One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


15. Love u hazza<3

the first time he asks you to spend the night- 

Harry: “Harry…” you groan, groping in the dark to find your boyfriends face inches from yours, “why didn’t you wake me up?” His cheeky grin appears, and he puts your palm on his cheek. “You were too adorable sleeping, I couldn’t just go and disturb that could I?” “What time is it anyway?” after rolling over to check your phone, a small noise of shock escapes your mouth. “Holy shit! It’s nearly 2:30!” attempting to drag yourself out of bed, you jump as Harry’s arms snake around your waist and pull you into his chest, where he tucks the top of your head under his chin. “Oh, no you don’t,” he giggles, “I suppose it’s a bit late to officially ask, but do you want to spend the night?” You exhale and turn to look at him, “is saying no an option?” “Not at all,” he whispers into your ear, which makes you shiver, and he laughs at the Goosebumps that appear down your neck, “Oh, a bit sensitive tonight?” “Shut up, you,” you mention, which makes him laugh as he pulls you into his chest. “This is nice, I could get used to this,” he mutters. “Don’t get used to it,” you punch him playfully in the chest, knowing full well that he will most definitely be getting ‘used to it’.
Louis: “No, no, no, I will not allow it! I simply will not let my girlfriend drive home in this weather,”Louis says, dramatically barring your way through the door. “Lou,” you laugh, trying to squeeze by him, “look, it’s barely drizzling!” “Such matters are trivial as, I, Louis Tomlinson, cannot bear to put such a fine dame into peril!” You stand back and look into his eyes, searching for sincerity. “Do you mean spend the night?” Grinning, he takes your hand and boys to kiss is lightly, “Only naturally, Mademoiselle!” “Oh, well, okay. I don’t have any clothes or anything though…” you trail off. “Perfect, babe-“ he winks and then tosses you by your belt-loops over his shoulder, “Now, the Prince saves the fair maiden from the treacherous dragon!”
Liam: Unlucky for you, Liam’s house lies on top of a gigantic hill in the middle of nowhere. Car troubles were the last thing you wanted and that on top of the rain, the dark, and the long trek back up to his house made sure you were in a miserable mood when you confronted him. “Babe, can you call me a mechanic? The damn car just stopped working.” Looking shocked, he answered, “Of course! Come here, you’re drenched, let’s get you a blanket. I was just starting a movie…” he plops you down on the couch and goes off, returning with a dry pair of his sweatpants and a t shirt. You change, and cuddle down with him to enjoy Toy Story, and by the time it’s finished it’s nearly midnight and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. “Liam…” you mumble, your cheek resting on his softly rising chest, “When will he be here?” He responds with a groggy, “Who?” “The mechanic, silly.” “Damn it!” Agitated, he sits up, “I forgot to call! I can give you a ride-“ You look at him for a second, then shyly answer “It’s late, and nasty outside, maybe it would be a better idea just to-“ “Spend the night?!” he finished excitedly. “If that’s okay?” you answer. “Yes! Yes!” He hugs you, and you two sleep wound up in each others arms.
Niall: “Sleepover!” Niall shouts as you enter his apartment, nearly tackling you. “Niall, calm down love,” You smile as he buries his face in your hair. “What do you want to do first? Can we make food? I’m starving!” He steps into the kitchen and begins a long tangent about the troubles of not being able to cook without your help. In the middle of a spout about “how pizza just doesn’t taste the same when it’s made in a box,” you lean over and kiss him, half to shut him up and half just because you missed him so much. Blushing, he looks up and asks, “what was that for?”. You stand back and consider him for a moment then say, “early apology for this!” SMACK! A blob of red pizza sauce hits him square in the chest, and he sits, shocked, as you giggle madly. “Alright, you really started somethin’ now,” he smiles devilishly, and begins peppering you with flour. When the ingredients of your ‘pizza’ have successfully made it everywhere but the oven, he looks up at you and wiggles his eyebrows. “Well, babe, I’m afraid I can’t have you sitting around in those dirty clothes all night, so you’d better take them off…” it’s not until later, when it’s dark outside and you can hear crickets, when he leans into your ear and whispers, “so, can we call this spending the night now? Not a slumber party?”
Zayn: “Oh! You’re early!” Zayn says, and you try to ignore the fact that he’s not wearing pants, just a white dress shirt and an undone black tie over boxers. “Just give me a second, babe. “ he runs to go get dressed, and you awkwardly step inside his huge entry hall. A chandelier above you sends beams of light off your form fitting, sequined party dress. “You know, on second thought-“ Zayn leans over the banister above you, “maybe we can just hang out here?” Smiling, you look up at him, and realize he’s still in boxers. “Are you sure?” Your expression makes him grin, and lights bounce off his teeth. “Of course! One condition… we’re both in our underwear.” He winks. His condition is met without second thought.


Jeg ved godt at der er mange med Harry, men der er vildt mange på FB! Håber i vil læse dem :-*

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