One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


30. Niall for Kylie


You drive to Niall’s house. You, as well as the other boys, are spending the night there. Tomorrow they will be going on tour and since you have been friends with them for a long time they thought it would be a good idea to catch up with you before they leave.
“Hey!” Niall greets you at the door. “Everyone else is here. Come in.”
“Hey Nialler.” You giggle and give him a hug. The other boys walk over to investigate who was at the door.
“Hi Kylie.” Liam smiles politely.
“Maybe we should give them some privacy.” Louis smirks. You blush. The boys know you have a massive crush on Niall. 
You have a feeling it is going to be an interesting, and perhaps embarrassing, night.
“We were just about to watch a movie.” Niall explains.
“What kind?”
“Horror!” He raises a brow at you as you bite down on your lower lip. “Is that a problem?”
“What? No. Of course not!” You laugh nervously. Niall walks to the lounge room to set up the DVD. Louis places an arm around your shoulder.
“Tonight is going to be fun!” He teases with a wink.
“Lou. Don’t.” You threaten, knowing he and the others have planned something. He just rolls his eyes. 

The film starts and you are already getting jumpy. Scary movies usually result in you clutching onto the closest person possible which just so happens to be Niall. The others insisted you sit with him on the two-seater couch. And of course you couldn’t say no because he would find it weird that you wouldn’t want to sit with him (and you actually really wanted to be as close to him as possible because you are hopelessly in love with everything about him).
You take a steadying breath to calm your fluttering heartbeat. 
The television screen goes dark and the music starts slowing down. You know this is the part where something scary is going to jump out at the unsuspecting victim in the film. Something lands on your arm and you scream, clutching on to Niall’s arm and hiding your face in his shoulder. 
Zayn starts laughing loudly. You peak up from Niall’s arm to see Harry and Louis high-fiving. Liam chuckles but gives you an apologetic glance.
“Nice shot Haz!” Louis laughs.
“Not cool guys.” Niall shakes his head, but you can tell he’s trying to hold back a chuckle. “Kylie, are you okay?”
“Yeah. I’m fine.” You awkwardly look up and let go of him. The movie finishes not long after and the boys decide to play truth or dare, which was suggested by Louis.

“Do you have any other games Tomlinson?” You scoff as you all sit around in a circle. You’re sitting between Harry and Niall. Louis is grinning evilly at you.
“Of course I do.” He replies. “But I think this will be much more interesting. Truth or dare?”
“Fine.” You pout as you deliberate your options. “Truth.”
“I’ll start with an easy question. Do you like sitting beside Niall?”
“What kind of question is that?” You give a speculative face. “Of course I love sitting beside Niall.”
“Love?!” Harry interrupts. “The question was if you LIKE, not love.”
You curse under your breath at your tiny mistake. Niall seemed oblivious to it though. In fact, throughout the game they continued to bring up subtle hints that you like him, but all the comments seemed to go over his head. You felt both relieved and disheartened. Obviously he just wants to be friends.
“Truth or dare Kylie?” Harry asks.
“Dare.” You say without hesitation. Maybe this dare will help determine whether or not Niall reciprocated your feelings.

“I dare you to place your hand on the leg of the boy you like the most…. and keep it there until the end of the game.”
You give him an inconspicuous death stare. He winks in response.
“That’s kind of harsh. She’s friends with all of us. I’m sure she wouldn’t want to pick favourites.” Liam says innocently, playing along with a cheeky grin.
“It’s just a game. I’m sure none of us would be offended, right?” Harry asks the group. They all agree with him and you groan internally.
‘This was now or never. At least this way he’ll know you like him most’, you try to rationalise with yourself. After a small sigh you place your hand on Niall’s leg.
You glance at Harry and give him a ‘you’re-really-enjoying-this-aren’t-you?’ look. He just nods.
Niall looks over to the kitchen for a second. You think his cheeks are a little red, but so are yours. The other boys are holding back chuckles and give you little winks or a thumbs up.
“Are you hungry?” You ask him as he continues to glance to the kitchen.
“A little.” He admits. Louis spits out some of the water he is drinking.
“Wow. Kylie. Settle down.” He and the other boys laugh. You realise that you probably shouldn’t have asked that with your hand on Niall’s thigh.
“Okay. That’s enough of this game.” You protest, moving your hand away and standing up to get food from the fridge.

