One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


5. Nialler<3


You stared at your snowboard which was lying right in front of you in the snow. You weren’t sure if it was a really good idea to attach both your feet to a hard piece of plastic, so you could slide down a hill. It would probably end bad. But, you promised your parents you would try. While you were complaining about the fact that you went here for a holiday in the first place you started to attach your boots to the snowboard. When you finally managed you smiled proudly. ‘Watch out?!’ Someone yelled, you looked up and saw a boy racing down the hill, in your direction! Before you could even try to move he hit you hard and smacked you on the ground, with him landing on the of you. ‘Ouch.’ You squealed. ‘I’m so sorry!’ The boy said quickly. You looked at his face  and felt your jaw drop open, you closed it quickly and strangely stared into the eyes of Niall Horan. ‘It- uhrm- It’s okay.’ You mumbled softly. Niall smiled as he stared in your eyes. The fact that his bright blue eyes stared back into your dark brown ones gave you shivers all over your body, and no; it wasn’t because of the cold. ‘Uhrm- would you mind if I breathe?’ You whispered noticing you could barely breathe because he was still lying on top of you. ‘Oh yeah! Uhrm! Yeah!’ Niall said confused and climbed up. He held out his hand, which of course you took, and pulled you up. ‘I’m sorry that I’ve hit you, I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing.’ He nervously apologized. ‘It’s okay. If I would’ve gone down that hill I would’ve probably hit half of the people on the track.’ You mumbled. Niall laughed. ‘Are you saying you’ve never done snowboarding before?’ Niall asked. You nodded. ‘Indeed. I’ve never done it before, Honestly I’m not really looking forward to trying and I have no idea how to snowboard in the first place.’ You mumbled. ‘I could teach you.’ Niall smiled. You looked at him, stunned. Niall Horan wanted to give you snowboarding lessons?! ‘Okay.’ You smiled. Niall smiled, grabbed his snowboard and signed that you had to follow him. ‘What’s your name?’ He asked. ‘Cinthya.’ You answered.


Five minutes later you were standing on the children’s track, deciding to take it slow. ‘Okay so- the thing with snowboarding is; you have to lean centre.’ He said. You nodded as you stood on your snowboard. ‘Okay, try this one.’ Niall said. You sighed and started gliding down the hill. You went down half way in a straight line, till you lost your concentration, leaned forward and fell, hard. Niall rushed down. ‘You okay?!’ He asked worried. You smiled. ‘Yeah. I’m fine.’ You mumbled. Niall helped you up, again. ‘You leaned wrong, here I’ll show you.’ He said. He waited till you were on your board again and went to stand behind you, putting his hands on your hips. ‘Okay, try to lean centre.’ He whispered in your ear. His voice sent shivers down your spine, you smiled. You looked sideways in his eyes. He smiled softly and stared into your eyes. ‘Like this?’ You whispered. ‘Yeah.’ He said in a low husky voice as his eyes were set on your lips. You automatically closed your eyes and felt his soft lips touching yours. The kiss was sweet and soft and made you feel warmer each second. His wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer. The kiss started to deepen by each second until you finally had to stop to catch your breath. ‘Cinthya? Who is he?!’ You suddenly heard your fathers voice behind you. You and Niall looked around. Shit. Your mother and father stood there staring at you and Niall, confused. ‘I’m sorry sir. My name is Niall.’ Niall said quickly as he reached out his hand to your father, who, after a few seconds of observing Niall, shook his hand. ‘Hello mam.’ Niall smiled as he shook your mother’s hand. ‘What- uhrm- what is the meaning of this?’ Your father asked. ‘Well sit. Honestly; I was wondering if I could have the honour of dating you daughter.’ Niall smiled.

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