One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


2. Imagine with Louis for Obey

As we all know Little Things music video came out. Obviously you were going to go crazy because your boyfriend Louis Tomlinson was finally having his solo. You got quite excited even though he had other solos before. You just thought this one was different, it meant more.

You went on youtube, and started playing it on blast! At first, you just started humming to it

, because you haven’t learned the lyrics quite yet. Little did you know, you were all in tears because this song brought out all your deep insecurities. “Oh how could I relate this song” you thought. Then, it was Louis’ solo, “
You can’t go to bed, 
Without a cup of tea, 
And maybe that’s the reason why you talk in your sleep 
And all those conversations 
Are the secrets that I keep 
Though it makes no sense to me 

You were so into it, that Louis was right behind you and singing it to you. You thought it was the video, but nope your boyfriend was singing it to you. He smiled as you got up and he hugged you tight. The song was over, and you decided to play it again. This time, Louis decided to sing the whole song, oh his beautiful voice was so comforting. Who wouldn’t want to hear it? He understood why you were crying, he knew it brought out all your insecurities, even though this song wasn’t specifically for you, he made it seem like it was. He started to sway back and forth, side to side, just singing to you. Rubbing little circles on your back. 
Towards the end of the song, Louis cupped your face with his two bare hands, and whispered “These Little Things are the things that make me fall for you everyday, no matter what you think. I can list all the things that make me fall for you each and everyday, but that’ll take a lifetime. I just love you so so much love, that I can’t bare to imagine not being without you. I love you (y/n).” 
You smiled and looked directly in his gorgeous blue eyes and whispered “And I to you Tomlinson. I hope we can last forever. Through thick and thin just like how we always manage to keep our relationship.”

He started giving you little pecks on the lips just to tease you, but you got tired of it. So instead, you just reached up and gave him a passionate kiss. It felt like it was just your first kiss with him, the spark was there. Even though you were together for a total of 4 years now. He was the love of your life, the one whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Your everything, your heart. Someday, you actually hoped he would propose to you, but only time will tell you thought.


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