One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


22. Imagine with Louis for Lozzy


The sun shined bright in the wide opned windows. A light cool breeze blew through the house. It was an enjoyable wind, it was very short but refreshing. I regoniezed the house I was in again but this time I went up the stairs. Slowly, step by step I went upstairs and walked along a long corridor. It was big and bright, I saw only 3 doors leading to different rooms. I went along it and saw pictures on the wall I have seen somewhere before. Suddenly I got a weird feeling, at the beginning I was glad to be here, now I got afraid and wanted to go away. I turned around and tried to run back the way I came before. As while I ran I saw a shadow in a room I went in carefully and saw a strange person came up to me. She was beautiful, she had brown hip long hair and it was slightly curled she had bright ice blue eyes. Her skin was overlooked with tattoos, but not the usual butterflies or shootingstars. They were running into each other stretched lines. She had a summer dress on, the same as me. Only when I looked down at me, I noticed it. I went to meet her and smiled slightly. Her lips were formed at the same time to a stunning smile. I looked at her and noticed her tattoos recorded her whole body from head to feet. She was a beauty. I came closer and offered her my hand when I felt a strong cold plate. I recoiled back and just moved my hand. At the same time and with the same movement she did it also. I was confused and tried to touch her. I looked up and noticed now that the whole wall opposite of me was a mirror. I looked in the mirror and realizied that the girl in the mirror was me. I was the girl in the mirror. I had those beautiful tattoos. I had that loong curly brown hair. I was the beautiful person. “That’s not possible” I whispered. “I don’t have tattoos, I don’t have so long   curly hair. I’m not a beauty queen as she. What happend?” I was confused. I looked down at me and saw that something happend on my left wrist. I looked mor closely and saw that a new tattoo adorned on my whole wrist. “What happened to me?” I asked in a shock.’

I woke up and jumped out of the bed and ran into the bethroom. I looked in the mirror and I exhaled deeply as I saw no tattoos. I opened the water, bent over the wash basin and splashed water in my face. I straightened up and calmed me down again. I dried off and went back to bedroom. Louis was still asleep, so I didn’t wanted to wake him up. I went downstairs into the kitchen and made some breakfast for us. I set the table and made myself a cup of tea. Just when I started to eat a little bit, Louis came into the kitchen, he looked pretty tired but I could not helped and giggled. “Morning sleepyhead.”
“Morning” he mumbled as he came up to me and kissed my forehead.
“Mhmm, it smells good.” he sat down next to me. 
“Do you wanna have a cup of tea or coffee?” I asked while I stand up and grabbed for the plate with the pancakes. “Mhh, tea I think.” He smiled like a 4-year old boy.
“How did you sleep?” he asked while he took a peace of a pancake in his mouth. 
I froze for a secound and shooked my head. “I was in your arms so I had to sleep very comfortable.” I smiled and sat again next to him. “I hope it!” he said in a childsh voice which made me laugh. 

“So, ehm, how do we start with the search?” I asked after we finished with the breakfast. “I don’t know, at first I have to go to the studio that’s why I woke up. Paul want to speak to me and the boys about something. But after it I have nothing to do so than we can make a plan about it. I call you when I’m ready at the studio and make way home okay?” He smiled and put his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead. “Okay, I’ll wait” I smiled and closed my eye’s while he kissed me. “Call the girls maybe they have time and you can do something together. I wont my angle be alone since I come back.” he said as while he leaved the flat. “I’ll try” I yelled after him. He was right, I wont be alone I was too afraid. 
As I was told I grabbed my phone and dialed at first the number of my best friend.
It took three times as she took it.

