One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


14. reaction to how he finds out you cut-Harry<3

Harry: he walks in on you, on the bathroom floor with the razor in your hand. "oh my god..." he whispers, as you sit there wiith tears running down your face. "Harry... I..." you start to sob. he takes the razor away, and cuddles you on the floor. "shh... everything is gonna be alright..." he starts to cry. "i promise." he sniffles, and kisses you.
Niall: you were really warm, so you took off your sweatshirt. you had forgotten about the cuts. niall was sitting in silence. "Whats wrong, babe?" you ask. his eyes are glued to your wrists. he looks at you with a tear in his eye. "why, princess? why would you do that?" he cries. you try to open your mouth, but the words don't come. he pulls you onto his lap, stroking your hair and wiping your tears. "I'm going to help, baby. you're worth so much more than you think..."
Louis: after you fell asleep on his chest, he held your hand and cuddled you. as he held your limp hand, he noticed scars on your wrist. he cried gently to himself. he quietly slipped out of bed, grabbing his phone. he called harry. "Haz..." he was now full on sobbing. "Her scars... it's my fault... i know it is. i'm gone too much. i should've been there for her..." he sits crying on the phone for hours. after a while, his violent sniffles wake you. you didn't want him to know that you were up, so you kept your eyes closed and listened. "I should've let her know that i love her... gahh... this is all my fault! she means so much... yet i hurt her so bad..." you started crying quietly. not being able to take it anymore, you threw your self off the bed and ran into his arms. "It's not your fault, Lou. I love you so much..." you snuggled in his arms for the rest of the cold night.
Zayn: you decided to come right out and tell him. he deserved to know. you loved him so much, he deserved to know the truth. you sat him down in your den and took his hands. "Boo, what's bothering you?" he questions sweetly, worry in his eyes. you took in a deep breath, and flipped your wrists over, revealing your scars. he gasped. a small tear rolled down his face. "why... why boo? you're much too happy..." he cries. you shake your head. "I'm not." the tears start flowing. he cups your face in his hands and kisses you. "you're perfect. i'm going to get you better, it'll all be okay. i promise." he cuddled you in his muscular arms until you stopped crying. for the next few months, he checked your wrists and stomach every morning and night. being too afraid of him noticing, you never cut again. he healed you.
Liam: liam had invited you to his pool for a swim with the boys. you had a really cute bikini, but you were beyond nervous. you didn't want him to see the deep sllices on your stomach. as the boys fooled around, splashing around, you sat on the side, still wearing your swim suit cover up. "Hey, [Y/N] come in! the water's great!" Niall yelled. you shook your head. the boys wrinkled their eyebrows in confusion. "Why not?" liam pouted. you stared at your toes. "I just don't like swimming. not so good..." you couldn't even make eye contact. you were afraid you'd be found out. you padded barefoot to the cabana, where you curled up, reading. liam burst into the tent. "May i please speak to you in the house?" he said firmly. oh no. he was mad at you. you took his hand, and walked to the house in silence, while the 4 other boys looked at you worriedly. as soon as you got in the house, liam hugged you tightly. "what's wrong, babe?" you asked him. he pulled back. "well i guess i could ask you the same thing." he lifted up your coverup, examining the scars. tears start flowing down his face. "Why didn't you tell me? Why would you do this?" he blubbers. you couldn't speak. he ran over to the kitchen, grabbing a knife. he slit a long cut into his abdomen. "LIAM!" you scream, as the blood starts to trickle. you grabbed a wet cloth. he smiled through the tears. "see babe? that hurt you more than it hurt me. and that's how i feel about those." he points to your scars. "you think you're hurting yourself... but it hurts me too..." you slowly kissed him, tears pouring down your faces.

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