One direction imagines

Hiii!<3 This is about One Direction ;)


21. Imagine with Harry for Morgann


On lately had your boyfriend Harry been wierd and after you. And the same had you after him. It had mostly been fights over what the media had been writing about Harry. Harry Styles kissed another girlHarry had been out without ChachaHarry and another girl holding hands! do all the headlines say. And everytime do he alway say “It’s something they made up.” even that there is pictures, videos and person saying that he is with them. Onetime a fan tweeted you saying that Harry is in the moment out in the park holding hands with another girl. You called him and the a girl take the phone, she handled it to Harry and you guys start fighting. Sometimes does it gets too far and it ended up with one of you screaming at each other “Maybe we should breakup!” or “Let’s break up!”. 

“Are you going somewhere today?” Harry ask you as you stand in the clothes to pick out your outfit. “Shopping with Danielle. Wasen’t it meant to be that you would go out with the boys?” you say and look at him there still are in his pajamas and a messy hair. “It was. But it got canceled.” he say and walk over and place his arms around you wrist and pull you in to him and kiss you on the forehead. “Should I stay home? I don’t think it’s too late to call Danielle.” you say and look after your phone. “It’s alright. I just stay home an relac a little.”, “Are you sure?”, “Of course.”. He let go off you and you walk out with him behind you. “bye.” do you just say and kiss him goodbye. You sit in at your car and drive out to pick up Danielle.

After a half day of shopping did you guys went out to a little café 10 minutes from the mall. Danielle deciede to drive over there, so you sit on the other seat and checking your phone. As you check twitter do alot of tweets come in with Harry on a little café eating dinner with another girl. You ask for the name on the café but never get a respon for it before Danielle ask “Is that Harry’s car?”. You look up as she park the car right behind his’. “He should be at home now.” you say and step out. You wait on Danielle and then you guys walk in. You look quickly around in the café and as your eyes reach the behind, do you see Harry over the table placing his lips on another girl’s. As he relase in the kiss do you get over there with Danielle saying your name after you. Harry look up at you, stands up and say “I can explain.”. You just say with tears coming up, “You can’t. Bye, Harry. We’re done.”. You turn around, walk out and to the car. Danielle runs after you sit in at the car. You see Harry coming running out off the café and looking at you driving away.

Danielle drive home to you. You are clearly sure after the talk with her in the car, that you will move out now. Even that you need to stay on a hotel. You run inside and star packing the things. Danielle had then said no and you can stay home at her and Liam’s house. 

“Chacha? Can we talk?” a calm voice say. You look up at the door and see Harry standing there with red eyes and his hands in his pockets. “I give you guys some time alone.” Danielle say and stand up from the floor beside you and walk out. Harry walk in and sit down next to you and help you with packing. “So you are going?” he say with a carefull voice. “I can’t stand this Harry. If you are tired of us, then say it instead of cheat on me.”, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking on.”, “You are never thinking on what you do, Harry. You just do things and never thinks on that someone can get hurted.”, “I’m sorry. I really am.”, “You always say that.”.

There get a little silence. You close the bag and stand up. Harry stand up with you. You start walking out of the room with Harry walking after you. “Ready Dani?” you say and look in at the livingroom, where she is talking in phone. She nod and hung up. “Can I say one thing before you go?” Harry say to you. You take a deep breath and nod. “I love you.” he say out. You fresh in the same moment he say it. Even that you guys had been together in 1½ year, is Harry not the type of guy there say these 3 words to anyone. And he haven’t said it to you yet, until now. You let go off your bag and fly in at Harry’s arms and place a kiss on his lips. “I love you too.” you say. Harry smile and kiss you back.

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