One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


29. Nialler for Allison

You decided to make a little trip with your friends and visit London this Saturday. You were really having fun with them while walking around the town and doing a little shopping. Then they spotted a skating rink.
“Who wants to go ice skating?”-one of your girlfriends asked and the others shouted “Me!” in sync.
‘I guess I have to go too.’-you thought for yourself and followed them. You didn’t really like ice, it’s cold and slippery and you haven’t been on skates for years. But after first two circles, you were doing pretty good. You decided to stay out of your friends’ little game, because they were rushing around and skating like mad. You like to put safety first, so you eventually ended up skating alone. 
And then out of nowhere somebody bumped into you and you fell down. It all happened so fast, you didn’t even realize you weren’t on your feet anymore until you saw the guy next to you getting up and offering you his hand. You gladly took it and stood up.
“I’m so sorry.”-you heard an Irish accent. Your eyes followed the source of his voice and you saw a blonde, really cute guy standing in front of you and blushing like mad. 
“It’s fine.”-you smiled a bit and shook down some snow that was on your coat.
“My friends talked me into this, I really suck at skating.”-he said, cleaning himself up too and then pointing at the group of guys that were standing near the fence and smiling at you two. Now when you saw them all together, you were trying to find out from where did they look familiar? 
“Well, I’m not too good myself, too.”-you added.
“Are you here alone?”-Blondie asked.
“No, my friends are here too, but they are too fast for me.”
“Oh, I’m Niall, by the way.”-he smiled.
“Im Allison, nice to meet you.”
When you heard his name you realized that he was Niall Horan from One Direction and you smiled for yourself.
By this point you were skating around with him and talking about random stuff and just getting to know each other. 
When you decided you had enough ice for today, he invited you to have hot chocolate in the nearest coffee shop with him.
It was awesome how cool and normal he was, you guys really clicked and in the end of the day, you exchanged your numbers, promising each other you’ll get together again soon. 

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