?" i asked

"You said her name" Liam whispered into my ear.,

"Shit! opps sorry" I said to Jessie trying to use my best puppy dog eyes.



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