Just Friends - One Direction fanfiction

Dakota is an 18 year old girl from Australia who moves to London for a change, Her best friend soon moves over and become friends with Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis and soon discover they are in a famous boyband.
Join Dakota and Jessikah (Best friend) on their journeys with the boys.


1. Prologue


Dakota POV

“Omg!!!! Kota, you are finally doing it! London! Watch out here comes Kota!!!!” yelled my best friend Jessikah; I smiled as I looked at her shoving Chinese food in her mouth.

“I know I am so excited Babe! Maybe I will finally find a Good guy” I joked. Jessie just laughed. She knows I haven’t had the best history with boys. History with Boys was one of the reasons for my get away. I found my boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend cheat on me with one of my old friends. I needed to get away from him. He tries to act all Mr Innocent but I know he cheated on me! I read the text messages and thought nothing of it until I came home early from a work trip and found Jack in bed with Veronica – who I thought, was my friend.

I am finally going away, escaping from him, from her, from them! I can’t see him! He makes me so mad that I want to punch him in the head with a baseball bat! In just under 30 hours I will be in London.

*** 4hours later ***

“Remember to call me when you get there Kota!” Jessikah sniffled as she hugged me goodbye. We are now at the airport saying our goodbyes. I know I am going to London but I don’t know when and if I will be coming back. Jessikah and I have been best friends since we were 8 years old, I have classed her as one of my sisters, she has always been there for me. She is my only family that I have now and I am saying goodbye to her, not even sure if I will ever see her again.

“I will, I will!” I replied to Jessikah. I wished Jessikah would come with me, but I knew she couldn’t, her career was just hitting off as an author.

“I am going to miss you Jessie Wessie” I laughed as I called her by her nickname.

“Me too!” she replied giving me one last quick hug before letting me go and pushing me towards my boarding gate.

“Bye” I smiled as I turned my head and waved goodbye. 

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