One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


3. Random imagine with Zayn

imagine you are at one directions concert and your boyfriend zayn is on stage and hes aout to sing his solo. But he doesnt sing it. He says " stop the music, ii have to say something!" The rest of the boys say " whatbis it zayn?" Zayn then smiles and pulls a small box out of his pocket. You are in the crowd wondering what hes doing. He then opens the box and says " (y/

n) i have loved you since the day i met you. You are my everything and i dont ever want to spend a day with out you, so will you do me the honor and marry me? " all the fans including you start screaming. You then yell as loud as you could " OF COURSE I WILL ZAYN ♥" you then push ypur way through the crowd and the gurds let you pass the gates. You run on stage into zayns arms and whiaper into his ear " yes zayn 10 trillion times yes baby, i love you" then he sweetly kisses you and slides the ring on your finger. You two live a happy life togethr :-)
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