The boys all sit down at the tables watching you scan the fridge and cupboards for food. Liam offers to help but you decline.
“You’re going on tour tomorrow. You need some relaxation time.”
He just smiles and lets you continue preparing food. Your name is mentioned in a conversation. Your eyes automatically dart to Niall. He continues speaking casually then says nothing as he waits.
“What are you talking about?” You ask cautiously. When Louis has a smirk on his face you know it can’t be a casual conversation.
“Just who would be on our list of girls we’d date.” He shrugs innocently.
“And why was my name included?” You feel your face getting warm, so you turn away from them.
“Was just wondering if anyone here would include you on that list.”
“Wow, that’s embarrassing.” You roll your eyes. Harry asks Niall whether he would date you.
“Um, well, you didn’t answer Harry, so why should I?”
“Nah, I wouldn’t date her.” He winks at you. “She likes someone else.”
“Well then that’s my answer too. She likes someone else.” He retorts. Everyone remains silent and you see Niall’s facial expression change. For a second your heart stops. This is it, he knows.
“Hey Kylie? What time is it? I totally forgot about the twitcam I promised to do.”
Everyone lets out a deep breath, mostly of irritation. Haven’t you been obvious enough? Your heartbeat returns to normal.
“It’s 10:00p.m.” You whisper. He gets up and rushes to his laptop.

After eating and the two hour twitcam you all decide to go to bed. There is a room arranged for each of you. It is almost one in the morning and you can hear the soft snores of the boys. But you cannot sleep. All of your suspicions were confirmed; Niall just isn’t interested. Even though he never said that word for word, you just knew. There were so many opportunities, so many signs, yet he ignored them all. Your room is beginning to feel hot so you decide to sit outside and think. You grab a can of whipped cream from the fridge and sit on the porch, wondering if you should give him another chance and actually tell him.
‘Niall. I’m in love with you’ you mentally imagine yourself saying to him. ‘Niall, I want us to be more than friends.’ 
What is he rejected you? Would he speak to you? Your friendship with him meant the world to you. If this ended badly you knew it would crush you.
You eat some of the cream. Whipped cream always made you feel better. There is silence. All you can hear are the bugs making sounds and a few trees rustling from the breeze. It was relaxing.
There is a click from behind you. Someone had opened the door. You assume it is Liam apologising for tonight’s failure.

They don’t say anything. For a second you think your mind was playing tricks on you. Hesitantly you turn around and see Niall standing there. You don’t make any attempt to stand up, you just squeeze more whipped cream into your mouth.
Slowly he walks toward you. You wonder what he is doing up this late.
“Couldn’t sleep?” You whisper as he sits beside you. He looks straight ahead, still not saying anything.
You hold the can of cream to your mouth. Niall quickly takes it from your hands. You are startled and confused. But before you can question him you feel his lips on yours.
You close your eyes and move closer to him as you deepen the kiss. Your lips depart and he holds you in his arms.
“I’ve wanted to do that since you walked through the door.” He blushes.
“Why didn’t you?” You ask, breathless.
“Because I didn’t know if you liked me that way…. But as I was laying in bed all the things that happened tonight just clicked. And suddenly I knew.”
“How’d you know I was out here?” You ask, feeling an overwhelming urge to smile widely.
“You weren’t in your bedroom.” He shrugs.
“You know things can get pretty heated in a bedroom.” You raise your brows.
“I know.” He grins.

“I love you Niall.” You say suddenly.
“I love you too Kylie. I’m sorry I took so long to say it.”
“There’s no need for apologising.” You kiss his lips gently. He smiles again. “Just say you’re mine.”
“You’re mine.” He winks. “And I’m yours.”
“Good.” You giggle as you swipe the can of whipped cream from him and spray it all through his hair. He laughs, taking some of the cream and smearing it on your face. You wipe your face and teasingly lick the cream from each of your fingers. He watches you with gleaming eyes. Without a warning he picks you up and carries you back inside the house. You are both laughing so loudly that you wake up the others. They are all surprised to see you and Niall kissing on the couch. You mouth a quick ‘thankyou’ to them before they retreat back to their bedrooms to let you two be alone.

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