One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


7. Niall, din charmetrold :-*


Holding open a huge glass door to a hotel lobby the boy said, “Here you are. By the way I don’t think I remember your name.” “That’s because I haven’t told you yet!” I say smiling. Taking a few steps into the extravagant lobby I hold out my hand to him, “Hi I’m Alix. And you must be someone super famous if you are staying here!” Laughing he says as he takes my hand shaking it softly, “Nice to meet you Alix! I’m Liam.” “Liam?! From One Direction?? Gah. That’s right y’all were playing at the Bridgestone tonight! Oh my gosh! I knew you looked familiar!” Awestruck I step into the elevator. What? Is this happening? Did I JUST meet Liam Payne? Am I meeting the rest of One Direction?? “Hello?” Liam’s soft British accent breaks me out of my trance. “I’m sorry. What were you saying?” I blush. Ding, the elevator doors open up and we walk out onto the 44th floor.

“I’ll tell you later. Ahhhh here we are! Room 4467!” He swipes his card and walks in. As the door opens up I catch the words on the gold nameplate on the door. Presidential Suite. Damn. I walk into the most beautiful room I have ever seen! White trim around every door, crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings, and multiple doors leading to the individual rooms of the members of the British boy band one Direction. “So this is how the rich roll,” I think to myself. “This is nice isn’t it?” Liam replies. “Shit! I didn’t know I said that out loud!” Smiling he says, “It’s alright love. Boys! I have someone here I want you to meet!” I hear footsteps and get butterflies in my stomach. I haven’t looked in the mirror in about 45 minutes. Oh well, too late now I suppose. Zayn and Louis walk into the room first. “Hello!!” Zany says. “Hi! What’s up?” Louis chimes in. British accent overload. “Hello! How are y’all?” Laughter fills the room. Did I just say that in a British accent? Smooth move Alix. “I’m sorry! I am in no way mimicking y’all! You have to understand that I am not used to hearing British accents!” I say in my defense! “That was great! Ahhh. What’s your name love?” Louis says. “Hi I’m Alix,” I say shaking both of their hands. “Zayn.” “Louis!” Blushing I say, “Nice to meet y’all!” I barely get the sentence out before I hear Louis yell, “NIALL!!! HARRY!! GET OUT HERE!” “Coming!” they say in unison. Harry enters first, then Niall comes skipping into the room. “Oh hello there! What’s your name? I’m Harry.” I meet his large hand with my small one and smile, “I’m Alix. Nice to meet you!” “Hello,” I say, still smiling, as I shake Niall’s hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you!” “The pleasures all mine,” he grins. Liam explains to them all about what happened on the street and my predicament with my home for the night. “Stay with us!!!” Niall almost yells, “Come on, Alix, it will be fun! And now you know we aren’t rapists!” I laugh and say, “Thank you all, y’all have all been so nice to me! I really couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m sure I can find a way to get back into my apart-” “Come on!!! You know you want to!” Liam says enthusiastically. Everyone is practically begging me to stay. It’s been about 2 hours since I met them all, and we have all really hit it off. Especially Niall, Harry and me. I don’t see why not. “Ok. Ok. I will! If its not a bother..” I leave the end of that sentence open and almost immediately I hear this from everyone in the room, “No bother at all!” “We would love to have you!” “Please!”
“Alright if y’all insist!” I finally say.

“Brilliant!” Harry says. “You can sleep in my room, I will take the couch.” Niall offers. He is so nice. His Irish accent is the most adorable thing ever, wow. I always knew I loved Irish people. “Oh no! I’m fine! Trust me, I think this couch is more comfortable than the bed I have, to say in the least.” “No! I’m fine! I don’t need a bed. I usually sleep on the couch anyways.” He says. “Bullshit!!” Harry yells, “You have never slept on the couch before. Don’t listen to him Alix. But still, if you don’t take his bed I will have to offer you mine. And I like beds. It’s one or the other.” Laughing I snort out, “Fine! Inny minny miny mo; catch a ti-” “You can’t do that! I will pick for you. Take Niall’s bed! Mine isn’t made and Niall’s is all nice and clean and comfortable. And I am going to bed right now anyway.” A slow grin slides across Niall’s face, “Ok! I am obviously outnumbered! I give in. Goodnight Harry! It was amazing to meet you!” Harry hugs me and says, “Likewise. See you in the morning.” Slowly but surely, one by one, the boys head off to bed. Hugs and good nights all around until its just Niall and I in the large living room.

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