“Yeah?” she answered.
“Hey Amy, it’s me Lozzy.” I smiled as I heard her voice.
“Hey Honey, what’s up? where are? How you doin’?”
“Whoaa, slow down Sweetie, one by one.” I laughed.
“Sorry, but I was worried about you. So tell my what’s up?” she asked.
“Well, I’m fine right now I’m at Louis flat. We both could leave the hospital yesterday and harry drove us home. Now he is at the studio till the noon so may you have some time for me?” I told her in a short story.
“Okay, sounds good. But ehm, how I’m gonna tell you…” she started.
“What do you wann tell me?” I asked confused. 
“Well, I’m at the studio. Niall asked me if I wanna come with him.” I could swear she blushed. I giggled a bit.
“So you two are dating now?” I asked smiling from ear to ear .
“Yes. No! Maybe. I don’t know. That’s the third time we met since you were in the hospital.” she whispered now.
“N’aaaaaw. Tell me later more about what happend on your date later! I wanna know every detail! Love you, bye” I laughed and hang up after she also said her goodbye.
I smilied at the thought that my best friend dated her Idol. I shook my head and dialed Liams number.
“Hello?” he asked.
“Hey Liam, it’s me Lozzy.” I said a bit shyly.
“Oh hey, sweetie. How are you?” he sasked now a bit friendlier.
“I’m fine thanks. Ehm, Louis told me I should asked Danielle or Pierre if they have time and joy to meet me and spend the time you boys at the studio?” I started to blush again and slapped a hand against my forehead to calm me down.
“Well, acutally Louis talked with me and I asked her the same and I told her your adress and I think she will be there in 10 minutes.” he laughed.
“Oh, okay. Cool thank you. Have fun there and say Louis I’m fine.” I smilied and hang up. I ran up to the bedroom and searched after my bag with clothes from me. Fortunately, there were still clean clothes in it. I changed in a simply tight blue jeans and wear a casual gray sweater. I combed my hair couple of times and let it open fall on my shoulder. I’m a person who not often wore make-up, but today I had to cover the rings under my eyes. A last view in the mirror and I was finished. As while I went downstairs I heard the doorbell. I smiled and opened it quickly.
“Hey you must be Lozzy.” Danielle smilied at me.
“Yes, that’s me. And you are Danielle, right?” I smilied back and let her in.
“Right, nice to meet you.” she said and came up to hug me tight.
I was shocked, in a good way. I never thought that someone would like to hug me from the first secound we met, but I was happy. I liked her and huged back. 
“Nice to meet you too.” I smilied in the hug. “Do you wanna drink something?” I asked as we pulled back. “No, I just wanna asked you if you wanna go shopping with me, and later we’ll meet Perrie.” she smilied. ‘Damn, how could she just smile the whole time?’, I thought and had to smile too. “Yeah, I would’ve love it.” 
“Great!” She clapped her hands and pulled me out of the house already. I giggled and closed the door. I jumped in her car and we drove to the city. The drive was pretty cool. We sang, talked and did crazy stuff. It was a crazy drive. We become closer as friends and I liked the thought that Danielle and Liam were a couple, and now I knew why he loved her, she was such a lovely person.
The day past by and we met Perrie at Starbucks. We came in and Danielle greeted her like she did it with me. 
“Perrie, this is Lozzy. Lozzy that’s Perrie” I smilied at her, also Perrie came up and huged me tight. “So you are the famous Lozzy?” She smiled bright. “Louis could’nt stop talkin’ about we when we met him at some movie nights.” I started to blush. 
She hugged me tight and I smelt her sweet parfum. They both were very nice and I liked them. We spent a great day and bought much clothes. We laughed a lot. The girls drove me home as we finished.
“ We were very successful.” Perrie nodded to my bags which I took out of Danielle’s car trunk. “Yeah that’s right.” Danielle and me said it at the same time and we started to laugh. We said our goodbye’s and I went home. As I came in my Flat my phones buzzed. 

“Yeah?” I answered deep breathing because of the heavy bags. 
“Hey, love it’s me Lou.” Louis said laughing
“hey, how are you doin’?” I asked as I pulled the bag at the stairs and I sat next to them.
“Well, why aren’t you came into my flat?” he cated like a hurted boy and acted starting to cry.
“Ouh, because I wanted to put away the clothes and after that I wanted to come back to my secound home, to you.” I tried to say it sweet as I could and tried not to laughed but I lost.
“Are you laughing at me Miss Lozzy?” he asked serouisly but I couldn’t stop laughing. As I heard his qoustion I calmed down. “Nooooo, of course not Mr. Tomlinson.” I giggled. “Good for you. See you in 5 minutes. Bye love.” I heard him smiling which made me smile too. I love the way he tried to make me smile and to forget the bad things. As I said I put away the clothes, drunk some juice and went back to Louis flat.
I knocked on the door and Louis opened it quickly. Too fast I even thought. It was one of my best days!

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